Purchasing an Aston Martin DBR1 Replica Sports Car

by Jason Rooper in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

A 'Happy Father's Day!' gift to my Dad, a crowdfunding attempt to purchase a replica of his dream car for him to enjoy while he can

by Jason Rooper in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

This 'All or Nothing bid' is buy one of these Aston Martin DBR1 Replicas beautifully re-created by AS Motorsport Ltd. 



That's the headline but the real agenda is to create opportunities for Dad to indulge his lifelong love of Motorsport in these latter years. Via this platform I would dearly love fellow enthusiasts to fill that final chapter in his Racing Scrapbook with memories he would never have imagined. This might be contributing to the purchase of the replica sports car but it might be gifting experiences you can't even purchase.  

If Dad were to receive any one invitation along the lines of:

  • A historic motor racing workshop visit
  • A Formula 1 Team factory  tour
  • to sit in an ERA R4D or any classic of its time
  • a motorsport magazine interview of his previous experiences or favourite drivers
  • spend a day with his overalls on helping service a Maserati 4CLT
  • a grin and a chat with competitors as they prepare their cars in the Goodwood paddock
  • etc etc

.....then all of the effort of this bid will have been worth it. You in turn would have no more knowledgeable and enjoyable a visitor. 

Just so that you can contact me about one of these experiences after the bid closes on 18th July my email address is [email protected]

As I point out in the video, there are thousands of very worthy causes and I ask that you consider giving generously to those first. As a petrol head myself I of course have entertained the idea that I could own it afterwards but after reflecting on that it would not be ethical. The bid has far more integrity in the commitment to put the car up for auction when Dad can no longer enjoy it and to give the proceeds to worthy causes nominated by donors.   

So what is Dad's story then?

Dad is following in his father’s footsteps.  Here is his father in his front wheel drive Alvis which he raced that at Brooklands.



His father took him to race meetings and to the Brighton Speed trials as a boy  where he saw the ERA R4D for the first time and became one of his favourites. Dad’s scrapbooks  compiled while he was at school are a great record of motorsport during the 40’s.


Dad was taken to the first meeting at Goodwood after the war where he recalls watching Reg Parnell win the main race in his Maserati 4CLT.


While drivers of these cars might consider themselves legends on the track, Dad’s enthusiasm for motorsport is most definitely a legend off it. Always up for a chat Here he is chatting to one of is favourite drivers, Martin Brundle


The DBR1 is Dad’s favourite of his collection and it is mine too. This is mine and Dad’s dream car. Having previously loved the story of Giotto Bizzarrini leaving Lamborghini and creating the stunning Bizzarrini P538  I too have come to love the DBR1 , not just the story of its creation by a little team led by Ted Cutting but also to marvel at its racing success in the hands of Stirling moss and Roy Salvadori and others. I am intrigued by the parallels between Ted Cutting's engineering prowess and Bizzarrini's ,there are 5 original DBR1's in existence and there are approximately 5 P538s (although no one really knows apparently.)

If you haven't seen the DBR1 in action I encourage you to watch the video attached to this bid. I licensed a short clip from British Pathe for viewing with this bid of Stirling Moss throwing it around Nurburgring which I guess is quite rare. The clip I mean!

One of my first ever memories as a small child is Dad nudging me forward from the crowd surrounding Graham Hill's motorhome  in the paddock at Brands Hatch. I guess it is a bit hard to refuse a 5 year old autograph hunter. I would like to thank Dad for giving my boys the opportunity to share in these experiences. 


What is special about this replica?

The video illustrates the craftsmanship and engineering prowess of Mr.Soar and his team at his farm in Norfolk. Producing these cars from 2 sheds as far as I could tell really is a feat. If you think the attention to detail is impressive , you should see the Options list Mr.Soar kindly sent me! Dad and I are totally in agreement that this replica has all the drama and aura of the original but with the benefits of modern engineering and systems. It really is a unique package.

This is an All or Nothing bid. If the target is not met, pledges made are automatically refunded by Crowdfunder. It is not a case of aiming for a DBR1 replica and then settling for something else with a portion of the funds. Although they say they work Monday to Friday, the Crowdfunder support team have confirmed this afternoon (20th) that my account is set up as All or Nothing, ie automatic refunds which take 5 to 10 days to process, if the target is not met. (Thank you Erin)

How did I arrive at the Budget?

I took the options list, specified a car to the best of my knowledge very similar to the demonstrator in the video which sounded fabulous. I then added road fund, number plate; delivery to Dad's house; what I think is 1 year's insurance, the Crowdfunder fees (as i understand them) and a £1000 contingency because somewhere I will have missed something.

What happens if we are successful?

I will contact all donors to check you are ok with being on a private distribution list and you will receive regular news updates which will include photos &  video footage throughout the buying and owning cycle. You can also specify which worthy cause you would like supported when sold. You will also receive confirmation that the car is up for auction when appropriate and then confirmation of the funds raised and distributed.

What would be equally enjoyable to report to you is a host of other events & visits Dad has had the opportunity to accept. I think the Motorsport community is going to come good in this respect.

Thank you

So there we are, as I say in the video I have had great fun on previous father's days messing about with photoshop but I thought this father’s day it was worth the effort to go all out and see if you the 'crowd' and the wider motorsport community would like to chip in and make this lifetime enthusiast’s dream come true.


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