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Help us fight back against fossil fuel lobbyists blocking new UK legislation. Support our campaign for the CEE Bill and help us win.

by Zero Hour in United Kingdom

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On the 19th December 2021 we'd raised £36,038 with 815 supporters in 53 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Donate today to help Zero Hour, the campaign working to enact the CEE Bill. It's a bold new UK law, designed to protect our future and, in the words of Caroline Lucas MP – is “our last, best chance for parliament to tackle the climate and ecological crisis”.

COP26 is over, and hasn't gone nearly far enough. It's time to take matters into our own hands, and pass new domestic law to protect climate and nature. We need to turn our leaders’ promises on climate and nature into a national action plan. One that follows the science. The good news? We have that plan, ready to go in Parliament.

It’s the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill—new UK law for a serious way forward to end emissions and restore nature.

It already has the support of over 150 MPs and Peers from every major party. But time is not on our side—warming has already hit 1.2°C and fossil fuel lobbyists are fighting hard to keep the status quo. We need your help to bring our message to every MP in Parliament so they can't ignore our call for change.

We won't 'keep 1.5°C alive' without new domestic law

Whatever promises were made at COP26 (or any previous COP for that matter) to be effective, they need backing up with domestic policy. So far, that's not happened. Even the Paris Agreement from 2015 isn't enshrined in UK law.

To bring our targets in line with a stable climate and restored nature, we need new environmental laws to tackle major holes in our current legislation. Right now the UK has:

❌ No legally binding law on meeting the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement, despite the devastating impact of overshooting

❌ No strategy to tackle climate and nature together despite the recommendations of the IPCC and IUCN that are calling for a joined-up plan

❌ No responsibility for the carbon and environmental footprint of the stuff we consume which means we’re offsetting the real impact of UK consumption around the globe 

❌ No meaningful citizen engagement despite the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee that we need to take the public with us if we’re going to succeed


Introducing the Climate & Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill

The climate and ecological emergency is the biggest challenge humans have faced – which is why it’s vital we have the right legislation to tackle it head-on. 

The CEE is new law designed to tackle the climate and nature crises head-on, which:

✔️ Has been drafted with world-leading scientists to ensure that we carry out integrated action to face the climate and nature emergencies together 

✔️ Ensures the UK does its fair share to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C

✔️ Makes the UK responsible for its entire carbon and ecological footprint

✔️ Puts citizen engagement at the heart of a serious emergency plan with a climate and nature assembly to ensure a just transition.


The clear next step towards ‘keeping 1.5°C alive’

The global focus is on ‘keeping 1.5’ alive, and Boris Johnson thinks Glasgow's COP26 summit has done just that. Yet we know that all of the pledges made at COP equate to 2.4 degrees of global warming, a rise that would make parts of the world uninhabitable.

Every country has to do their bit. If the PM really means business, he needs to take the next step; passing the CEE Bill, which has a specific target to make sure that the UK does its fair share to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, locking words and promises into national law.

When UK citizens come together, amazing things can happen.

It's not all bad news. We are just over 12 month into our campaign and we already have the supporter up and down the country, demanding their MPs support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Our small, mostly voluntary, movement, Zero Hour now has the backing of 119 MPs, over 100 councils, has mobilised 23,000 campaigners and persuaded over 400+ supporting organisations to join the case—from the Women’s Institute to Greenpeace. But to take it to the next stage, we need to ask you to dig deep.

With your help, we can hire full time team members, helping us go faster and get this new law passed with the urgency required.


We’ve got so far on a shoestring but now we need your support

Campaigning in parliament is no easy feat. We’re up against it. But when you consider our total budget is less than 0.1% of the annual amount spent on the global $200 million-a-year lobbying by just a few fossil fuel giants, we’re not doing too badly. 

Demand for real action on climate is growing louder and louder and your donation could make a huge impact. We’ve done so much of the hard work already – with more funds, we can pay our core team to get the word out and grow the support this campaign needs. We need funds for:

  • Small team of full-time core staff
    To help us scale up to where we need to be
  • Billboards and advertising budget
    To get the word out on the street and across social media
  • Community action meetings across the country
    Building a nationwide movement of local alliances across the political spectrum
  • Publications, posters and printouts
    To give Zero Hour activists what they need to get the job done

Posters show the campaign for the CEE Bill


We can do this, but we need to act now—it’s #ZeroHour

Over the past few years, climate activists have taken to the streets in their millions, and this is the next step for the movement. The potential for real change, locked in law. This is how we translate that energy into real, legislative change.

Now is the time to turn talk into action. We are ready to take this campaign to the next level, but we need your support. The more donations we get, the more we can do. We have no time to waste – it’s #ZeroHour for climate and nature. 

Please give generously.



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