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To transform a previously neglected, overgrown, fly tipping area into a beautiful, well used school run and a natural habitat for wildlife.

by Tom Westcott in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much for helping us hit our initial target and our stretch target.  You are amazing and generous people!!  

We really want to push on now and hit our further stretch target which will keep us funded for many years to come and keep the Poppy Path looking beautiful for generations.  

2nd place in the Projects that matter Greater Manchester - Most Raised
2nd place in the Projects that matter Greater Manchester - Most supporters


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not."  The Lorax by Dr Seuss

We have been selected as a finalist by "Projects that matter: Greater Manchester" to run a Crowdfunding campaign during May 2019.  

Our vision 

To create a well used, attractive practical pathway enabling increased numbers to use the Path on a daily basis giving a countryside experience surrounded by native English and bee loving wild flowers – a haven of nature, colour and wildlife all year round.  Used by local schools and residents to socialise, meet new people, chat and increase awareness of the importance of nature and wildlife. 

Increasing safety, decreasing pollution, increasing activity.

We are hoping to raise enough money to fill the Poppy Path with beautiful plants and purchase low-level fencing down one side of the Path.  More details are set out below about how the money will be spent.

Why are we doing this?

Today, just 53 per cent of primary school children walk to school, compared with 70 per cent a generation ago. 

This correlates with figures showing that a third of children leave primary school overweight or obese and just one in five primary school children meet the recommended physical activity levels every day.

Pollution in South Manchester is at record high levels.  Polluted air is now the biggest environmental risk to public health linked to deaths in the UK.

There is evidence that bees and other pollinator populations are less healthy and abundant than they have been. If action is not taken, pollinator declines will have serious implications for food production and the ornamental garden, since many plants rely on bees and other insects , such as hoverflies to transfer pollen from one flower to another in order to set fruits and seeds. 

Who are we?

We are a small and unlikely group of local volunteers of all shapes and sizes who want something better than an overgrown neglected mess which has been unloved for far too long. Different generations, different backgrounds - one common purpose.
We want change so we've decided to change it ourselves!!

Here are some pictures of our volunteers who help out on volunteer days.  The project enables people to meet other local residents and socialise with different generations.  It promotes fresh air, activity, wellbeing and community spirit.

If you want to find out more of what we do then check out our social media at - Facebook @poppypathproject Twitter @pathpoppy  Instagram @ poppypathdidsbury

What is the Poppy Path Project?

The original idea was conceived in the Fletcher Moss pub by Brian, Mike, Lorraine and David to commemorate the centenary of WW1.  They had the vision of creating a corridor of poppies by clearing the wasteland on either side of the Path and sowing 3 million poppy seeds obtained directly from Flanders. The seed was, quite literally, sown...

Fast forward some 18 months and the project has evolved to something much bigger. We have now cleared the whole path of waste building materials and (most) unwanted weeds and have added to the poppies by planting anything we can get our hands on.  

A hedgerow of native English hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, cornus and spindle has been planted to create a varied hedgerow providing blossom, fruit and protection for wildlife.

Donations of shrubs and perennials from local gardens and businesses have been added. Native English seeds and Flanders poppy seeds have been sown in abundance - these were just some of the poppies last year.

Bee loving plants have been sourced locally and planted.

We're already cracking on with the transformation:

The Path has been widened and drainage has been improved allowing more people to use it safely. As a result it is now used as a busy school run for four local schools promoting health and activity and encouraging parents to leave their cars at home.

Improved pedestrian access to Didsbury Park from East Didsbury and Burnage.

Right at the outset of this transformation project Brian wanted to create a major impact and inspire volunteers in the hard work which would need to be carried out.  As a consequence, arrangements were made with the Matthew Ludlam Foundation to sponsor a street artist (Qubek) to create an inspirational mural on the bridge.                                                  

We've held ceremonies on each Remembrance Sunday to honour those members of the armed forces who gave their lives in the line of duty. These will continue to be held each year.

Some residents have 'adopted' their own plots - some are still available if you are quick.

What do we need?

Plants, plants and more plants.

Where will your money go?

The initial target of £4,330 will be spent as follows:

£2,400 will go towards a variety of plants, sourced locally, filling the Path with year round interest.  This will be in the form of seeds, perennials, shrubs and small trees.  We have already filled some of the Path but there is a lot more to do.  The £2,400 has been calculated on the basis of £2 per square metre for the remaining bare patches of the Path.

£1,380 will go towards the purchase of low-level kick fencing along the western edge of the Path.  We have already started the fencing but have run out of budget to date.  This has been calculated on the basis of approximately £11.50 per metre from a local, FSC approved supplier (inclusive of fencing, posts, edging boards, galvanised straps, nails and postcrete).

£550 will go towards peat free, organic, locally sourced compost to enrich the soil, suppress weeds and give our plants the best start in life.  This has been calculated on the basis of £50 per 750 litre bag. 

If we hit the initial target we have added a stretch target of £6,000 (an additional £1,670) which will be spent as follows:

£1,050 will go towards sourcing a plinth, plant signage and a notice board for the School Lane entrance explaining the Poppy Path project, remembering the soldiers who died in battle and informing the public of what is going on at the present time on the Path. 

£620 will go towards a potential new seating area near the bridge (subject to resident consultation).

None of the money raised will be spent on admin - we'll sort this.

None of the money raised will be spent on labour - we love this!

Supporting our project will help support the health and wellbeing of all current and future generations, providing young people with a safe and enjoyable walk to school each day setting them on the path to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.
” Barack Obama

Please join us and pledge today!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Seed fund

Pledge a pound or more and help supply the Poppy Path with seeds so we can create a stunning display of flowers to attract bees and other pollinators.

£5 or more

Compost fund

Pledge £5 or more and we can buy a small bag of local, organic, peat free compost to help our plants thrive on the Poppy Path.

£10 or more

Plant and shrub fund

Pledge £10 or more and we can buy a variety of native perennials and shrubs, sourced locally to create a stunning display throughout the year.

£25 or more

Fencing fund

Pledge £25 or more and we can buy 2 metres of low-level wooden fencing and associated building materials to create a natural looking finish to the Poppy Path.

£50 or more

Plinth, signage and notice board

Pledge £50 or more to help purchase a bespoke plinth, signage and notice board to create a welcoming entrance to the Poppy Path.

£100 or more

A bit of everything...

With a pledge £100 or more we will be able to buy seeds, compost, plants, shrubs, fencing and signage/a plinth. You will also be rewarded in heaven!

£250 or more

Supporter's board

Pledge £250 or more and have your name or business name included on a supporter's board on the Poppy Path. You will also get your very own guided tour (optional)...

Let's make 'Poppy Path' happen

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