The Ramsgate Arts Barge Project

by The Ramsgate Arts Barge Project in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom


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A community project to renovate & convert a 130-year, 50-metre Dutch barge into a waterfront arts hub & space in Ramsgate's Royal Harbour

by The Ramsgate Arts Barge Project in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom

We’re going to create a ‘not-for-profit’ family-friendly, waterfront community arts hub & space in the heart of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour. The 130-year old, 50-metre, Dutch barge Vriendschap (Dutch for Friendship) will be renovated & converted to create the 'Ramsgate Arts Barge'. 

The Ramsgate Arts Barge will be a multi-faceted arts, events & performance space, hosting a diverse range of arts events including: visual art exhibitions, art installations, comedy, acoustic music, cabaret, theatre, film screenings, spoken word, poetry, in addition to community events, debates, talks & seasonal markets. Adult art classes, courses & workshops will also be available throughout the year.

The key social aim of the Ramsgate Arts Barge is to provide FREE art classes, courses, workshops & programmes for children living within the Thanet District (which ranks as the most deprived local authority in Kent).

Head of Ramsgate Arts Primary School, Nick Budge, “This is a fabulously creative project that is set in our town’s internationally-famous harbour, and RAPS is keen to support any idea that expands the creative arts in our community. Our long term vision is to form a learning partnership with the Arts Barge and become an integral part of the proposed educational programme.”

The Ramsgate Arts Barge - External Concept (del Renzio & del Renzio):

The Ramsgate Arts Barge - Internal/External Concept (del Renzio & del Renzio):


'Vriendschap' (The Ramsgate Arts Barge) is a community asset, 100% owned and operated by Ramsgate Arts Barge Community Interest Company - a 'not-for-profit' social enterprise. 

 The key aims and objectives of the Ramsgate Arts Barge are to: 

  • Create NEW jobs in the Thanet District (which has the highest unemployment rate in Kent).
  • Reinvest company profits to achieve the social aim of providing FREE art classes, courses, workshops & programmes for children living within the Thanet District (which ranks as the most deprived local authority in the South East). 
  • Create a year-round visitor attraction in Ramsgate's Royal Harbour, bringing much needed year-round tourism & footfall into the area to stimulate and boost the local economy.
  • Form partnerships with schools & educational establishments across the Thanet District, including creating 'hands on' work experience opportunities for students at East Kent College Group during the renovation & conversion phases. 
  • Increase community cohesion & togetherness via creating volunteer opportunities for the whole community to get involved throughout the project.
  • Provide complimentary studio hire to schools, colleges, charities & not-for-profit organisations operating within Thanet. 
  • Support, champion & promote local artists via art exhibitions & events.
  • Provide opportunity for studio hire for local artists for both short & long term artistic projects.
  • Attract internationally established artists in their field, putting Ramsgate on the map as a ‘must-visit’ destination for the arts.

The Ramsgate Arts Barge - Internal Light Concept (del Renzio & del Renzio):


Mayor of Ramsgate, Raushan Ara, "This is a very exciting new venture for our community, which can be accessed all year round and another great addition to our harbour”

The permanent mooring location alongside Harbour Parade in Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour has been approved by Thanet District Council, now we need YOUR help to bring this project to life!


The power of arts in a community should not be under-estimated for it's social & economical benefits. Arts have the power to improve well-being & mental health through inclusive activities and events that will unite, strengthen & create togetherness throughout the Ramsgate & Thanet community. 

So far from all sources we have raised just over £30,000 towards the project. As part of our fundraising, we are Crowdfunding to raise vital funds to achieve early major milestones in the start up phase of the project.

Help us get to £16,000 on the Crowdfunder to achieve the next step below!

  • Barge Hull Survey Costs & Hull Surveyor Fee - ACHIEVED!
  • RIBA Chartered Architect Feasibility Study - ACHIEVED!
  • Pontoon Build - ACHIEVED!
  • Protective & Safety equipment for project volunteers - ACHIEVED!
  • Planning Application Fees & Planning Application Architect Drawings - NEXT!
  • Ongoing Project Overheads (inc. Mooring Fees, Marine/Public Liability Insurance, Website Fees)
  • Essential Hull Steel Repair Works

With YOUR ongoing support we can take the next steps to bring the Ramsgate Arts Barge project to life!

By supporting this Crowdfunder you are directly contributing towards creating an all-inclusive, family-friendly waterfront arts hub & space for the whole community to enjoy & at the same time supporting a project that will provide FREE art classes, courses, workshops & programmes for children living within the Thanet District, which is the most deprived local authority in the South East. 

Please give what you can to bring this project to life!

Thank you,

Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC

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