Rescue Danny Hyde TV!

by Sam Percival in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Rescue Danny Hyde TV!
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Raising money for Danny Hyde TV who is being sued for referring to a racist millionaire landlord as a 'Ginormous Bum Splatter' on Youtube.

by Sam Percival in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

My good friend Danny spends most of his time when he's not painting and decorating making comedy videos for his Youtube channel Danny Hyde TV, where he regularly rants about news, politics and life to the amusement of me and everyone else watching. 

Danny started making videos shortly after finishing his comedy degree at Southampton Solent University. Just as things were starting to pick up and he started gaining some subscribers he got a letter through the post stating he is to be sued for 10,000 big ones by multi-millionaire property tycoon Fergus Wilson who was the subject of one of Danny's videos, eight months after it was posted. I don't think the video would've had much affect on the man - it had less than 1000 views and to be honest this guy's reputation isn't exactly squeaky clean.

The 1 and a half minute video covered a story ran in the Independent on the buy-to-let Landlord banning 'coloured' people from renting his properties 'because of the curry smell'. Sure, Danny may have referred to him using a few choice words (my personal favourite being 'ginormous bum splatter of a man'), but I think suing him for £10,000 is a bit much, especially since this guy's packing £250 Million and Danny has £100 to his name. 

He was after all only expressing his opinion. This guy is hellbent on screwing Danny over, stating he plans to  'bankrupt him if he can't pay' so he will be 'snookered for the rest of his life'. If everyone sued everyone anytime they felt they'd been insulted we might as well ban 'Mock The Week' and 'Have I Got News For You' and all sit around in the dark not talking to anyone in fear of losing our houses.


The media has started reporting on this story now so I'm trying to reach as many people as possible and ask them to please support Danny and this cause. I'd like to raise £10,000 to help Danny with the fine and any legal fees. As it stands I think he will be representing himself in court and I would imagine his multi-millionaire opponent can probably afford a pretty good lawyer, so Danny needs all the help he can get. 



In the name of free speech, comedy and standing up for the little guy, I urge you to please consider donating whatever you can spare to help this dude out.



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