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To teach science & cosmology from an electrical perspective & so inspire innovation across science as well as manufacturing.

by philip francis in London, England, United Kingdom

Funding is needed for the education & exploration of 21st century science and which understands how the universe functions from the point of view of moving charge and electromagnetism. With the actual science being a mix of Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering and which is collectively known as, the Electric Universe theory.

I have recently won the first award from a brand new academy called the Evidence Based Science Foundation which only excepts scientific ideas if they are shown to have enough provable science within the idea for it to be classed as a real theory and not just a hypothesis. My award was for introducing a combination of my understanding of weather mechanics from an electrical perspective, plus generally introducing the Electric Universe paradigm shift to the academy.

I have been a leading spokesperson for the new Electric Universe in the UK and Europe for some years and have in the past having given talks at university open discussion groups both in London and Oxford. But now I am mainly working to a much bigger audience online and now to even more effect by starting the Electric Cosmology facebook group in 2013 and which currently has 3,500+ members worldwide.

Since the summer and because the Electric Universe conference was held for the first time on the Europe side of the pond, I was able to meet the right people (including a Doctor and a Secondary School Teacher) to pool my resources with and already since the summer, have already produced a monthly live global chat and information service to explain this paradigm shift of cosmological proportions in the sciences.

Although the 'standard model' explanation of reality has been prominent during the twentieth century and into twenty first, the data that is now coming back from deep space as well as from the experimental work carried out on earth, shows that the ‘standard model’ is somewhat if not now totally inadequate with our understanding and descriptions of how reality works now needing a much needed change of direction.

When we consider that the force of electromagnetism is 10^39, or a 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times stronger than Newtonian gravity or as Einstein saw it and so not even a force but instead, 'the bending of light by matter on a flat bit of rubber cloth', common sense (and even without the mass of modern data) shows that the Electromagnetic force governs the universe, both in its make up as well as how it functions on a moment to moment basis.

As a horticulturist my own speciality is the weather and since 2015 when I started to putting my research together into a written document, I have fully come to my understanding of the basic earth circuit. This includes the atmospheric Lows being the down currents into the earth and which emanates from the aurora, with the Highs being the peaks of the returning circuit (an overall radiation), with the interplay of these different currents through a H2O ladened atmosphere giving us the weather that we get. But also with it and because I was trying to understand how the moving charge transferred through from the sun to the earth, I also came up with an interpretation of what I think might be happening at the atomic level via an electromagnetic aether. 

With the funding I will carrying on with my day to day activities within the Electric Cosmology facebook group, plus implementing what we have planned for the future outside of it.

So by now pooling my resource with my direct colleagues in the fb group, we have now also come together with the academy to produce a curriculum as an introduction to the cosmology, for a teaching summer day school. This is in the early stages at the moment but we have already decided on a format to show the fractal nature of the electric force working through nature. With this being from atoms right upto galaxies and beyond, with the galaxies being strung along intergalactic Birkeland Currents.

I have also instigated a medical study in a London hospital to explore the beneficial benefits of grounding patients to improve healing times. With this now hopefully also including brain trauma victims. But due to the normal way that indoor grounding usually takes place, by lying on a bed sheet while you are asleep and which is then connected to a grounding pole driven into the earth, this method is totally impractical in a normal working hospital environment.

This is because hospitals need to change bed sheets at regular intervals. Plus there is just the problems of getting patients connected to a decent earthing circuit as hospitals are multi levelled and so meaning it would be highly expensive even as a trial and that is even before taking into consideration that this will get in the way of standard hospital procedures.

So I have had to come up with an alternative way to achieve this and so I have now constructed for both my medical colleague and myself a simple proof of concept prototype to start with. But now I need to develop a more rigorous and professional looking device for the initial hospital trial.

I am also in the middle of writing a short novel of about 20,000 words and which was designed to be the first in a series of three. It is in the political science fiction genre, but using the real science of an Electric Universe. It was sketched out some years ago but I haven't had time to finish it yet, as I have still had to earn a living and due to my existing and now expanded Electric Universe work load, has had to take a back seat for the time being. But with enough funding I can now hopefully get it finished.

As each chapter is edited and finalised I will be putting it up on this page for those who have helped out so they can read it here first. The introduction and first chapter is already completed and will go up after the first month. The second and third chapters are also almost there and just need to be knocked into shape. 

On the page I will be also making a Thank You list (if you wish to be on it) which will be also published across the different platforms that I work through.

As things progress over the months I will as well be giving a detailed explanation of how to construct your own earthing device and at very little cost, (although it will be a tad more expensive for you if you live outside of the UK).

So to conclude I would like to thank you once again for watching the video and then reading this accompanying text and of course, any donation you may give to my project.

Let's make 'real science funding' happen