Permaculture Homestead Dream

by Amy Kingston in Great Finborough, England, United Kingdom

Permaculture Homestead Dream
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Buy a 15-20 acre plot of land where we will in yurts, grow our own food using permaculture design and supply the local area with fresh food

by Amy Kingston in Great Finborough, England, United Kingdom


Who Are we?

I am Amy, mother to our 3 wild children, Aria (2), Ryver (1) and Lupin (13 weeks), creator of Growing Up With Nature and fiancé to my best friend Rory. As a couple we have always dreamed of an outdoors, sustainable life and a home with land. When our first daughter, Aria was born, and we decided to home educate, we knew this was a dream we wanted to pursue sooner rather than later.

Our Dream: 

Our dream is to buy a 15-20 acre piece of land within Suffolk/Norfolk on which we aim to purchase several yurts which we will connect together, forming our family home. On our land we aim to be as sustainable as possible and utilise renewable energy resources to help grow our own food and work in harmony with nature. Not only will we use the land to grow our own food, but we will also grow food for the local community. No chemicals, no intensive farming, just home grown goodness. Permaculture is a huge part of how we live and will be the centrepiece to our dream. 

Our Journey So Far:

 As a first step, I created Growing Up With Nature, a blog and online community all about bringing your children up in nature as well as a small online shop that sells my handmade nature based learning resources. As a family we started learning all we could about permaculture and growing our own food, watching countless youtube channels that served as fantastic inspiration for our future. Despite only having a small rental property garden and an allotment, we managed to start growing food for our family, you can follow our progress on our Instagram 

Over the past 2 years we have many ups but also some serious downs that have left us trying to recover our financial situation and miles away from achieving our dreams :( 

Why We Need Your Help!:

We are now in the process of trying to save as much money as possible in order to buy some land and start living our dream! However buying land is not only costly... but getting on the property ladder as first time buyers with a eco dream is not an easy feat. Most lenders hear yurt, eco living and laugh.. So we are having to do everything we can to try and raise the money ourselves.. Most suitable land packages start at around £50,000 and we will then need an additional £30,000 build our yurts and start growing our food. 

Unfortunately, land purchase mortgages require 20-40% deposit and this is simply something we don't have laying around and would take a considerable amount of time to acquire! So we are appealing to any like minded families/people who can support our dream and help us get there. Even if you can only spare £1, it is one step closer to our dream and being able to provide the community with home grown produce that doesn't cost the Earth! 

Any donation will also receive a discount code for our online shop and there are no words that describe how grateful we are to each and every person who donates to our cause! 

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