Popping For Parkinson's

We want to keep running Popping For Parkinson's classes. Help us make a change in people's lives!

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £2,520 of £2,500 target with 67 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

If we overfund this project, we will be able to run classes for longer, reaching more people affected by Parkinson's, organizing a international Popping For Parkinson's tour, creating new songs/videos/professional photoshoots, and fund the beginning stage of a scientific research on the relationship between Popping and Parkinson's.

Popping For Parkinson's is a community dance project that offers free Popping dance classes to people with Parkinson's disease. This project gives patients the opportunity to engage in a fun, social activity in a safe space where they can fully express themselves through dance while fighting social isolation, depression, physical pain, low confidence, stress and more. We specialise in providing Popping dance classes for people with Parkinson's because it is one of the most effective ways to gain a better quality of life. This is the first project in the world to deliver Popping technique as dance-therapy.

"Since I started Popping, I don't feel so depressed. I am more happy, which is something I've lost for a while" (Philip Friend, student)

All our classes are free of charge.

Why are we crowdfunding

We want to keep all our classes free of charge for students. In order to do that, we need to make sure our classes are sustainable first. By pledging on one of our rewards you will be helping us get up and running.

"I have witnessed the positive impact of Popping for Parkinson's in Simone's classes and he has created truly powerful concept. His passion and dedication to support the Parkinson's community through teaching dance is incredibly inspirational and demonstrates how dance can enhance wellbeing in so many ways, whatever your age, background or condition" (Tania Diggory, Founder of Pioneers History Dance Festival)

What the money raised will do:

- £50 will enable us to run one Popping For Parkinson's class.
- £2500 will enable us to run weekly Popping For Parkinson's classes for one year.

All the money raised will go towards running Popping For Parkinson's classes. Every little helps! The more money we raise, the longer we are able to run the classes.

If we overfund this project, the money will help us sustain the project for longer, reaching more people, funding a Popping For Parkinson's international tour, creating new classes, videos, songs and much more!


The Rewards 

All the rewards are LIMITED EDITION. 

You can choose from many different products and packages: we have t-shirts, tote bags, posters, badges, stickers, exclusive beats, and RECORDS!

Have a look on the right hand side of this page and once you have found 'the one',  click it and your halfway there. 

Expected Delivery: You will notice on all the rewards on the right hand side that we have stated that the expected delivery is December. This gives us plenty of time to deliver on time (the last thing we want to do is have you waiting). As soon as this campaigns finishes we will be working round the clock to get all rewards out the door and delivered to you. UK shipping included in the price; for international shipping, please donate £5-10 extra to cover shipping costs.

"This program invites people with Parkinson's to explore this funky, rhythmic style of street dance and experience the joys and benefits that come with it. Simone's energetic, compassionate teaching and deep knowledge of the form create a safe and stimulating environment that engages focus, coordination, musicality, social connection and propulsive inner groove" (David Leventhal, Program Director and Founding Teacher, Dance for PD)

With your backing, Popping For Parkinson's can continue to help these vulnerable yet strong and inspirational people through dance. It's time to "shake it off"!

Thank you for believing in us and our mission!

Popping For Parkinson's from Wilkie Branson on Vimeo.




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