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Pjoys is an exciting new purpose-led pyjama brand which aims to make mental health an everyday conversation. We want to give power to the PJ! That’s right, PJs with purpose. Beautiful organic cotton pyjamas are the blank canvas for internationally acclaimed artists. We're using the joy of art, PJs and our platform to share helpful and hopeful stories on mental health and fund innovative projects through our foundation. Our PJs are conversation starters. These artist designs are limited edition and will be individually numbered. Collectable, wearable art for good. Our first collection is gender neutral for her, him and they. Our PJs are packed with purpose, from what they are made from, by whom and what they stand for. Kind to people and planet.

Nicky Hirst - Z's

Nicky Hirst is an English sculptor and installation artist. Her work explores the serendipity of objects, places or words, to look closer at the possibilities and ambiguities of language.

Remi Rough for Pjoys - Sarah and Remi are both wearing a Medium.

Remi Rough is a British artist, graffiti writer, designer, art director, and curator. Remi's work has exhibited in London, Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Santander, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong and Perth to name a few.   

Augustine Kofie for Pjoys - Sarah and Remi are both wearing a Medium.

Augustine has a deep interest in process and structure and creates works of intense detail centering order and tension. Active in the west Los Angeles graffiti scene since the mid-nineties.

Pjoys Midnight Tags by Remi Rough - Sarah and Remi are both wearing a Medium.

Pjoys Tide Blue Tags by Remi Rough - Sarah and Remi are both wearing a Medium.

Nicky Hirst "Zs" & Augustine Kofie

Pjoys Products

Offering a twist on the classic pyjama design, Pjoys guarantee style and comfort with a strong message at heart. It’s important to us to be the most kind, caring, ethical and sustainable pyjama company, so we’re packing purpose throughout our supply chain from our PJ makers to our PJ packers.

Remi Rough

Tide & Midnight Pjoys Tags by Remi Rough 

Artist Nicky Hirst in her Z's for Pjoys

Over the course of our crowdfunder, we will also be releasing lounge accessories and stationery conveying helpful and hopeful mental health messages, so watch this space.


Remi Rough has designed an exclusive series of T-shirts for our crowdfunder. Life isn't perfect, it's not black and white, we embrace the and in life! Here's our early bird Brilliant & Mad T'shirt. Should we release the Happy & Sad or Joy & Pain designs? Tell us -

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Our artist designs lend themselves to beautiful items beyond PJs. Getting your thoughts out of your head and into one of our sleep journals could set you up for a better night's rest and our sleep masks are perfect for keeping the light out and the zzzz's coming. Sleep is super important for looking after your mental and physical health.

Why PJs?

PJs can offer a place of calm and relaxation, but on the flip side, they can represent an extremely difficult and hopeless time in someone’s life.  We wanted to take this dual symbolism of the PJ day, together with the joy of art, to start making mental health an everyday conversation.

Why Mental Health

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.  We believe talking about our feelings and our mental health is critical to addressing the mental health crisis. We ALL have mental health, how's yours today? How will it be next week? Next year? will become a place to share and watch conversations on mental health, as well as find the perfect PJ. We are in the process of setting up The Pjoys Foundation through to support Mental Health charities and innovative projects who are working towards making mental health an everyday conversation. 5% of our crowdfunder total will be donated to our first beneficiary Place2Be. With the youth focus on World Mental Health Day and early intervention so important, they are perfect. 

Our luxurious two-piece pyjama sets are made of 100% sustainable cotton, with buttons made from sustainable Mother of Pearl, a protection stone, that some say brings the gentle healing power of the sea. It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced... No plastic here thanks. Our PJs are digitally printed to minimize the impact on the environment, designed in London and produced in Portugal.

Each pyjama style comes in a comfy relaxed fit with contrast or matching piping and a button up shirt. It’s a lounge affair with Pjoys and you’ll find yourself reaching for these both day and night. We are also very proud to be collaborating with internationally acclaimed contemporary artists from the UK, Germany and the USA.  Our crowdfunder features six limited editions from Remi Rough, Nicky Hirst, Augustine Kofie and Mad C.  

Our Story

Michelle Morgan is an award-winning founder of 5 purpose-led businesses, winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, the Queens Award for Innovation, Lloyds Business awards and most recently invited to join the Society of Leadership Fellows at Windsor Castle. Michelle came up with the idea for Pjoys after experiencing first hand what it’s like to mentally burn out and sink into anxiety and depression. During her recovery, the pyjamas that had held her back became her inspiration.  A chance to positively help people and remove the stigma around mental health.

Michelle shared her Pjoys idea with her husband and artist Remi Rough, as well as friend and brand expert Susie Moore, who had also experienced mental health issues within her family. Both wanted to give Pjoys their full support and quickly became founding partners. Since then, our team is growing and each new recruit is just as passionate about Pjoys. 

We need your support!

Our goal is to get Pjoys into production and to build our platform - which will host our PJs and also filmed and written conversations about mental health as a useful resource and inspiration. This  important crowdfunder will get us started so we can invest properly in further product research, development and design as well as begin to build our platform. If we meet our stretch target we'll also be able to get into production with our conversation content plan with our brilliant film crew who are ready to go. We have lots of brave and generous humans who are willing to share their stories, to create more what we call 'That's Me' moments, a bit like the one Michelle describes when she was reading Ruby Wax's book Frazzled and realised that Ruby's description of depression was what she was experiencing. It's what got her to her GP and to help. See our Comments page to read how other people have already been helped through the sharing of our mental health stories. your help will help us multiply the difference we can make . Can you help us? We need your support now! Donate or pre-order our Pjoys and help get us up and into the World!

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Team is everything

There are so many people behind the scenes who are helping Pjoys coming to life. Above and below are just a few of the amazing humans who were there on shoot day. Thanks especially to Ethical Fashion Photographer, Charney Magri, Suresh Kara and Amanda May plus Jonny and the team at Cutthroat London and big thanks to Nicky Hirst, Bejay, Yara, Sarah, Lili and Freddie for joining us in pjs for the day. The power of the PJ was at play once again as we had many conversations about mental health from all kinds of different experiences. You know what? When you start talking about mental health it's not awkward, it's really quite kind and powerful.

Special Praise for Preys 

Also, we must give praise to the US artist Preys who designed our logo. As soon as we had the idea for our name we immediately thought of Preys, we love his style and we're proud he's part of the Pjoys story. 

The talented folks at SomeOne created our brand. A big idea beautifully executed. We're a bit in love with it. 

Big thanks and joy to Gary, KP and Lockett.


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T-shirt and Notebook

Brilliant and Mad t-shirt by Remi Rough for Pjoys and beautiful artist designed A5 blank notebook for your ‘night notes’, to help you get a good night’s sleep

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Nicky Hirst Notebook

Beautiful A5 blank journals for all your ‘night notes’, to help you get a restful and joyful sleep. Delivered in time for Christmas + Free Pjoys track by Paul Statham.

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Artist designed beautiful A5 blank notebook for your ‘night notes’, to help you get a good night’s sleep

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Sleep Mask

Designed by our artists and lovingly made to help you get a good night’s sleep

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Pyjamas: Pjoys Tags in Tide Blue by Remi Rough

Limited edition luxury and sustainable pyjamas. RRP £150 and available at £125 by pre-order here

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Pyjamas: Pjoys Tags in Midnight by Remi Rough

Limited edition luxury and sustainable pyjamas. RRP £150 and available at £125 by pre-order here

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Pyjamas: Nicky Hirst Z’s

Limited edition luxury and sustainable pyjamas. RRP £180 and available at £165 here. Available in time for Christmas

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Pyjamas: Augustine Kofie

Limited edition luxury and sustainable pyjamas. RRP £180 and available at £165 by pre-order here

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Pyjamas: Remi Rough

Limited edition luxury and sustainable pyjamas. RRP £180 and available at £165 by pre-order here

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Mental Health First Aid course - Adult

A positive start to 2019. Attend this 2-day training course to become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 8-9th Jan. Learn the context of Mental Health, the variety of disorders, signs and symptoms and gain a deeper understanding of depression, anxiety, psychosis, suicide, eating disorders and self-harm. Learn the MHFA England methodology and framework ALGEE. You'll feel more confident to have a conversation with someone about mental health.