Quantum Tactic: Laser Tag Arena

by David Cowley in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

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A new Laser Tag arena in Southampton with a modular design, supporting the city and looking at innovative ways to improve the sport.

by David Cowley in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Quantum Tactic

Quantum Tactic is a new laser tag centre in the heart of Southampton, not only will this add to the needed attractions in the city but will combat the main issue with laser tag, this being the static nature.

Quantum Tactic will be modular in all aspects so that there is a replay-ability factor for everyone. The arena will be able to move around, the guns will be able to change and have add-on modules and there will be several types of games each with their own rules.

A final aspect for Quantum Tactic to look at fighting is the aspect of community in this type of combat sport, all members will be able to add themselves to a website which will allow them to check high-scores, challenge there friends on social media and chat on forums about all sorts of things.

This Crowdfunder is looking at gathering interest and Big Scary Lasermoney for better blaster prototypes to be developed and settle down on the deposit.                                                                                                                                               We are also looking to raise an additional £20,000 to develop a augmented reality system including a heads up display, even change the arena to look like different locations such as a forest or military base adding to the unique experience we wish to develop.


Currently run by David Cowley and Matt in Southampton UK.

David is business and project management gradate from Solent with a love for all things geek, has enjoyed laser tag since he was 10. Having a passion for innovation, make a difference and real change, he wants to build this new centre to help tackle growing mental health issues in the city as well as providing real innovation in one of the few sports he enjoys.

Matt is a Tech Student at Fareham College with a love of all things computer related and an avid fan of the cyberpunk genre.   He has helped his fellow geek with the techie side of the project: coding, soldering and drawing his dreams into reality.  Wanting to to construct a new and innovative area to help revolutionise the sport of laser-tag.

The target market is university students due to the fact we are located between 2 main universities and in easy access to 4 others in the cities of Bournemouth.

The business will also target between the ages of 13 – 18 as well as companies in need of team training.

The 5 year plan is simple and easily attainable as well, the first year will establishing the arena to Southampton and growing the membership, following this will see 2 – 3 years of growing this as well as potential marketing the laser guns built by Quantum Tactic to the wider world and other companies. Finally 5+ years will look at us adding additional centres across the country and truly expanding the business.


Although not set currently there are several locations that are promising for the arena 1 is situation in the city centre, the other main possibility in ports wood.

Location 1 133 Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2FX

Location 2 Westquay Unit SU70, Portland Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1QD

Each location is situated near the two university and close to a train station allowing easy access for each university in the area. Also the location are well known in Southampton and offer clear ability to be seen by passers-by.


Depending on the location that is chosen, the arena shall have 4 – 8 zones each will hold different objective sensors, enemy lasers and a main base.

The arena will be primarily themed around a cyberpunk dystopian future. This will give it a dark and gritty feel and truly immerse the player inside the game at all times.

Each zone will have the ability to move and change whilst keeping the look and feel intact, this will either be done via tracks or heavy magnets. Depending on time and money this may be able to be done via code and therefore done after each mission or at the end of the day giving the arena a new feel each time you come and enjoy

The following are some thoughts of what the arena may look like:

A 3d render will be added soon to show you how this may look during the game.


To give a truly new aspect to laser tag, the guns will have a standard look but also the ability for extras to be added, coding will then change how the laser gun will work, for example a scope may do more damage or hit multiple targets, where as a grenade add on will give the players splash damage from time to time.

Each add on will give an entirely new feel and new tactic thus allowing for endless hours of fun trying each gun type and technique.

Examples of the guns are below, and video of a working prototype will be added soon.


Playing the same game over and over can get rather boring even with amazing lasers battles, to combat this there will be over 20 different games modes with their own rules, quirks and features.                                                                                                                                     These will all be based around a comprehensive story that is being planned, which will make the players feel like they are a part of the world, each tournament will add to the story changing the key players and plot lines, making the community feel a part of everything at quantum tactic

Each game mode will also be able to slightly modified t change the difficultly level, or just add new and interesting quirks.

If you would like to be a part of the design process all you have to is put a donation of £50 to this crowdfunder and you will go down in the history of the company with your game as one of the first.

An idea of what these modes will look like and entail is shown below.

Website and membership

One of the key features of Quantum Tactic will be the website and membership. This will enable players to create cool avatar in the world, chat amongst other players to see who will be fighting alongside them or against them, enabling them to challenge or shout out to their friends on Facebook and more.

The membership itself will also add a level up system that will enable players to take on different roles, show that they are truly master tacticians, enable bonus to each weapon type and enable pack ability such as stealth or invulnerability.

The final part is access to the leadership board of the game sessions, tournaments and each game.

Website designs will be included in future updates.


Each week the arena will be turned over to the players for a chance to win spectacular prices for being the best, £20 get you a chance to compete each week against other teams, it not a problem if you come yourself we get you set up within a team as a brilliant way to make new friends therefore helping reduce stress and mental health with the promise of new friends.

Once a month these session will be turned into whole day events of nothing but laser tag.

The tournaments will run on either on points and special prizes for most accurate or jokers, or a bracket based system with team being eliminated if they are the worst of the worst, if the latter is the case a losing bracket will be set up so they can keep enjoying the day.


A simple price structure shown below makes us one of the cheapest walk in centres you will find at just £5 a game, £9 for two or £13 for three games.

Membership is £30 for the year or £3 per month and will give you access to the online community and tones of extra features already explained.

Each week from 5 – 9 there will be a game day session for all to enjoy, just £15 per person. Alongside this each week we will hold a weekly half day tournament for £20 with prizes for the winning team. And once a month a whole day tournament for £35 again with a prize for the winning team.

You could also hire the arena for £300 + £10 per person for half a day or the whole day for £450 + £15 per person. £100 extra buys you exclusivity meaning no other people would be able to join your games.

There will be a small tuck shop as well as an arcade presented as well. Food will also be provided either by us or another company.


There are several different companies in the area that we target but the face that we offer a unique laser experience every time puts us far above these companies.

The only other laser tag company in Southampton is sector 7 that is attached to ten-pin, a static arena with little extra to do and in general quite expensive at.

The only other real laser tag completion in the area is laser quest, being a franchise they have multiple centres across the country, but can be stuck looking at innovation unlike us they have static arenas and few extra games which keep players coming back they also don’t really have a true sense of community with in there games.

Other companies that are around are ambush and delta force, neither offer laser tag but are instead Paintball and Airsoft in the outdoors giving them the space to operate different arenas and games, but are painful, expensive to play and again no real sense of a community.

None of the companies above also add a story-line either that changes and keep the players coming back to learn more. This aspect comes from the fact that the two owners are both LARPers and invested in playing stories out to their full.


In helping us to make this arena a reality you can earn so wonderful rewards

£1 = a thank you on social media and our website credits,

£5 = A thank you built into the arena itself. See you name everything you come along and play,

£10 = A ticket for a game session £5 cheaper than retail price,

£15 = A ticket for a half day tournament £5 cheaper than retail price,

£20 = A specially made Sports t-shirt for the Crowd funder, only backers will own this,

£25 = 1 years membership £5 cheaper than retail price,

£50 = Either a playtesting of the arena, be the first to try the games, guns and arena, or the design of a game mode, be a key influence  on the story of quantum tactic game world,

£65 = a 3 year membership £25 cheaper than retail price,

£100 = your own customise personal kit for you to use in the arena whenever you play, your choice of mods, upgrades and awesomeness. Also comes with a t-shirt and a thank you on our wall,

£250 = a customised kit for you, you design it we build it, get a custom t-shirt and 3 year memberships well,

£300 = a personal day in the arena for you and your friends, 5 1 year membership and a customisable t-shirt,

£600 = the full arsenal, all the rewards in one place, your own personal designed kit, your own personal day in the arena, 3 year membership play-testing, your own game mode. A massive thank you for really making this a reality.

Social media handles

Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed learning about the project please do donate and help this become a reality.

Please share this Crowdfunder on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all other social media networks.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Quantum membership: 1 year

1 Years Membership that allows you to tactically customise your quantum player, earn a 10% discount on most games, join our tournaments, gain upgrades and many additional benefits for £5 cheaper than retail price.

£1 or more

Thank you for backing

A thank you on social media pages as well as our website when operational

£5 or more

The quantum wall of thanks

Be featured in the wall of the arena for all to see as a quantum thanks.

£10 or more

0 of 50 claimed

A quantum game day ticket

Enjoy one of our quantum game days per four hours of laser tag tactics and fun. 5 pounds off retail price. Can you endure??

£15 or more

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A quantum tournament ticket

Be one of the first to play our monthly tournament mode 5 pounds cheaper than retail. Four hours of competitive laser tag. Can you prove your the best?

£20 or more

Quantum tactic T-shirt

Look awesome out and about or in the arena itself and the quantum tactic sports-based T-shirt specially designed this Crowdfunder.

£50 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Design a game mode

Put your tactical, story and game knowledge to the test and help design a game mode for all to enjoy. Your game, player and personal name and name will be added to the information pack so all know who made the mode.

£50 or more

0 of 25 claimed

quantum playtest

Come and be the first to play in the Arena for a full day, have direct feedback into how the games are played and created.

£65 or more

quantum membership: 3 years

3 Years Membership that allows you to tactically customise your quantum player, earn a 10% discount on most games, join our tournaments, gain upgrades and many additional benefits for £25 cheaper than retail price.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

your own personalised kit

Be one of 10 to own your own personalised standard kit, includes player name, ideal mods and a catch phrase, show off your tactics in the arena. As a bonus you also will gain a custom T-shirt with you player name, 1 years quantum membership and a thank you in the arena as well as on social media.

£250 or more

0 of 5 claimed

quantum design: your customised kit

Become one of 5 with your own personalised and custom designed (by you) kit to show off in the arena, prove to all how powerful and masterful you are. Includes personalise t-shirt, 3 year membership and a special thanks on our wall.

£300 or more

0 of 5 claimed

quantum tactic, your personal day

For you and your friends (quantum rivals) to have 1 whole day to yourself. Get support from the staff to improve your game, celebrate an special occasion with crazy fun and masterful tactics on a quantum level. Not only this you will get a personalised t-shirt; 5, 1 year memberships and a special custom thanks on our wall.

£600 or more

0 of 3 claimed

quantum tactic: the full arsenal

As one of our major backers of quantum tactic you will gain access to the arsenal of rewards that you have seen listed. That is a custom kit designed by you, the arena for you and your friends, 3 years membership, 4 additional one-year memberships, exclusive backer T-shirt, design your own game mode, a tournament entry ticket, a game day ticket, and a thank you built into the arena as well as social media.

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