Billboards to #EndTheMonarchy

by Republic in London, England, United Kingdom

Billboards to #EndTheMonarchy


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Change the debate about the monarchy with a huge billboard campaign up and down the country.

by Republic in London, England, United Kingdom

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julie mills 21st September 2021

I love this idea. Yes i'm American but as a 1st cousin 12x removed of Oliver Cromwell - how could I not donate? Proudly pro republic - Julie Mills

Clive Wiley 20th September 2021

We are told they live off a flat wage and are always asking for more yer they have enough money to hide in offshore accounts. they pay no rents and their council tax on a castle is less than the local village post office . selling honors for cash , this family are totally corrupt ,

Bruce Hiron 19th September 2021

My children were not born as second class citizens and entitled to a lower station in life than the children of an unelected monarch. It is time to put this antiquated system behind us.

Greg 17th September 2021

The royals dedication to hiding Andrew from justice highlights their corruption and unsuitability for statehood.

David Forster 17th September 2021

The monarchy is an outdated and regressive institution, and the use of the royal prerogative and Queen's consent enables the government to ride roughshod over our democratic institutions, make treaties and war without reference to Parliament, and allows the monarchy to wriggle out of their obligations under legislation as diverse as the Race Relations Act and Leasehold Reform Act which apply to the rest of us. It's time for them to go!

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