Reunification for Looked after Children

by W Robinson in Llanfair Caereinion, Wales, United Kingdom


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We want to put families back together again and move children past early years trauma to be the most successful people they can be.

by W Robinson in Llanfair Caereinion, Wales, United Kingdom

1607470023_xanbjrkpqawirvktukyu0q_thumb_55e1.jpgWe set up to deliver a clinically based program of residential care and therapy, learning input around education and work with families to support what we call a reintegration model.

There are over 70000 UK children are in the Care of their Local Authority. This year, its getting worse wit the NSPCC suggesting referrals are up 80%- in one year!

and the numbers are rising every year; this is a National tragedy, and we are working to prevent it where we can; Adults who grew up in the Care system make up less than 2% of the population yet represent almost 30% of the prison population.

This can change, and we can be part of the solution with your help. Our clinically based model not only works with children who have suffered early years trauma, but also with their families to identify how best to reintegrate these children back into the right environment.

We don't want to keep children in our care, or in the Care system, we want each and every child we work with to find their place, and as part of the 18 month program we can identify where that place is and prepare the child and the family ready to receive them with the support they need to make that a reality. 

We are a group of teachers, support workers, Safeguarding professionals and Clinical leads who have come together to provide a clear and outcomes driven program that is measured at every step, and based on clinical evidence to support it. We want all of our children and families to reunite, move through difficult experiences and move forward to make the most of their lives and to be part of their communities.

The money we raise from this campaign will allow us to continue to train our team in the therapeutic model we have ingrained in our work, and meet our financial obligations during this current period of National uncertainty as our bases have been impacted by a series of in effect 6 weeks of lockdown where we could not access training, and so had to turn away the few sources of income we had as we could not meet the needs presented by those children and families referred to us. Landlords and suppliers have been supportive, but they also have obligations that have to be met. 

The ongoing training and development vital to our team to ensure we understand the needs of those we work with is provided a series of providers who have been unable to travel and provide their skills to us partly due to their geography within the Pandemic but also in some cases health needs of their own and their families. 

Our aim is to help as many children and families as we can, and to do this we need to raise some short term funding to get the doors back open again. Our team have been working and training with no income since October this year to make sure they are ready - we need your help.

To do what we do we need trainers to provide up to date and highly skilled training packages to out team, and with two lots of lockdown (we are based in Wales and England) alongside illness in our areas we have had to in effect close our doors to prevent infection. 

Your support will mean we can get those doors open again, ensure our colleagues get their training back up to speed and that we can meet our costs as we move towards a Social enterprise model of ownership - this is about helping people who cannot at this point in life help themselves; we can keep the doors open on our service today and open additional in the New Year

Let's make 'Reunification for Looked after Children' happen

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