Rockburn Ltd - Bouldering Centre

Rockburn Ltd - Bouldering Centre

The aim of this crowdfund is to fund the safety matting to compliment our awesome new climbing wall!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I was born and have lived in Bridport for all my life, with a few sojourns to the wider world.  My passion is the outdoors; climbing cycling, running, among others.  For many years I have wanted to bring something new to my home town...

a) to give the younger generations something new to try,

b) to develop a business, sharing my passion for climbing with the town and locality,

Namely BOULDERING: low level climbing (up to 4.5m) without ropes.  Having been accepted as an Olympic discipline in 2016 and being the fastest growing area of climbing at present, this is the focus of the business that I want to bring into Bridport.  In the world of bouldering, there are two key elements that drive repeat visits to a centre: a decent wall offeing with high quality, frequent route setting, and a safe surface to catch you when you fall!

I have raised most of the money for the main build but need to secure the remainder to cover the standard of matting required in this discipline.  My crowdfund is looking to raise the necessary funds by pre-selling activities and climbing subscriptions for the centre.  If you are thinking of using the centre, this is the best, and cheapest, way to get involved!

There are some big discounts to be had for helping me to achieve my target! Benefits for everyone! The build has is in construction RIGHT NOW! Help me complete this centre and bring something new to Bridport.  With your help this WILL happen......