Workers Party Senedd Bid

by Tess Delaney in St. Twynnells, Wales, United Kingdom

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Hiya peeps. We need to raise a few bob for our leaflet campaign. We rely on subscriptions and donations as we have no big party donors! :)

by Tess Delaney in St. Twynnells, Wales, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

All money raised will be used to make the best quality materials we can to spread the message of the Workers Party and the Senedd bid

Please help us raise the funds to print some leaflets! We'd like to make them quite nice as it's our first time and because it's our only real way of getting the word out; we're a small party and we're going to have to rely on our free Post Office leaflet drop that every party is entitled to. 

We don't have any millionaire donors, so rely on our subs and supporters to give us afloat. A pound from all our friends would raise quite a lot, so a little amount soon adds up! Many thanks, love Tess, Steve, Frank and the rest of WPB xx

Deets of us and our campaign below 

Meet our candidates: Tess Delaney, Senedd, South Wales Central


“I had no desire to go into politics. My answer to our broken society, that had seen me lose my house and my business, was to try and live in a field in a cabin that I built myself. When the council evicted me from my own land, they drove me straight into the arms of the Workers Party. Once the injustice of my situation had subsided, I realised that there are no individual solutions to social problems.  

You can’t run away because there’s nowhere to hide. They will find you and force you back into a system that doesn’t work. I had joined Labour when Corbyn became leader, but soon realised the futility of that. I joined the Workers Party the week after it formed. 

The system needs the kind of change that only the Workers Party can deliver. A radical economic policy, an overhaul of monopoly capitalism and a determination to make sure that the people who keep the country running are looked after first. 

It’s not enough to squander Objective One funding on expensive projects that mean nothing. Misappropriation of funds, admin costs, feasibility studies, and all the other pen pushing that accompanies such projects leaves little left to show for virtue signalling initiatives, that someone somewhere is making big money from. 

The heart, the industry and the pride have been ripped from the valleys. People have been left as forgotten non-citizens, with no provision for their future. With each successive generation the depression grows more intense. Apathy, and anger because there are no options and no future. 

It’s time to bring Wales back to when our industries were building Britain. 

Privatisation, poor healthcare provision, cutting of services, concentration on hospitality and retail industries, in an area where there is no disposable income to support these, is futile. 

A vote for Labour in the regional lists is a wasted vote. It results in no extra allocation of seats for their party. They are votes thrown into the wind. And as Labour no longer fight for the working class, then it’s time to try the new party of the working class.  

We are the party that will fight for the jobs and services you need, and fight for you, and listen to you, and be your voice in the Senedd.  Give the Workers Party your second vote, so we can get inside those expensive halls and see what they’re up to in there, because whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Meet our candidates: Steve Everett, Senedd, South Central Wales

Steve Everett, Workers Party candidate for Senedd, South Central Wales


“For too long the working class have been excluded from politics, it seems only certain types are destined for a political career, getting on their soap box so they can talk down to the general public. Politicians work for the interests of their party, their party works in the interests of lobbyists, and we get ignored. 

That’s why I’m standing for election because I believe that political powers should rest with the majority of ordinary people, and the only way to achieve this is for ordinary people to stand for political office. We all know the value of a politicians promise, it’s a byword for deception, I can only promise that every action I take, vote I make, or issue I raise will be in the interests of the working class. 

Billions have been spent, or misspent, during the corona crisis, and I know we will be expected to pay for it directly, or by devastating cuts to benefits, and public services, this must be resisted, and we need to make sure only those who can more than afford to pay for it do.

I’m no professional politician I’m not standing to further my political career. I’m standing because I see all around me people stretched to breaking point, exhausted by constant toil, and ever falling living standards, I don’t believe we can or should go on like this.”

Meet our candidates: Frank Hinley, Senedd, South Central Wales


“I’m a 40-year-old father of four, I’m Welsh born and bred and since the economic crisis and pandemic struck, I’m self-employed.

I have a passion to help those who suffer from anxiety and depression, having myself experienced mental health issues. I’m fed up of politicians doing it for themselves, getting elected for their ego or just for the money. They never look after the people they serve, people like me, my family and our neighbours.

I joined the Workers Party having previously joined Labour under Corbyn and left when Starmer was elected.

The Workers Party are the only real option out there for giving an equal chance to every worker no matter of their individual circumstances, their age, their race or sex.

Only the Workers Party give us a chance to fix the broken divide in society by uniting the working class.”

Our views on.....

On Covid - we believe that though safety is paramount, we can't continue with lockdowns that are decimating the lives and businesses of too many people. As most of our vulnerable people are well into their vaccination schedule, we need to look at ways to bring the country back to life ASAP.


On the Economy - We must prioritise rebuilding industry and generating jobs. Funding from government must be allocated to policies and projects that help rather than hinder this aim. Support for those areas decimated by de-industrialisation must result in jobs, especially in the old steel and mining areas where the heart has been ripped out and investment has failed to lead to work.


Education - We believe that education should be a lifelong right, for adults as well as children. Our schools are trapped into curriculums that are of no real use in the real world; children are being transformed into robots and their full talents and capabilities are not nourished in the way they should be, due to lack of time, and funding to schools and lack of care for teachers. The solution to all the challenges of the modern world is not to put a tablet, laptop or screen in the hands of children, these tools are of little use in a country that has been gutted of its productive industries.


NHS and care - too many people do not have access to a GP and many more can’t get to a dentist. The privatisation of the NHS is killing our citizens and we are not prepared to accept it lying down. Waiting lists, poor care and poor service, the closure and downgrading of hospitals leaving rural areas abandoned is not acceptable.


EU Relations - We believe that Britain is better off outside of Europe. Industry needs to be brought back to Britain. Profiteering should not be depriving our citizens to their right to work and access to meaningful employment. What began as a trading block turned into an undemocratic bosses club that we did not ask for.


Environment - This is a major area of concern for many people. We despair when we see green policies being dreamt up, it is our opinion that under our present economic system big business is going to have way too much say over which “green” policies are implemented. Environmental policies must put people, as well as the planet first.


Work and benefits - Our people should have access to meaningful work and good pay. The working class have kept the country going all through the pandemic; our frontline and essential workers should be well rewarded for their efforts. Pay should rise in line with inflation and with the cost of living, but for many workers who have suffered years of pay freezes and cuts we have to claw back what has been taken. 


Housing - There should be NO homelessness in Wales. None. There is no reason for it. Affordable housing projects are not affordable for normal people and are a complete misnomer. We want to see social housing, good spacious housing, with gardens and with environmental considerations in mind; solar panel on all new homes for instance, areas for children to play, safe, comfortable homes that people can take pride in. It is unacceptable that so much social housing has damp and other structural problems. People should not be forced to live that way. A cap on private landlord rents, to ensure that the taxpayer is not picking up the burden of high rents, because jobs aren't paying enough to pay housing costs.


Transport - there is no public transport provision between north and south wales. To get a train from Pembs to Bangor you have to travel to England. Public transport services are currently very poor. Prices are ridiculously high. We want free public transport for all children in Wales, and cheaper prices overall. The infrastructure needs looking at, as do alternative fuels to run services better without more pollution. We don't believe in depriving the rural population of their cars. There are other solutions.


Democracy - We believe that all people, no matter who they are should have a say. Many people no longer vote as they see no-one to vote for. They see nothing happening to help them. We hope to engage workers by giving them a common-sense socialist alternative.


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