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To fly a “PrEP pill” blimp in central London for 1st of April. The day NHS England were expected to make PrEP fully available to England.

by Jason Domino in London, England, United Kingdom

PrEP is a game-changing drug that prevents the taker from contracting HIV when taken as directed.

PrEP is available as part of the NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, however in England, PrEP is only available through an ongoing trial with limited places.

Sexual health advocates have campaigned for NHS England to make PrEP available to everyone on the 1st of April, 2019. 

We are therefore planning to launch a blimp – of the iconic blue pill – from a high profile location in central London on that day, either as a celebration or an alarm bell that the generous PrEP deadline has been missed.


PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It has been shown to be incredibly effective with near 100% certainty for HIV protection when taken as instructed. Put simply, it is like the contraceptive pill but for HIV rather than pregnancy.

PrEP is not a brand of drug by a company, but a type of drug. PrEP has been validated in numerous medical trials and NHS England was even successfully taken to court by the National Aids Trust for their slow movement making this preventative available.

The original manufacturer’s patent on PrEP has been beaten in both UK and EU courts so financial cost is no reason to delay rollout, as the price has fallen radically. Importantly, PrEP has been shown to be more economical to the NHS than providing lifetime treatment of HIV.

PrEP is an HIV prevention tool that the public has a right to access.

The team that will help me will be volunteers from the adult film industry, other sex workers and HIV activists all acting in dedication to the public’s right to better sexual health information and choices.

This is a collective of people that have been tireless over the last 3 years fighting the unjust delays to PrEP access in the UK. They have been fighting despite many already having personal PrEP access on trials or through private purchase.

HIV will only be beaten when tools like PrEP are economical viable to all. When PrEP is paired with information like #UequalsU it is unbeatable.


UequalsU means someone living with HIV on effective treatment can live a long healthy life, and with effective treatment their Viral Load reduces beneath detectable limits. An Undetectable Viral Load means the person cannot pass on HIV to sexual partner, even with sex without a condom. 

Undetectable equals Untransmittable. As observed in 2008 by the Swedish statement or in the thorough Partner study, Partner 2 study, HPTN052 study, or the Opposites Attract study.