Worlds Apart

by 9:39 Cinema in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On 14th September 2020 we successfully raised £5,265 with 79 supporters in 28 days

To produce a film with universal themes that will relate to audiences worldwide whilst contributing to the booming Scottish Film Industry.

by 9:39 Cinema in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we are lucky enough to receive extra money from pledges then the money will be put towards funding our film's reach abroad in festivals.  Increasing the amount of festivals and audiences our film and message can reach.

Also, depending on the amount of the extra money we may receive hopefully.  We at 9:39 Cinema vow to plunge the money back into the Scottish film industry, by funding our planned series 9:39 Cinema Presents...

This is a series, a collective of independent Scottish filmmakers, where each month they are commissioned to make a short film, and will receive a small production budget.  This is an opportunity to receive a commissioned credit on their CV/Filmography, and a chance to share their skills across any social platforms.

The Story of Worlds Apart

When the world seems so close together, it could not be so far apart.  Beneath the surface, lies the cracks, and in the cracks, lies the divide. Worlds Apart.  This is the story of Danny, with no money left for a train, Danny has to walk from Glasgow's West End to the East End.  An urban styled short that exposes all of our insecurities.

Worlds Apart is a Scottish short film that looks at a character’s insecurity within the class system of his own country. The story also looks at the class socialism that very much subtly exists still in today’s society. The characters, and sense of insecurity is based on the true feelings from each of the three writers; Cameron Strachan, Jatinder Singh Randhawa and Reece Steel. 

Each writer has felt some form of loneliness or difference from the rest of the group within their shared passion of Film & TV. Even out with their shared industry, they have all still felt out of place whilst just trying to make a living.

Meet The Cast of ‘Worlds Apart’


Jatinder Singh Randhawa - Danny (Also Co-Writer)

Danny will be portrayed by upcoming actor Jatinder Singh Randhawa whose career started out with success on stage in shows such as Snowflake at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Peter Gynt at the National Theatre in 2019.

Recently he has branched out into television, having secured small roles on productions such as the BBC Scotland comedy series Scot Squad in 2017 and the BBC mini-series The Nest in 2020. 

In 2020 he also appeared in online productions such as a Channel 4 web sketch and a BBC Scotland online short film. Jatinder has additionally appeared in commercials for the Scottish Government.

Jantinder’s Statement:

“I find it really important as an artist and performer to look for projects that speak to me on a personal level. We believe a film that looks at the themes of class division and wealth plays onto a person's insecurities with who they are as a person and where they come from...I'm looking forward to be playing Danny as I believe he is a very vulnerable character that people at first are unsure of, but the more you get to know him throughout the film the more you champion him and really stand by his side really rooting for him.” 


Rebecca Jamieson - Polly

Rebecca Jamieson trained at The Dance School of Scotland on the musical theatre course and went onto obtaining a BA Hons Degree in Acting and Performance. Rebecca from a young age has performed in multiple theatres across Scotland and won Championships for her dancing. 

Since graduating credits in theatre, film and TV include feature film “Saach (Truth)”,   indie band Seafret “Magnetic” music video.

BBC documentary “The Flu that Killed 50 Million” and “Movies to Musical” at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.


Kirsty Punton - Martina

Kirsty is an Edinburgh born actor-singer based in Glasgow. Kirsty graduated from Langside College in 2016. Since then Kirsty has went on to work extensively in professional theatre and film both here in the UK and internationally. Following her professional debut as "Girleen" in the Lonesome West at Tron Theatre, which was revised for a Russian tour - Kirsty went on to be an integral cast member of The Attic Collective at The Kings Theatre, Edinburgh. Highlights so far include, playing Polly Peachum in The Threepenny Opera, AVA in BBC’s Make Me Up and Pinocchio in a recent tour of the UAE. Kirsty has a particular interest in independent British film, poetry, and blended media theatre.


Dylan Blore - Nicholas

Dylan graduated from Motherwell College with a 1 st Class BA (Hons) in Acting. Stage credits include Cinderella (Cumbernauld Theatre), The Browning Version (Rapture Theatre), Timon of Athens, Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet (Bard in the Botanics), Aladdin (Hopscotch Theatre). Screen and radio credits include The Demon Headmaster (CBBC), Outlander (Starz), Armchair Detectives (BBC One), Educated (Sigma Films) and The Space Programme (Bafflegab/Fun Kids Radio). Other companies Dylan has collaborated with include Paisley Book Festival, Wigtown Book Festival and PACE Youth Theatre.


Cameron Fulton - Stengas

Cameron has appeared in many Theatre, Film and TV productions, these are;

Theatre credits: Thick Skin, Elastic Heart (National Tour/Sonnet Youth), The Benny Lynch Story (National Tour/Cathkin Park), Do Not Push This Button/Confessional/Second Hand (A Play, A Pie & A Pint, Oran Mor), Blackout (New Room Theatre/Edinburgh Fringe 2018), Mother McGoose/Aladdin (Alhambra Theatre), The Street (Cumbernauld Theatre) 

Film credits: Limbo (Caravan Cinema/Film4), Our Ladies (In A Big Country Films), Connect (Angel Face Productions), Matriarch (New Light Films), The Eagle (Universal), NEDs (Bluelight/Film4), 

TV Credits: Scot Squad (Comedy Unit). 

Cameron plays recurring character Tyler Foulkes in BBC's River City. 

Meet The Crew of ‘Worlds Apart’


Cameron Strachan - Director/Co-Writer

Last year Strachan released with 9:39 Cinema his debut short called “SOCO” (2019). ‘SOCO’ had its UK/World premiere at the Loch Ness Film Festival, as well as gaining semi-finalist and finalist nods from festivals in Scotland and England. 

Before setting up 9:39 Cinema with Reece Steel and Shonagh Mackenzie, he was the recipient of the UWS Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018, which was granted for his business plan on a Scottish production company. This became the blueprint of 9:39 Cinema. 

Just this year during lockdown, Strachan was commissioned by Theatre Company Visible Fictions to write/direct/shoot and edit a short film for the series Phone Fictions.  This short film "The Daily Paw" (2020) was released in April garnering many views across social media platforms.

Cameron’s Statement: 

“After SOCO, I feel that now I know what films I really want to make. Although I’ve always grown up watching blockbusters, genre films etc, now as I’m getting older I’m constantly drawn to telling stories that are more personal and explore emotions and feelings that I have. And I think the best place to show these are in relationships and family. That’s my films and stories to share. Family, relationships and any personal feeling I have carried or always carried. Insecurity in general has followed me, especially last year. This film perfectly brings together a lot of things I love in film...the use of montage telling a story, landscape photography, and using my home city in a film. This gives me a great opportunity to be fully creative, experimental and different as I know I can be.” 


Reece Steel - Producer/Co-Writer

Reece’s most recent work has included producing Harvey Gardner’s ‘UFO’ (2020) for the UWS Creative Media Academy which recently won Best Postgraduate Drama at the 2020 Royal Television Society Student Awards.  UFO is set to have its World Premiere at the 2020 Glasgow Short Film Festival. 

In 2019, Reece produced ‘SOCO’ (2019), the debut short film of independent production company 9:39 Cinema which he co-founded with Cameron Strachan and Shonagh Mackenzie. ‘SOCO’ had its UK/World premiere at the Loch Ness Film Festival, as well as gaining semi-finalist and finalist nods from festivals in Scotland and England. 

Additionally in 2019 Reece produced the short documentary ‘SOLO’ for the UWS Creative Media Academy which was showcased at the Film Schools Day at the 2019 Glasgow Short Film Festival. 

Reece’s Statement: 

“As a Producer I always aim to attach myself to projects that I have a personal connection to. When Cameron Strachan and Jatinder Singh Randhawa first pitched “Worlds Apart” to me I was immediately drawn to how they implemented their own feelings and insecurities into the screenplay, making it an emotional script to read. Film is a universal language that can connect people from different cultures & social backgrounds which is achieved by telling universally relatable stories. I believe that a tale about a young man’s fear and insecurity about himself and his social background is one such story that will resonate with audiences in Scotland, across the UK and further beyond to the rest of the world.” 


Shonagh MacKenzie - Director of Photography

In 2019, Shonagh Graduated from her Masters in Filmmaking. Working on various successful films with a number of talented filmmakers. Also she was the cinematographer for ‘SOCO’ (2019), the debut short film of independent production company 9:39 Cinema which she co-founded with Cameron Strachan and Reece Steel. ‘SOCO’ had its UK/World premiere at the Loch Ness Film Festival, as well as gaining semi-finalist and finalist nods from festivals in Scotland and England.

Shonagh's Statement:

"From a young age, I have had almost an obsession with cameras, photography and filming. Watching films, questioning how they are made, looking into the inner workings behind the scenes. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool as I strive to capture the emotion of what is in front of the lens and invoking emotion from the audience as the visuals are displayed on screen.

I am excited to be apart of this project as I love to communicate in images to a wide range of audiences, working with the camera to enhance the film. Worlds Apart has a universal theme which I feel draws you to the story, therefore I am eager to make the story come alive on screen with images and also work with this creative and passionate team again."


Georgia Toland - Costume Designer

Georgia graduated from The University of the West of Scotland with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Arts Practice.  She has since undertaken several more specialised courses including Production Design for Film & TV and Theatre set & costume design. Georgia has gained experience from working on student films, promotional videos and short films across varying roles including Production runner, props assistant and costume assistant. 

Georgia's Statement:

"I have previously worked with 9.39 cinema having designed the costumes for their first short film SOCO. I am looking forward to the challenge of designing costumes which will be part of the story telling in Worlds Apart."


Nicola Sturrock - Makeup Artist

Since graduating with a HND in makeup artistry over 2 years ago, Nicola has went on to work on over 30 independent short films. She has also worked on projects with BBC Scotland, The Comedy Unit and Visit Scotland. 

Nicola's Statement:

"I am really looking forward to working on this project, as I have worked with most of the crew before and they are all so creatively talented. I can’t wait to see the end result!"


Lawrence Hector - Sound Recordist 

Lawrence has worked on a variety of student and professional shoots from all over the country. His most notable film credit is 'Grime Scheme Scotland' (RTS Student Scotland Award winner, selected for Scottish short film fest).

Lawrence's Statement:

"When I was shown the script, I quickly fell in love with the concept, and could feel the passion radiating from it. Not only this, but I realised the importance that sound will play in the production. I am aware that this will be a challenging project to work on, but it will be as equally rewarding, and I am excited to be a part of this amazing crew!"


Craig Robertson - Editor

Craig has been editing and directing films since he was 6 years old having made over a dozen short films. On his recent MA in Filmmaking at the University at the West of Scotland he edited the fiction short films, 'Look Up', 'You Were There' & 'Up in Smoke', and the short documentary 'The Groundsman'. Since finishing that course in 2019, he has continued to edit multiple projects, including his first feature film, 'Solstice'.

Craig's Statement:

“I am particularly attracted to 'World’s Apart' because of its forever prescient themes of class and identity which I am yet to explore in my work. On top of that, I know Producer Reece Steel and DOP Shonagh Mackenzie from my Masters and have admired their creative output and attitude to work, so it is a privilege to work with them on a big project like this.”


Miles Jarvis - Composer

Miles is a musician from Glasgow and one half of the songwriting duo 'Jarvis & Batchelor', who recently released their debut EP, 'On Shakespeare Street' (2020).

Miles's Statement:

"I am looking forward to collaborating with the filmmakers and helping to put this great story onto the screen."

The Inspirations Behind ‘Worlds Apart’

‘Worlds Apart’ takes great inspiration from three cinematic sources, and three visionary directors. 


The first being Wim Wenders’ Palme d’Or winner ‘Wings of Desire' (1987). For Cameron, Wings of Desire is one of his most favourite films; “Wenders manages to ground such an ambitious and spiritual film all within the surroundings of his home. Featuring normal people, in everyday situations, and all about an angel falling in love with a girl...Plus his use of montage is extraordinary in how he manages to create in the viewers mind the story of the angels, and without directly telling us, that these beings are angels. Montage is key to the making of Worlds Apart and presents a great opportunity to tell a story. The basics of cinema, a photograph telling a story.” 


Visually, the style of Worlds Apart is inspired by Taika Waititi's Academy Award winning film ‘Jojo Rabbit’ (2020). The symmetry, bright colours and style in which the camera shoots the action was the first inspiration for Strachan. The 2D look it could create, and how it may also at times look like a painting or landscape photograph. The team’s main intention from the beginning has been to create an artful film. 


Finally, a main storytelling tool for the team is the use of sound and its design. One of the main inspirations for this is The Dardenne Brothers’ ‘L’Enfant' (2007). Throughout the film, the use of sound creates an atmosphere and enforces the environment the characters are in. For Strachan, he wants to use sound in Worlds Apart to help convey the surrounding areas Danny is in. As well as showing the landscape, he wants to highlight how even the sounds can tell a story. 

Why We Need Your Donations

As this will be 9:39 Cinema’s next short film we naturally want to raise our ambitions, this will result in our budget raising as well! 

Making a short film is not cheap! We will require a large sum of money to finance ‘Worlds Apart’. As a potential donator, you are entitled to know what your money will be spent towards!

  • Paying Cast & Crew! - We’re assembling a group of remarkable people for both in front and behind the camera! Although 9:39 Cinema is technically still an independent production company, we strive to run our productions to professional industry standards and thus we aim to pay our cast & crew as fair as wages as possible!
  • Hiring Kit! - While some of the crew will be utilising their own kit, we will unfortunately need to hire high value equipment such as cameras, lenses, lights etc in order to achieve ‘Worlds Apart’s desired visual style.
  • Catering! - To keep a film production crew & cast energised, you require plenty of food & water to keep them refreshed and hydrated throughout the long days and nights. Food & drink doesn’t come cheap, we supply only the best for our team! 
  • Release & Distribution! - We naturally want to share ‘Worlds Apart’ with audiences around the world and the best way to achieve that is of course through film festivals. Thus we will require money to fund our festival campaign.

What You Could Receive if You Donate

By donating to our campaign you will be eligible for ‘Rewards’ for your much appreciated contribution! ‘Rewards’ include, but not limited to:

  • Your Name in the Credits!
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Click on the ‘Rewards’ tab for more detail! You never know, one may catch your eye! 

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that it is a lot to ask someone to donate money to a crowdfunding campaign.  Especially in the current climate as the world recovers from the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020. If you are unable to donate money but wish to help us, you can do so by sharing our campaign and our social media pages to help spread the word about ‘Worlds Apart’. This will be essential in ensuring our film’s success. So any help would be appreciated!


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