Yes North East Fife - 'Fae Fife tae Dundee'

by Ferryport Gala in Tayport, Scotland, United Kingdom

Yes North East Fife - 'Fae Fife tae Dundee'
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'Fae Fife Tae Dundee': A strong demonstration of support for Scottish Independence. The target needing to be raised now is £1,500. See below

by Ferryport Gala in Tayport, Scotland, United Kingdom


We are delighted to have secured insurance cover - at no cost. The amount needing to be raised now is £1,500


The UK that Scotland voted to remain part of in the 2014 Independence Referendum no longer exists following the decision to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. Scots were told repeatedly by the Better Together campaign that the only way to safeguard our place in the EU was to vote 'No' in 2014.  Despite that broken promise (amongst many others) Scotland now faces the prospect of being dragged out of the EU and the Single Market against our will as demonstrated by the overwhelming majority of Scots - 62%, who voted to remain in the EU.  

Westminster has continued to dismiss Scotland's voice, despite the considerable efforts by the Scottish Government to offer compromises whilst enabling Scotland to remain a member of the Single Market. Independence is an increasingly desirable - if not the only - option facing Scotland if it wants to protect the Scottish economy, jobs and rights and its place in the world as a proud nation.

Linking Scottish independence supporters from North East Fife and Dundee (and further afield), this march and rally will deliver a strong message that support for independence is not only strong but rising! The event is being organised by YES North East Fife, which is a broad based community campaign pursuing a positive and informed case for an independent Scotland.

Starting at the Fife end of the Tay Road Bridge (meet from 10.30am), marchers will walk over the bridge (using the central walkway), to Dundee and join up with other marchers for a mass rally in the City Square. An impressive line up of speakers and entertainment is being organised. Confirmed to date are Billy Kay, writer & broadcaster; CommonSpace columnist and Common Weal director Robin McAlpine; Paul Cavanagh and the Wee Ginger dug; The Graham Brown Band; rock covers band The Wolves. Further headline speakers and artists to be confirmed. There will also be various independence related stalls.

The march and rally will coincide with the very first international march for Scottish independence taking place on the same day at the Hague in the Netherlands.

The money raised from this crowdfunder will contribute to the cost of insurance (required as a condition of approval of the event) - c.£1200 ; hire of staging and sound equipment - c. £1000; various amenities (licences, etc) - £500.

Any funds remaining from the event will be distributed to Foodbanks and other charities tackling the effects of Westminster austerity in North East Fife and Dundee.

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