REfUSE and Handcrafted COVID-19 Fundraising

by REfUSE cafe, Chester-le-Street in Chester Le Street, England, United Kingdom

REfUSE and Handcrafted COVID-19 Fundraising


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REfUSE and Handcrafted are providing vital food supplies and to those at risk during isolation, at a time when our income has vastly reduced

by REfUSE cafe, Chester-le-Street in Chester Le Street, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


THANK YOU so so much for helping us reach our £10,000 target. It has enabled us to delivery grocery parcels to 1688 people so far as well as distribute over 5000 cooked meals. The deliveries have been a chance to visit those who've been in desperate need of support too, and along with the food, Handcrafted have made thousands of calls and over-the door step visits. Whilst we deliver, we've been working with social services, probation, the NHS and the fire service to make sure we can help meet the needs of those in crisis; from nappies and craft materials to gas and electric cards and a listening ear.

Because our help is now needed by more people than ever, and is expected to be to be needed for much longer than we anticipated, we've decided to extend the crowdfunder, so you can keep giving towards the joint work of Handcrafted and REfUSE making sure that no one goes hungry.


REfUSE and Handcrafted are lifelines to those that make up their communities, providing vital food and support. At a time when the cafe and workshops are shut and we're not able to make physical contact this will be more important than ever. Particularly for those with already poor mental health and those suffering job losses and hardship.

We want to keep doing this in the best way we can by providing food parcels, cooked meals and phone calls to the most at risk individuals and families though our networks at Handcrafted, REfUSE, The People's Pantry and King's Church Achor. We are also getting referrals from the council, NHS mental health teams, social workers, other charities and direct messages from families and individuals who are struggling.

Between us are delivering 150-200 grocery bags/boxes and over 900 prepared meals each week, and weekly phone calls and supportive contact for over 100 people. We want to help as many people as we can, and the number of food parcels we are delivering is increasing every week.

However, with the cafe closed and all events cancelled, our usual income has vanished. By giving a small amount to cover food parcels, deliveries and our usual collection costs, you'll be helping us to deliver food and support to those who really need it.

Let's make 'REfUSE and Handcrafted COVID-19 Fundraising' happen

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