The People's Fridge

London's first community fridge: a public fridge where people can give spare food, and those who need food can take it. 

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £2,270 of £1,000 target with 127 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

What will we do with the extra £2,000?

£2,000 will help us secure the longer term future of The People's Fridge in Brixton.

This will help us run the fridge more effectively and provide us with funds to do outreach to food traders, promote cutting food waste and host food sharing events within Brixton. 

We want to launch more fridges in Lambeth and beyond, providing support and materials to local groups to set up their own community fridges and food sharing initiatives. 

We believe too much food is discarded unnecessarily. We believe it should be redirected to those who can use it.

London's first community fridge is a public fridge where people can give spare food, and those who need food can take it. It's a food revolution, one fridge at a time!

What is a community fridge?

It's a big fridge in the centre of Brixton where people and businesses can donate spare food, or food that would otherwise go to waste. Others can then go to the fridge to pick up what they want. 

It might seem a bit strange to put a fridge in a public place but there are community fridges across Spain, Germany and beyond.

Why bother?

Because people and businesses have spare, edible food. It can be hard to get that food to people who can use it. A community fridge provides a secure and open place where we can help stop food waste and food poverty.

Who are we?

We are Brixton residents, food activists, traders in Pop Brixton, market traders, a group of Londoners who hate food poverty and hate food waste. 

How does it work?

We manage the fridge. We make sure that the food in the fridge is within date and safe to eat. We clean it. The fridge is open for all to contribute to and take from but we keep an eye on it.

Why do we need your help?

We need to buy a big, solid fridge that can take a bit of wear and tear. We will build a wooden frame for the fridge to keep it secure. We want to keep a little money spare for maintenance and upkeep. If we hit our target by a lot we'll... install another fridge to help more people.

Is that it?

No. We don't think giving starts or stops with a fridge. We have a whole list of ideas for giving and sharing that will help build more generous communities that care about one another. But the fridge is our starting point. It's cool to be kind.

How can you get involved in projects like this?

Come along to Open Project Night, on every Monday from 6.30pm at Impact Hub Brixton. It's a free space for everyone interested in Lambeth and community to come to network, work together, host meetings and make awesome projects happen.

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