Priory Park N8 Playground

by Alice Tringham in London, England, United Kingdom

Priory Park N8 Playground
We did it
On 30th July 2019 we successfully raised £3,600 with 115 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to buy a new piece of equipment suitable for under-2yos with a slide and a tunnel to replace the broken roundabout.

by Alice Tringham in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Alice and I am one of the co-chairs for the Friends of Priory Park, working to preserve and protect (and improve!) our lovely park.

I love our park and visited twice a day, everyday from when my eldest Ivo (6) was 1yo until he started school.  I am still there most days with my younger children Guy (4.5) and Zoë (nearly 3).


For me, the playground is where I made nearly all my mum friends and it helped make parenting better... 

  • The playground didn’t need me to be there on time,
  • The playground didn’t want me to commit to a block of 10 sessions. 
  • The playground didn’t frown if I changed a babies nappy, 
  • The playground didn’t judge me when I was breastfeeding (often perched on the side of sandpit helping to dig at the same time!)
  • The playground didn’t mind if I carried a screaming toddler out under my arm. 

And now it’s time to give back....

Does this all sound familiar? Are you with me?

I love the classic simplicity of our playground. It doesn’t need a massive overhaul, there is a good range of interesting equipment.  

But, the broken Roundabout HAS TO GO!!

This is June 2016, pretty much the last time the Roundabout turned!! 


I have through extensive research (a visit to Peppa Pig world) found this piece:

It would be the first piece in the playground designed for the under-2yo it has a fall height of under 1m and it usefully requires the same area of safety surfacing as the old roundabout.

So I’m going to ask you all to dig deep, really deep.

How much is a trip to the park worth to you? 

Let’s say 50p a visit.  

And how often do you come? 

How about three times a week.

So 50p, three times a week, every week? For three years? £234.  Can you donate that much? That’s less than a one Latte a Week (a lot less).

Maybe you value the park a bit more, but come a bit less. 

£1 a visit, once a week for those 3 tricky toddler/preschool years. £156.

Maybe the park is your spend-free haven, and you’re there every day; 10p a trip? £36 for this last year maybe? 

I know, it’s a big ask. But it will be brilliant!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£750 or more

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First Slide

I’m sure someone locally has a really deep pocket. £750 and you can have first slide!

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