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The refugee crisis is escalating

About this Refugee Crisis Appeal

As the crisis in Afghanistan escalates, help provide urgent support for refugees who’ve lost everything, as they reach the UK.

Refugees, including those fleeing Afghanistan, desperately need your support. They’ve lost everything they have. The heartbreak of leaving your home, your family, your friends or your career is devastating, so it’s vital that people receive care and support to survive and thrive once they’re here.

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How your donation will transform lives

Your donation could support our critical work with refugees as they settle into life in the UK, such as: 

Mental Health Support to heal the trauma of losing everything.

Children’s Services and Education to support child refugees with no family in the UK.

Employment Assistance to restart lost careers and promote the skills that refugees bring.

English Language and Integration Classes to help people flourish in their new communities. 

Expert guidance to help people navigate the complex refugee system.

Destitution and Homelessness support for refugees struggling to survive with nothing.

Fighting for a fairer, more compassionate asylum system so the UK can be a beacon of hope for those in need.

Latest messages of support


christine-cosgrove 18th September 2021

Can't begin to imagine how difficult their lives have been so far and the struggles they will undoubtedly face in starting afresh in a new country


Evelyn Joan Charles 11th September 2021

I hope you feel safe here and are able to settle in and become part of our community


Beverley Allen 10th September 2021

We never know when we'll need the kindness of strangers.

Danae Viola

Danae Viola 9th September 2021

We are all one race, the human race, and we need each other. This is a beautiful world but some things spoil it…we should help each other find the beauty again.


Liz Carlisle 9th September 2021

Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth


jessica751 9th September 2021

Kindness makes more sense

Ellen Graubart

Ellen Graubart 8th September 2021

Welcome and good luck in starting a new life


clare-palmer 8th September 2021

Thank you for doing this for the Afghan refugees


Andrew Davies 8th September 2021

Thank you for doing this!


Roger Cornes Shanahan 7th September 2021

No country should ever have molested these people. Let them work things out for themselves. Meanwhile glad to be able give a little.


caroline999 6th September 2021

Wishing peace, hope and blessings to all refugees.


Lin Instone 6th September 2021

Just to bless you in the work that you are doing to help those people who are vulnerable as a result of this crisis. keep up your invaluable work

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Do more, for them. 

By fundraising for the Refugee Council, you'll be helping help more people in what is an escalating humanitarian crisis. Setting up a fundraiser activates your friends and family and grows our donations. 

Set yourself a challenge... Hit the road and run 10k. Run your own race at your own pace. Quit something - a month without chocolate, alcohol or smoking - or even all three! If you're feeling brave, get your crowd to sponsor you shaving your head. Or how about trying to say 'yes' to everything... 

Everything you do will make a huge difference to those who need help. And that help is needed now. So what are you waiting for? 

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About the Refugee Council

Refugee Council is a national charity that has supported and campaigned for refugees in the UK for 70 years. We directly support more than 10,000 refugees every year, and use that experience to amplify refugee voices and campaigns at the highest levels in parliament and the media.

Find out more about our work and how your donation will transform lives at or via our social media.

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