How to set up your fundraiser

We're on hand, every step of the way

Setting up a fundraising page for your chosen charity couldn't be easier. Check out the video below for a step by step guide on how to create the perfect page. We have all the tips, tricks and advice needed to make your fundraising activity a great success so you can get on with that bath of beans or daring sky dive.

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15 fundraising ideas

If you are short on ideas to kick start your fundraising, fear not!
Our top 15 fundraising ideas are bound to spark some inspiration.

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Eco-friendly challenge

Get sponsored to go a week (or even a month) without driving, using plastic or eating meat.

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Head shave

Get your crowd to sponsor you to shave your head for your chosen charity or cause.

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Obstacle course

Get sponsored to take part in a challenge event or you could even set up your own at a local park or garden. Check out these extreme obstacle courses for inspiration or to take part.

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Give something up

Is there something you have always wanted to give up or cut down on? Get people to sponsor you to go a month without chocolate, alcohol or smoking. You will reap the health benefits!

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Yes challenge

Get sponsored to say yes to anything you are asked to do, for one whole day! See if your can get your boss or teachers to take part too and see what they’ll say yes to.

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Birthday fundraiser

Ask your nearest and dearest to donate money to your Crowdfunder fundraiser page instead of giving you a birthday present. Spend your birthday with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing you’re helping your chosen cause.

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Extreme challenge event

Get sponsored to do something really amazing… Ever fancied climbing Kilimanjaro? There’s no time like the present. These extreme challenge events are bound to get the pulse racing.

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Run a marathon

A difficult but fantastic achievement and a wonderful way to raise money! Find a Marathon that works for your location and diary here. Why not try it in fancy dress and raise even more for your chosen cause.

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If you’re feeling athletic, show off your swimming, cycling and running abilities to your sponsors. You can pick a Triathlon that suits you here.

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Abseil or skydive

Heighten your fundraising by taking a leap of faith for your your chosen cause! Book one here today.

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Team fundraiser

Grab your closest friends or family and choose a fundraising activity to do together. Having a team will help you reach a bigger audience, you’ll have more fun along the way and you can bounce ideas of each other!

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Sponsored silence

Get your friends and family, teachers, colleagues etc to sponsor you to stop talking for a whole day. It’s a lot harder than you think!

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Ask for donations on your Crowdfunder page instead of receiving cards or presents from people. Be sure to let people know your wishes well in advance of the big day by posting it on your social media accounts.

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Get your walking boots on and go on a sponsored hike. The fresh air and exercise, combined with fundraising is sure to give you a buzz!

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Dig out your costume or trunks and get training for an organised swimming challenge.