Radios for Patients with Coronavirus

by Dr Jermaine Wright in London, England, United Kingdom

Radios for Patients with Coronavirus


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To raise money to buy radios for inpatients at my hospital, who have limited contact with their friends and family due to Coronavirus.

by Dr Jermaine Wright in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Multiple tablets per ward to allow patients to communicate via video chat with their loved ones at home. 

Today I’d like to ask you all for some help (yes, that does mean money - I’ve never been one to beat around the bush). 

Part of the reason why I became a doctor was because I wanted to bring not only my knowledge but my personality and energy to the patients that I serve. With that in mind I’ve always tried to spend a little extra time having a chat, playing a game of cards or simply resting a hand on a patient’s shoulder to let them know that they are not alone. 

As healthcare professionals we often talk about the bio-psycho-social approach. We’ve seen studies which show beyond reasonable doubt that people with strong support networks tend to have better outcomes. We all have anecdotes of people who have survived against all odds to see a loved one, to celebrate their next birthday or meet their first grandchild. 

Unfortunately, this virus does discriminate. Our older and more vulnerable friends, family members and neighbours make up the majority of the people that I see in hospital. They can’t be visited in the usual way. Their partners and support network are often as vulnerable as them and we therefore have to advise that they stay away from the hospital. We have limited supplies of PPE so I can’t have those same conversations, card games or lay my hands on a shoulder. These patients typically don't have smartphones. They don’t spend their time binge watching Netflix or keeping up with memes on social media. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of these people spend hours staring into space and for some of them that becomes their last memory.

Yesterday my colleague purchased a radio (with her own money) for a dying patient and the look of joy in her final moments was indescribable. While we were limited in the treatments we could offer this patient I honestly believe that a familiar song and a glimpse of the outside world was better than any treatment I could’ve given. I wish that I could personally afford to put a radio in all the rooms at my hospital (I can’t) but honestly with my network, I think that we stand a good chance of making it happen. I know it’s a difficult time financially for a lot of people so if you can’t spare anything please just spread the word! If we fall short of the target I will personally make up the difference. 

Initially I am aiming to generate enough money to purchase 5 radios per ward. Each radio costs approximately £25 but I am still in the process of exploring and negotiating with different vendors so this is subject to change. Any further money will go towards the purchase of tablet devices with an aim to provide at least one per ward to allow patients to video chat with their loved ones.

I am very aware that this caters to patients at one hospital out of the many that have been affected across the UK. It is my hope that people see this and are inspired to take action in their locality and provide these simple interventions for their friends, families and neighbours. 

NB. We will be purchasing new devices that can be wiped down in accordance with our infection control guidelines.

If anyone knows any suitable vendors please put them in touch with me!  

TLDR: I need money to buy radios for my patients!

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