Piano Man
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On 23rd June 2018 we successfully raised £470 with 12 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to make a funded short film that will be entered into festivals around the world and showcase local Aberdeenshire talent.

by lee cooper in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Piano Man tells the unfortunate tale of a talented piano player embedded in the desperate life of heroin addiction who is handed a life changing opportunity.

The film touches on the raw implications of being addicted to drugs and repetitive cycles of life.

We hope to contribute to the fledging creative industries in Aberdeen in a number of ways;

1. Offering on set experience in film making to interested practitioners (also open to students).

2. We are organising for children from the Befriend a Child charity to join us on set for an opportunity to experience the filmmaking process and the possibilities that exist for a career in film/video production.

The money we raise will all go towards the cost of production including:

- Camera kit rental.
- Lighting kit rental.
- Sound recording kit rental.
- Costumes.
- Props.

Please look over our page for the list of incentives which include, a ticket to a private screening of the film, see your name on the big screen with your name in the film credits and an executive producer credit for donations of £300 and higher. There's also an unique on set experience up for grabs for 4 people who will be invited on set to watch how the film is made.

The team is made up  of producer, Alec Westwood who has 30 years of experience in film and television as an actor who has appeared in Still Game, Lovejoy and the BBC series Roughnecks. Producer Chloë Johnson is currently a student,  who is quickly amassing a lot of experience, both in front and behind the camera. Gifted twenty five year old Jakub Sirkowski will be the DOP on the project.  He’s recently completed a stunning short film titled Butterfly, filmed in Aberdeen and is currently entering it into festivals.  Another great talent on this film is camera operator Calum McCready who recently worked with writer and director Lee Cooper on the short film, Cigarettes and Holdalls as the DOP.  Nineteen year old Katie Low, the director of a recently finished Short, Remember me will be the assistant director on the project. 


Short film: Piano man

Tagline: The past sits back and smiles, knowing tomorrow was created yesterday 

Premise: Piano man is a powerful and emotive drama that tells a horrible tale of life repeating itself.

It follows a man who has grown up around drug abuse and addiction while having to live with the grief of his mother’s early death by heroin overdose.

It touches on the raw and disgusting life of being a heroin addict and the challenge of living a normal existence outside its perils.

Combining a talented musician with a man who is regrettably addicted to heroin, it will show someone who has loads of potential but is held back by his addiction.

Taking the blues type look of the film “Ray” and mixing it with the raw visual scenes of “Trainspotting”, Piano man will strike us as a film lost in translation between the two worlds.



Johny Ray, is a man full of musical talent as he performs at his local blues bar, taking a seat at the same piano he has sat at for years. A much-loved character but a quiet, cool and subdued man who holds a secret from his audience. It feels like Groundhog Day as he performs a song he has written called `Diablos Lair`. Looking into the crowd, he hallucinates and watches a younger version of himself, interweaving between tables as the words of the song bring him back to a painful memory from his childhood. At the bar, is a music producer who watches keenly on the performance. After the song is over the music producer offers Johny Ray a deal he’s been searching for since a late teen and inevitably, will change his life forever.

He leaves the club and enters his other life, a drug den and greets his best pal, Billy.  After Johny explains what has just happened they decide to have one more hit. That hit will be his last as his flirtation with death comes to an end. As he slips away we turn to a sitting room as we see young Johny Ray's Mom sitting cold on a seat with a needle sticking out her arm. We also see older Johny Ray sitting, deceased beside her, while young Johny runs out the room. But it’s Groundhog Day as we are sent back to behind the stage at the blues club, where Johny prepares to perform.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

10 of 100 claimed

Ticket for private screening.

You will receive a free ticket for a private screening in an Aberdeen cinema

£30 or more

Film Credit

Your name will appear on the credit role at the end of the film.

£50 or more

0 of 4 claimed

On Set Experience

Here, you can gain an unique experience by accompanying the cast and crew on set for two of the four filming days. You can have the option of being given a role/job on set or you can just sit back, watch and enjoy the filming experience.

£300 or more

Executive producer

You will get your name credited as Executive Producer on the film due to your large contribution to the film.

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