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Purely’s aim is to bring a revolution to the traditional snack-style by introducing global healthier options but with a great taste promise.

by Stefania Pellegrino in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hello Everyone! This is Team Purely.

We are on a mission to bring tastier, healthier and higher quality snacks to the UK, after discovering these delicious plantain chips in Ecuador.

Let us present first who we are! Our names are Stefania & Mark and we are the founders of Purely . Our passions in life include: travelling, business and sampling local delicacies. After visiting a number of banana plantations on a business trip to Ecuador we found ourselves sitting in a bar having a cold beer.  It was at that moment that both of us were introduced to the plantain chip. It was unlike anything we had tasted throughout our travels. Knowing that plantain chips would provide a more satisfying and healthier alternative to potato chips and many other traditional snacks popular back home, we both knew we had to develop a product that everyone here in the UK and globally would have access to.


With an extensive knowledge of South America and corporate backgrounds in food import and export, the Purely team are passionate about capturing the innocence of nature in their products - this means additives-free and preservative-free, ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials, and minimal processing of products.

What is plantain and why plantain chips?

You will be shocked to know how unhealthy traditional potato crisps are and how much we are consuming them. It's estimated that in Britain 6 billion packets of crisps a year are consumed, however healthy considerations are now playing a big role in the market.

 Our solution is an innovative chip, made entirely from a plantain , a savoury relative to the banana family, largely grown in South America.


What makes the difference with a regular bag of crisps?

  • 30% less fat than regular potato crisps
  • High in fibre and potassium 
  • Sugar and cholesterol free
  • Processed in sunflower oil
  • Seasoned with natural spices - no additives and preservatives!
  •  Gluten Free, Vegan, NonGMO and Kosher.


Our plan is to launch a wider variety of products to better meet our customers needs for a healthier and tastier lifestyle. We aim to launch our three next flavours by the end of June 2018 .

We also want to scale our business to more retailers so that they will be available for you whenever and wherever you want a snack!

We need your support in this Revolution to the snack industry - be part of this awesome journey!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Purely x3!

Have your name on our website as a special thank you + 3 bags of our plantain chips as a gift!

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Purely x10!

Have your name on our website as a special thank you + 10 bags of our plantain chips delivered to you!

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It's all about CHARITY!

Have your name on our website as a special thank you and we will donate A BOX of 24 bags to a hospital or charity of your choice!

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Instagram Partners

Become one of our Instagram partners for one year - be part of the Purely Revolution! You will receive: - 3 bags of Purely every month for the whole year! - A Purely T-shirt - Involvement in the taste tests for the next 3 Purely flavours! - Exposure to all our Instagram followers

£500 or more

Sports Sponsorship!

Purely will sponsor a football/rugby team and will provide a home or away kit for a season and we will provide to each of the players a pack of each flavour of our amazing chips! We will start talking to you in May about your team's kit design for the next season or at the best time for you.

£2,000 or more


You will be travelling with the founders of the company to Ecuador to look at the process from a plantain plantation to the production facility. You will have a full immersion into the Ecuadorian Culture! This offer covers: - Flight from London to Guayaquil - Internal flight to Manabi Province - Hotel for 5 nights - Experience of local cuisine T&Cs apply to this offer.

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