by Daniel Elkan in London, England, United Kingdom

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Dogs are howling for a Wooferendum to stop Brexit. Join us and together let’s make the biggest bark in history.

by Daniel Elkan in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 25th October 2018 we'd raised £7,874 with 234 supporters in 70 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.' – Mark Twain

We are barking out! We won't stay silent. Brexit can be stopped.

As you know, Brexiter politicians are trying to drive this country over a no-deal cliff edge. 

Only a minority of the country wants no-deal, and yet the vast majority of people who care about what's going on, and despair about Brexit, feel that they don't have a voice.

What are we going to do to help stop this crazy situation?

Wooferendum is a 'By the dogs, for the people' campaign. We are enabling people to speak out  - or bark out through their dogs is helping to give the country its voice back. 

We are planning to put photos and posters of dogs barking out against Brexit all over the country.
Because the people and dogs of this country are not going to roll over and let Brexit happen. Will this be enough to stop Brexit by itself? Of course not. But it will have an effect. The tide is turning, and Brexit can be stopped.  Could the dogs be what tips things over the edge? We're going to give it our best. We can stop Brexit. And together, we will stop Brexit.

The Wooferendum March and the Wooferendum Brexit Dogs dinner events achieved huge publicity in the UK and around the world.  Now we are starting a new phase of the campaign - please join us. 

How you can join and help the campaign

1. Please donate - the more money we raise, the more photos we can print and put up in public spaces.
When we print these photos in quantity, the money goes a long way. And we are gathering teams of volunteers to put them up. We can also post you some for your local area.

2. If you are a dog, please ask your owner to take a fantastic photo of yourself with a
'Stop Brexit    #Wooferendum' sign. Email it to [email protected] so that we can print it out and post up in public.

3. If you see a sign in public, share it on social media. If you'd like to help put up posters, do get in touch.

NB: If we raise enough money we could start buying advertising billboards at the political conferences and around Westminster!

What we've already achieved #1: The Wooferendum March
The march on Sunday 7th October was an incredible event with thousands of people and hundreds of dogs marching.

The march achieved worldwide news coverage.  And in UK, here are a few examples: 

The Guardian, Daily Mail Online, The Independent, Bloomberg, the Evening Standard and The Metro - and that’s just a few of them. 

We were front page news in The Times.  And the Telegraph published a beautiful photo on page 4. 

What we've already achieved #2: Brexit is a Dog's Dinner - protest

In February we created a huge Brexit Dog's Dinner outside Parliament.  The event was a huge success with, over a hundred hounds protesting at the mess that Brexit has put us in. The media attendance and coverage was huge - and global.  The protest was featured in the Sky News online, and as one of the biggest items on the Sunday night TV news slot. There were articles in The Evening Standard and The Irish Independent, as well as The Metro,  The New European, on ITN News, and AOL. Even the normally Brexit-supporting Daily Mail and Daily Express wrote positive features — as you'll see if you click those links. 

Wooferendum photos — here are some of the ones going up.  Send us yours!



Let's make the biggest bark in history

We as a country can stand up for what we believe, and if enough people (and dogs) speak out in every way possible, there will be a point at which Brexit just cannot happen.  We are seeing the tide turning, we are seeing politicians and people changing their minds and realising that Brexit is a bad idea.  

Thanks in advance
Your contribution will make a big difference. Our future is at stake. But together we can achieve something incredible. Please donate and join the campaign. Big woofs!



This project offered rewards

£7 or more

Five Wooferendum booklets

We'll send you five of the little Wooferendum booklets that are being passed around like hotcakes in parks. from paw to paw.

£10 or more

Ellery Bow dog bandana

Get your dog dressed for the Wooferendum march with Ellery Bow's international flag bandana.

£20 or more

Wooferendum photo print

An A4 print of one of the original Wooferendum dogs that started the campaign.

£21 or more

Pet Hates Dog Toys

Let your dog sink it's teeth into a Johnson, May or Corbyn fabric dog chew. Oh the joy! It's no more than they deserve (we mean the dog of course).

£24 or more

Men's Wooferendum T-Shirt

A T-shirt with one of the original dogs, cute Archie (the one we use on our profile pics) wearing the little jacket that makes him look a bit 'Jedi'.

£45 or more

Three Wooferendum photo prints

Three A4 prints of the original Wooferendum dogs that started the campaign.

£55 or more

Wooferenum 2019 calendar

A stunning, limited-edition Wooferendum calendar, featuring some of the best photos from the campaign and the march.

£175 or more

Photoshoot of your dog

Experienced dog photographer Leonor Gomes (@posingpooches) will come to your home for a fantastic professional photoshoot of your dog (London and surrounding area).

£400 or more

Unique thread-painted portrait of your dog

A unique thread painted portrait of your dog by world-renowned quilt artist Linda Seward.

£24 or more

Women's Wooferendum T-Shirt

A T-shirt with one of the original dogs, cute Archie (the one we use on our profile pics) wearing the little jacket that makes him look a bit 'Jedi'.

£85 or more

One-to-one home dog training session

Home dog training session at your home lasting 1.5 - 2 hours, covering basic training, jumping, barking, being left alone). Hours to suit, in London.

£85 or more

One-to-one outdoor dog training session

One-to-one outdoor dog-training session (lasting 1.5 - 2 hours), in park in North East London (focuses on recall with and without distraction, correct socialisation, walking politely on a leash & general obedience and good manners)

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