Raffle for Protect Our Winters and Greenpeace UK

by Peter Speight in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Raffle for Protect Our Winters and Greenpeace UK
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This project aims to raise money for two charities continuing the fight to move towards a sustainable future!

by Peter Speight in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

This is your chance to donate to causes aimed at saving our planet whilst entering a draw for some wicked prizes! I'm teaming up with Zeal, BAM and Team GB to raise money for both Protect Our Winters UK and Greenpeace UK..

- Donate £5 or more (make sure you put name and email address to be entered in the prize draw) 

- 50% of the money raised will go directly to GREENPEACE'S continued campaign against single use plastic both at a governmental and corporate level. And 50% will go to PROTECT OUR WINTERS UK who aim to raise awareness and mobilise the public in support of action against climate change. 

You will be entered into a prize draw to win...

A. Official PY2018 TEAM GB sports kit ! 

B. A pair of ZEAL OPTICS Emerson sunglasses ! - (made with 100% plant based lens)

C. BAM performance wear ! - (made with 100% biodegradable bamboo fabric)


Im lucky enough to do a sport that utilises our environment to the maximum of its capabilities; thats why I feel responsibility to help protect it. I believe that real change has to come from ambitious government and corporate policy. There will be a point where the environment is pushed to breaking point which can only have negative effects for ourselves and the animals who inhabit it. Reducing plastic seems like such an obvious way of helping to fight this. There has been massive recent progress in reduction in single use plastic which has a catastrophic effect on our oceans. But I believe there needs to be continued action on the part of government to back up recent initiatives such as banning plastic straws and the bottle deposit scheme. 

50% of this donation will go TO GREENPEACES CAMPAIGN to lobby in favour of policy aimed at reducing our use of wasteful plastics. Its extremely easy for government and businesses to ignore environmental responsibility if there is not a voice standing up for it, recent wins have shown how these conditions are being broken down massively! Thats why continuing to support charities like Greenpeace who have a proven record of pushing for sustainable policy is so important! 

Likewise supporting charities like PROTECT OUR WINTERS UK who aim to strengthen this voice further by unifying mass support within our snow sports industry equally important.  Thats why I am donating to both; a charity that works at an institutional level of lobbying and to one that is aiming to increase public awareness and unifying mass support. These two conditions together can help push policy towards real change!!


Why Greenpeace? - Greenpeace lobby at a governmental level which I believe is crucial to creating real change. Greenpeace have a record of using the vast majority of their donations directly towards campaigns. More info here... https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/what-we-do/oceans/plastics/

"Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic - everyting from plastic bottles to bags and microbeads - end up in our oceans each year.  That's a truckload of rubbish every minute.  Greenpeace is working hard globally to stem this tide and in the UK we've already seen a ban on microbeads and Government support for bottle return schemes, supermarkets taking action and more but there still much more to do.  Thank you so much for supporting Peter and our campaigns".

and here..  http://www.fundraiserinsight.org/articles/environmentalfundraising.html

Why POW? - POW UK aims to mobilise and create widespread awareness amongst the action sports community to help us move towards sustainability. I believe globalisation, modernisation and change are unstoppable and inevitable. Therefore raising awareness and creating changes that adapt to fit these trends within todays world is essential to moving towards sustainability. Sign up here...  https://protectourwinters.uk

Why Zeal Optics? - Zeal are an awesome company I have worked with for a while, they use plant based materials for their lens instead of oil and are involved in numerous grass roots environmental causes. More info here... https://www.zealoptics.com/en/sunglass-technology

Why BAM? - Bam are a UK based company making their products from Bamboo, both comfortable and has a reduced impact on the environment. 100% biodegradable.. More info here...  www.bambooclothing.co.uk

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