Words Matter on International Migrants Day

by Julia Tinsley-Kent in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Words Matter on International Migrants Day

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We’re collaborating with the wonderful artist MoNDi to get creative with the way we tackle hostility towards refugees and migrants.

by Julia Tinsley-Kent in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

‘Illegal’, ‘genuine’ or ‘invasion’. How do you speak about migrants and refugees? 

We are defying this narrative through our Words Matter campaign, and now want to bring it to the streets using  creative displays and art to communicate our Words Matter campaign.

We’re very excited to collaborate with the wonderful artist MoNDi and get creative with the way we tackle hostility, discrimination and racism. On Saturday 17 December, as part of our International Migrants Day activities, we will be on the streets of London creating murals as part of the Words Matter campaign. 

To make this happen,  we need your help. By donating to this crowdfunding campaign, you will be helping us take our defiance to the streets and supporting our Words Matter campaign, and creating a spectacular display. Every penny will go towards supporting the Words Matter campaign and the MoNDi x MRN Words Matter Street Art event. 

At MRN, we will continue our important work to change the way we speak about migrants and refugees. We hope to continue using art and creative public events to do so.

Why do we need to defy the narrative?

The UK government & right-wing media are waging a war on migrants and refugees. Negative words, stereotypes and harmful narratives are damaging their rights, safety and sense of belonging. We need to step up the way we resist.                                          

We are using art as a method of communication to reach members of the public who may not be exposed to contrasting views on immigration. It will allow us to engage with people face to face. Art is a universal and subjective form of communication. It is also an instant visual and accessible way to communicate a message, particularly using MoNDi’s vibrant and eye-catching artistic style. 

We have a government that is doing all it can to make migrant and refugees lives a misery. So supporting this campaign and fundraiser will show migrants and refugees their wellbeing and presence in our society matters. It is vital that we create conversations in and with the public to help them find new words to defy the anti-migrant narratives too.  

Over the last year, anti-refugee and migrant legislation in the UK is making it increasingly difficult for people to seek safety or make the UK their home. It has also become clear that the dehumanising language that was once exclusive to the likes of Nigel Farage has seeped into the mainstream, including amongst Government ministers and even the opposition.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to seek safety or begin a new life in the UK. Hostile language towards migrants and refugees, particularly People of Colour is becoming more established and it is more important than ever to challenge the narrative. 

How does the Migrants’ Rights Network defy the narrative?

At the Migrants’ Rights Network, we know that our Words Matter and we want to make sure others know their Words Matter too. We are committed to working with migratised and racialised communities to defy the demonising narrative used by media and politicians, and hold them accountable for what they say. With legislation such as the Nationality and Borders Act coming into force and more divisiveness being manufactured, it’s more important than ever to turn our words into action. 

Who is involved in this campaign?


MoNDi is an artist and teacher who specialises in her own unique style of fantasy meets reality. Her art incorporates bright colours and lots of symbolism to depict powerful messages and ideas. She can be found creating bold and vibrant street art which tell fragments of her own story. 

Migrants’ Rights Network

The Migrants’ Rights Network is a charity that stands in solidarity with migrants in their fights for rights and justice. We believe everyone has the right to live in a society free from oppression and discrimination. 

We know that the language we use has profound effects on how we view and treat each other. Language forms the foundations of who is seen to be welcome, contributing to how people navigate the immigration system and levels of divisiveness in the UK.

We began our #WordsMatter campaign to expose and explore the ramifications of certain language on particular groups of migrants and racialised groups. 

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