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On 19th December 2019 we successfully raised £2,050 with 36 supporters in 28 days

Picture-Aid aims to support smaller third sector organisations with photography services. We are raising £2000 to cover our start up costs.

by Ibolya Feher in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Everything we raise over our original goal will be put towards to support our first two local social enterprises.

Times are tough and budgets for small charities and social enterprises are tight.  In order to raise awareness of issues and to generate income that can be spent on those in most need, organisations need to communicate their messages clearly and effectively.  They need to use words AND images.  However, the 2016 Eventbrite Pulse report found that “Nearly 40% of all organisers spend nothing at all on video and photography, although this is far most likely amongst charities (47% said they had no budget)”.  


This is where Picture-Aid comes in.  Picture-Aid is a new social enterprise with a mission to support smaller charities and other social enterprises by supplying photographic imagery at a discounted rate. Our vision is for a creative enterprise where organisations and start-ups have access to high quality photography services, regardless of their size or financial status.  


As a freelancer I often face the problem that many community projects don’t have sufficient funds to hire a professional photographer. In order to support their vital work, I often lower my fee or even work for free. When budgets are non-existent, organisations don’t hire anybody and compromise campaigns with their own, often low quality, mobile phone images. Everybody loses out.  Picture-Aid is dedicated to ending this practice and equally importantly, will always pay photographers a fair going rate. 

Picture-Aid can bridge the funding gap and ensure that social enterprises and small charitable organisations can afford high quality images for publicity and marketing. Picture-Aid works in two simple ways.  Firstly, it asks the community to contribute financially (for example through ‘crowdfunding’ and a low-fee membership scheme.) Secondly, our business model ensures that profits from the range of photography products and services provided to commercial businesses support the work of Picture-Aid.

Picture-Aid photographers and creatives are from the community and work for the community.  Picture-Aid is about bringing together those who live in a community with the charities and agencies that support them and their neighbours.  Through our work we will increase pride in the community by not only connecting individuals with local third sector organisations but also involving people in the success of these organisations. Most importantly through our support, our local organisations will thrive and increase their social impact in the community.

“Ninety per cent of giving in the UK goes to the biggest seven per cent of charities - everyone else gets the crumbs.”  Emma Gregory, Quartet Community Foundation.

Smaller organisations that work for local causes are struggling to raise enough funds for their operations.  Picture-Aid can help to change this.  With your support, we can change this.  Let’s use photography to make a positive change.   Let’s do this together.




To get us to the position where we can really begin to help local charities, we need to register with Companies House, purchase insurance, organise our branding and create an excellent and effective website.  Your donation will help us to do everything we need to kickstart Picture-Aid.  Any surplus raised above these costs will go towards supporting our first third sector organisation.




My name is Ibi; I am a photographer based in Bristol, Bedminster. I am passionate about my local community and about finding ways to support good causes with my photography. I have many years of experience working as a commercial photographer.  My work has gained national recognition and I have won several photography awards. I have recently graduated from the School of Social Entrepreneurs and I am eagerly looking forward to put all I have learned over the past year into good use.

Two amazing women who have helped me along the way and who are key to the Picture-Aid mission are the social entrepreneurs, Jennifer Ford and Jocelyn Wellby. Without them Picture-Aid would not exist. 

We are an all-female team and are passionate not only about helping our local communities, but also have a determination to address the inequalities present in the photography industry where ‘only 20% of photographers are female’ (Word Press Photo.)  We are therefore dedicated to working primarily with female and female identifying photographers. 

With your help, Picture-Aid will be able to provide outstanding photography and visual material for small charities and social enterprises.  With your support, we will help them to raise more awareness of their causes and projects.


Please, support Picture-Aid and help us make a difference.

Please take a look at some of the illustrations of the rewards you can get.

These are the unique, hand-drawn book marks. Please not that as each of them are different there is no guarantee that you will get one from this picture. However you might get one that you will like even more but that is how surprise works.

These are the one of a kind polaroid lift prints on cotton based, hand made Khadi Paper. Similarly to the bookmarks as each of them are different what you will receive will be a surprise. 

Please take a look at the list of rewards as i have got a lot more to offer thank you for our wonderful traders in Bedminster.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

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One Unique Polaroid Lift Print Surprise

Each polaroid lift print is one of a kind. It is created by the separation of the original polaroid in water and pasted on paper with an immense amount of patience. I use the wonderful cotton based handmade paper from Khadi Papers. Each print is on roughly A4 size, 320gm paper with a print size of approximately 9.5x10cm. The images will be from Bristol and from my travels in the UK and Europe.

£5 or more

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A Zero Green Gift Voucher

Only £5 insted of £10. A gift voucher to be spent in Zero Green, North Street in the value of £10. If you live nearby i can handdeliver it to you before the end of the week.

£10 or more

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Two Unique Beautifully Hand-drawn Bookmark Art

These bookmarks have been drawn by my Mum who is an acclaimed ceramic artists in Hungary. Each drawing is one of a kind and the motives are inspired by Art Deco. Please see the images in the main text to get an idea of their look.

£10 or more

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Gift Pack from Bristol Beer Factory

A wonderful gift pack from Bristol Beer Factory. Three bottles of beer and one Bristol Beer Factory glass. It has a reatail prise of £12 but you can get it from my camapaign for £10. Thank you so much for Bristol Beer Factory for such a generous offer. Please note that I won't be able to post this reward however happy to deliver it in person in Bedminster and the nearby areas. It can be also collected from my Bedminster office.

£15 or more

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ToyVille Gift Voucher

Save £5. Only £15 intead of £20. I am very happy that I can offer a £20 Gift Voucher on a discounted price to be spent in the amazing ToyVille shop. If you live nearby i can hand deliver it to you before the end of the week. There is only one available so grab it while you can.

£20 or more

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Three Month Gym Membership with Workout

Get one month free with this voucher. Three month membership with Workout in Bedminster only £20 instead of £30. Here it is for the New Years resolutions. Do I need to say more? Thank you so much for Workout for the generous offer.

£30 or more

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One Polaroid Lift Print and Two Bookmarks

One my polaroid lift prints and two of those beautiful bookmarks as discribed above.

£60 or more

Polaroid Lift Portrait Session

A portrait session with me and my polaroid camera of you or your children, your pet or your house. After I have taken the picture I will create the lift in my studio and will send the print to you.

£75 or more

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One Hour Portrait Shoot

One hour Personal Brand Photography portrait shoot on a discounted rate. After the shoot you will receive 5 high resolution images that will match your branding and tells your story.

£135 or more

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Two Hours Personal Brand Photography Session

A havily discounted personal Brand Photography session to create images that tells the story of your business and helps you to connect with your online audience. For this reward you will receive 8 eye catching high resolution photographs of you and your your business.

£10 or more

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Film Processing, Scanning and Printing Voucher

Film processing, scanning and printing all for £10 at Photographique. Thank you so much Photographique for your kind offer.

£30 or more

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30 Minutes Massage

Half an hour massage with Sandra Alonso at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. Expires 6 month after receiving the voucher. https://www.sandraalonso.com/

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