Youth inclusion through WATERSPORT

by baker-academy in Worthing

We did it
On 29th June 2015 we successfully raised £1,000 with 7 supporters in 56 days

Help the ocean get into the grasp of those whom need it the most - the next generation.

by baker-academy in Worthing

New stretch target

Our project interest kicked off far quicker than we expected of which we have our awesome community to thank - Help fund our project that little further to achieve this dream - our big XL board requires paddles to achieve its best accessiblity and outcome. Lets see if we can hit a target of £2k to polish the dream off.



Shouting out about our project Aims & Manifesto

The FLY XL PADDLEBOARD will build BIG YOUTH COMMUNITY. Helping the ocean get into the grasp of those whom need it the most, the next generation. The launch of the XL paddleboard allows youth to connect to get down dirty with the task of grappling with the ocean as a team and with their peers right by their side in safety. 

Our project is driven and motivated by a crazy passionate desire to shape and deliver quality kit, provision and services with and for young people to raise their aspirations and release their potential inamongst new and exciting environments.

Based in Worthing, West Sussex and part of the Baker Academy Watersports Academy. The 'Youth Inclusion through Watersport' Project is committed to providing fresh activities, programmes and support services designed to Raise the Aspirations & Release the Potential of young people. The XL paddleboard plays a key central role of this programme into 2015 and beyond.

We seek to value and respect each young person and offer holistic, inclusive provision which is young person centred and needs-led.

We exist to provide young people with a place of belonging, of hope, of respect and support, and passionately believe in the role of our work of using the ocean as an effective method of engaging with and facilitating better outcomes for young people in our immediate society.

Formed in 2014, 'The Youth inclusion through watersport project' is a growing community in worthing with an inspired vision and pledge to build and strengthen community by providing support and opportunities to children, young people and families through a range of outreach initiatives FREE OF CHARGE on a regular and sustainable basis.

Project Pledge & Outcomes

The delivery of our youth work provision is shaped by our ethos, values and core principles in the pursuit of delivering effectively on the following outcomes.

  • Young people will have the opportunity to try new activities, explore their aspirations, develop self-confidence/esteem and gain new practical and social skills FREE OF CHARGE away from dry land.
  • Young people will become more positively recognized and involved in their communities through volunteering and social action projects.
  • Young people will develop new skills and self-awareness through participation in creative & performing arts opportunities.
  • Young people will be more aware of the risks of drug & alcohol misuse and will be enabled to make informed & positive choices about their health through participation in healthy lifestyle activities.
  • Young people will have a better awareness of & access to the range of information, advice & guidance support that is available.
  • Young people will gain new skills, acceditations & work-based experience through participation in volunteering and mangement role

About our community & vision

The 'XL’ paddleboard project is a not for profit community interest project. One that engages with the local youth community and leaves a positive long term impact for a duration. Focusing on inclusion, focusing on the sport of the ocean, advancement of skills and strong peer to peer mentorship.

We are an innovative watersports business namely Baker Academy that uses a unique combination of seasport, education, mentorship programmes, fitness and wellbeing education to support youth into a healthy full bodied view of community, ocean sport and outdoor life.

Our theraputic sustainable programmes of inclusion enable youth to reflect on the key issues that impact their day to day lives, and help them develop new skills to support a future in their community. Particularly towards careers in watersport and to developing the love of their immediate and free to access to a safe ocean community.

Youth Watersport has grown steadily and our vision is to expand this ethic into the sport and safe introduction to paddleboarding to bring the success of our approach to support many youth in their journey to learning to love fitness, health and wellbeing. To do this we need safe and inviting equipment to youth, kit that enables us to do our job in safety and with appeal. The release of a new ‘big board’ encapsulates this and allows peer to peer bonding, mentorship and youth project work of far greater scale than before in our sector.

With this programme we too are proud to offer youth apprenticeship pilot programmes in 2015 that embody this ethic and identify youth for their value within their communities not by scholarship of competition or accolade but by faith in themselves. Having such a board in our environment will enhance our ability to do this and allow us to outreach to far more youth and programmes alike.

For a young person the journey starts on our clinics or weekly clubs run over the summer season. This programme provides life skills sessions throughout to enable youth to reflect upon the skills they are using and developing in order to progress in paddleboarding and confidence in the water. Perseverance, commitment, listening, teamwork, patience the overcoming of fear. These sessions show young people how these skills are useful back in their day to day lives and how they form an essential and valued part of their community in amongst adults.

Our Vision

Baker Academy sets out to nurture, stimulate, educate and entertain our local community through a diverse offering of health and wellbeing, land and water based services. We take pride that everyone can take part in our FREE community projects, whilst enjoying a friendly and supportive environment within our beautiful beachfront location.

  • We achieve our vision by bringing people together and acting as a catalyst for creativity.
  • We believe in equality and respect for all.
  • We are transparent, honest and trustworthy.
  • We are friendly and professional.
  • We are open and responsive.
  • We enjoy what we do.

Youth Inclusion through watersports is a youth project - enquiries to [email protected]




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£5 or more

£5 Reward

Because you LOVE Community & would be elated to have this in your life - Thank you

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Donate your name to a paddle - every paddle will be named by a partner who believes in our dream of achieving community and fair accessibility.

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5 x BAKER ACADEMY SPORTS MASSAGES (30 mins) @ Field Place, Worthing

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Project Partner - get your business name on the XL Board and our website as a youth XL paddleboard project partner

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Windsurf Progressive coaching sessions (4 x 2HRS) with ANT BAKER RRP £400

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Kitesurf Unlimited Coaching programme (Beginner to upwind) with RRP £900

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