Helping the UK's underrepresented into employment

by Radical Recruit in London, England, United Kingdom


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Radical Recruit help those underrepresented into employment. Your donation helps us support Radicals in need on a case by case basis.

by Radical Recruit in London, England, United Kingdom

All money donated will help individual Radicals who are in crisis with ad-hoc support for incidental needs (travel, clothing, rent, food, etc., etc.).

I’m Emma Freivogel and I founded Radical Recruit a year and a half ago to help some of the UK’s most disadvantaged people into employment. We’re the UK’s only not-for-profit social recruitment consultancy and we’re on a mission to ensure that people1605003948_041933_rr_socialcard_malcolmv2.jpg who are underrepresented have the support they need to transform their lives. We do this by supporting people to get ready for work, secure and sustain meaningful paid employment, obtain safe and stable accommodation and become contributing members of society.

EXAMPLE: Each person who sleeps rough costs the taxpayer over £20,000 per year. It makes financial and moral sense to help.

Prior to COVID-19, Shelter estimated that there were 280,000 homeless people in the UK. Since the first lockdown, homelessness has risen. Young people have been hit particularly hard with an 81% increase in rough sleeping for those aged under 25 years. Watch Alisha's story here: With the full impact of the pandemic still being realised, even more of us are at risk of losing our jobs and our homes while those furthest away from the labour market will have an even tougher hill to climb.

At Radical, we believe it’s our duty to help as many people find routes into secure employment and helping those who are long-term unemployed to get ready for work, (re)enter the labour market and sustain their employment with ongoing post-placement support. 

We want to challenge the stigma and misconceptions people with barriers to work face and prove that the resilience, tenacity and motivation that our candidates have in spades are characteristics that can benefit any business – and we have lots of testimonials from employers to prove it! 

We want to assist more marginalised people and work with more employers than ever before to help tackle homelessness.

Kevin is one of the people from an ongoing project with the GLA & St Mungo's and he tells us how the pandemic made him homeless after 20 years of skilled work: 

Without extra funding, the work we do will have to stop and we’ll only be able to afford to help a very small number of people at any one time.1605004553_041933_rr_socialcard_stevev2.jpg

We’ve proven that it IS possible to support people to overcome the (perceived) barriers and find paid employment

Our support includes: 

  •    Work-ready assessments and individual employment action plans;
  •    Referrals and signposting to other specialist services;
  •    Individual coaching and mentoring; 
  •    Supporting our candidates to prepare a CV that we can take to market;
  •    Group interview workshops and individual mock interviews;
  •    Confidence building;
  •    Providing the technology needed for candidates to apply for jobs and complete online assessments; 
  •   Working with employers to generate awareness of our candidates and make their hiring easier; and
  •   Post-placement support including weekly contact with candidates to ensure they are supported to navigate the workplace and with time, progress in their chosen careers.

Examples of how your donations are spent

  • £50 would allow us to purchase a tablet for one Radical so they can stay connected during the pandemic, access our online pre-work support services and perform independent job search.

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