Richard Dunne fighting fund

by Richard Dunne in Walton On Thames, England, United Kingdom

My name is Richard Dunne. Until 17 November 2019 I was Headteacher at Ashley C of E Primary School (a school in the Good Shepherd Trust) in Walton-on-Thames. It was a post I held for 18 years.

I have seen the school grow from one-form entry to close to full three-forms of entry, worked with many wonderful people, both staff and parents, and, most importantly, seen so many children flourish in so many ways. Ashley School is an Outstanding school, and it has been the greatest honour of my life to have led the school for so long. 

I was forced to resign my position after a number of allegations were made by the Good Shepherd Trust against me, relating to procedures at the school. I strongly reject the allegations levied by the Trust, but my lawyer advised me that I was very unlikely to receive a fair hearing, so I resigned. I did not want to leave the school.

The steps taken by the Trust threaten to destroy my professional reputation and I now need help to build a fighting fund, working with an employment lawyer, to defend my case. I will use the money raised to pay for legal representation and any associated costs.

At the conclusion of any legal action, I will donate any excess funds raised to the Friends of Ashley (FOA), so that it can be spent on the children and their learning.

I am sorry to have to ask for your support, but I would be most grateful for any help you can give.


Richard Dunne

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