Zephyr needs your help

by Thomas James Wyatt in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Zephyr needs your help

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COVID-19 has caused a crisis for all of us. Small independent venues like ours are in danger, and we need your help.

by Thomas James Wyatt in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th July 2020 we'd raised £5,622 with 63 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Any additional money we raise over our goal, will be directly donated to the NHS and local charities.  

Hi all!

As you are already aware of the current situation, we won’t ram it down your throats anymore that it already has been. Before all this lockdown palaver started, there was a high demand for Zephyr merchandise. 

 Therefore, to get us through these difficult times, we’re turning to your generosity, and have created a seductive selection of merchandise and rewards for you to purchase. We only felt it was fair to offer rewards instead of just asking for donations. As a truly independent venue, we operate on the edge of a financial precipice. We’re not a nation-wide chain, we don’t have investors to support us, nor do we have a wealthy owner. We truly stand alone, but with your backing, we can survive, thrive and continue to run a venue for people to enjoy. 


The money raised from this will go towards the following:


  • Building up a small reserve of funds to keep staff employed, as the furlough scheme is not a permanent solution.
  • Covering our continuing overheads that have not been suspended, including Insurance, utility bills et al.
  • Re-stocking the bar for when we reopen. 


 From all the funds raised, 10% will be going directly to the NHS and local charities. Any additional money raised over the goal amount, will also be donated. 

There is also a special NHS badge to additionally purchase, of which 100% of the profits go to Bournemouth Hospital and supporting trusts, and other local charities.

Below are the designs for the T-Shirt and Hoodies:


And the designs for the Badge:1589549826_zephyrbottlehero.jpg




Please note there is a slight delay on the badge production, but we'll keep everyone updated on their progress. 


Q: Why don’t you apply for the government grant for small businesses? 

A: We have received a government grant, which was used to pay our rent, unfortunately it’s not enough to cover the additional costs of running a business. 


Q: What about a bank loan? 

A: Being a new(ish) business, we would struggle to receive a loan from a bank. As we’re sure you’ve seen in the news, banks are unwilling to loan money in this difficult time (Even though we bailed them out in 2008!). Most businesses are finding it difficult to borrow money, even with the government’s support. 


Q: What happens to the funds if the lockdown is lifted sooner than expected?

A: If this happy circumstance occurs, any remaining funds will be donated to the NHS and other local charities. 


Any other questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you! 

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see Crowdfunder's Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


This project offered rewards

£8 or more


“Show your devotion with our limited edition badges” Limited Edition Enamel Badges - Choose your design out of 3 designs.

£5 or more

£5 Voucher

“Buy for the grand reopening or for a friend as a gift!” Drink and a high 5 from a staff member of your choice.

£8 or more

NHS Badge

“Show your support for our beloved NHS!” All money raised from these badges will do directly to local charities and the NHS

£10 or more

£10 Voucher

“Buy for the grand reopening or for a friend as a gift!” £10 worth of drinks and a high 5 from a staff member of your choice.

£15 or more


“Wear your loyalty proudly for all to see, or you know, as pyjamas, whatever.” Zephyr Logo T-shirt

£20 or more

£20 Voucher

“Buy for the grand reopening or for a friend as a gift!” £20 worth of drinks and a high 5 from a staff member of your choice.

£21 or more


"For those who can't choose, have all three!" All three limited edition enamel badges

£35 or more


“You got cold arms? We’ve got you covered!” Zephyr Hoodie

£55 or more

The Awakened

“YOU get a t-shirt! YOU get a hoodie! YOU get a badge!” All three - T-shirt, hoodie and your choice of badge

£100 or more

True Believers

“Your name shall be immortalised on the chosen wall” Plaque (Cassette tape, personalised by you, to be included in our wall of dedication), t-shirt, badge of your choice.

£250 or more

The Chosen

“You have chosen…wisely” T-shirt, custom hoodie (choose your quote), 3 badges, Cassette plaque, ‘create your only drink solely for your consumption in a custom glass’, a one night Dj set just for you.

£1,000 or more

One Above All

“You are the ONE ABOVE ALL. People will bask in awe as you pass them on the street. Tales will be told of your legendary prowess and deeds. All people will want to be you, but there can only be one. (it’s you.)” 3 Badges, T-shirt, unique custom hoodie (choose your quote and design), Cassette plaque, ‘Create your own drink including custom vessel for your drink’, 15% discount for 1 year (Starts on first visit ), A one night DJ set just for you.

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