Reduce cancer patient waiting times by 90%

by YouDiagnose in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th August 2020 we successfully raised £550 with 13 supporters in 34 days

Provide faster, earlier cancer diagnosis and personalised patient care for everyone, everywhere during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

by YouDiagnose in London, England, United Kingdom

YouDiagnose's disruptive healthcare technology can reduce cancer diagnostic waiting times by 90%

50% of us who will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime.  

Delay and misdiagnosis affects 1 in 3 cancer sufferers.

34,000 more cancer deaths in the UK over the next 12 months due to COVID-19 (source: Professor Mark Lawler, DATA-CAN Scientific Director).  

Through AI-powered* cancer diagnosis, You Diagnose can reduce cancer patient waiting times from 2 weeks to 1-2 days.  The YouDiagnose technology can provide predictive cancer diagnosis, risk-assessment, triage and management of cancer care pathways.  

If we raise the required £1 million, YouDiagnose can be trialled free to the NHS without further delay.

The money raised will be used for two primary purposes:

1. Development of the AI-powered system to the NHS software standards and compliance with the data protection regulation standards of healthcare

2. To carry out a 9 month pilot run of our system within NHS cancer services (trialled free for the NHS)


Planned fundraising breakdown:


We are proud to be partnering with Beth Purvis (@BowelWarrior).  Beth uses her bowel cancer experience to help support others facing cancer diagnosis and treatment and has campaigned for better tests for bowel cancer, as well as promoting early diagnosis and screening.



We will bring every donor on the journey with us.  Through regular updates via social media and a monthly newsletter, we will keep you updated on our fundraising progress and the 9 month NHS trial.  

We are always available to answer any questions or have a conversation with you about YouDiagnose.  To see some existing questions and answers please go to

Please visit us at to find out more.



(*Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an assistive role concept that boosts clinician productivity & efficiency.  It's designed to enhance human intelligence, not to replace it).


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