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by Heavy Sound in Longniddry, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Help us to make 2021 a life-changing year for a young person and PAY FOR A DAY for them to experience learning at our project!

by Heavy Sound in Longniddry, Scotland, United Kingdom

The majority of young people we have worked with over the last 5 years have struggled with the education system as it currently stands. Evidence has been shown that education is really influenced by families, and if a young person is living in a traumatic household, education will be directly impacted. When parents aren’t able to function themselves and are overcome with their own trauma they often find it difficult to then nurture and educate their own children. So many of these issues are basic inherited trauma. At Heavy Sound, we really understand this and our job is to come alongside a young person and let them lead us in how best to nurture and encourage them to see them flourish to the best of their potential. 

What a day can look like for a young person at Heavy Sound:

AM- Arrive and welcome- have a bit of time for sharing and caring over a cuppa tea. A chance to find out where they're at...

Head to the gym- Do some warm up then learn the basic techniques of Muay Thai boxing, judo or start the course in ‘Fight like a Girl’.

Have discussions with a 1-2-1 coach around fitness, conflict, anger and agression, deescalating situations, positive body image, health eating.

All that work out makes you hungry- lunch time! 

PM- Music session

Take part in a participant lead music session instrumental or DJ-ing, write lyrics and produce a track. Address areas of concern brought up by lyric writing with trained youth workers and practitioners as well as lived-experience mentors. Record a song to keep. :-) 

Take a BREAK

Skills development session. Take part in a confidence building session, look at re-engagement into education, training & skills for work and pathways to positive destinations.

*Throughout the day students also have opportunity to take part in their choice based activities which can include bike maintenance, an opportunity to go out on a cycle, take part in creative arts such as expressive art spray painting*

The total cost of funding a young person's day at Heavy Sound is £67.20. Our hope is that by raising £5000, we will enable another 75 sessions to be experienced by those who need it the most. 

"Our work highlights the fact that having one positive and trusted relationship in a young person's life can be all they need to go on and achieve what might seem like the impossible

Jordan Butler, CEO, Heavy Sound




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