Women's Equality Party election fighting fund

by Women's Equality Party in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Women's Equality Party election fighting fund

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Help the Women's Equality Party to demand better for women in the general election.

by Women's Equality Party in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Inequality is deepening, services are crumbling and politics is failing us. It doesn't have to be this way.

This election, WE are demanding that politicians dare to raise their ambitions. Because to reach a brighter future you need to imagine and advocate for it.

Over the last 14 years the Conservatives have dismantled our NHS, cut gaping holes in our services and driven policies that mean a third of children and 44% of single parent families (overwhelmingly led by women) are living in poverty. 

Women are on the front line of these crises and more, from climate change to broken services to escalating violence. Once again women, and particularly minoritised women, are being asked to pay the price for the failures of our political leaders and none of the old parties are offering answers.

We can and must demand better. 

Your donation will enable us to take the fight to the old parties, and demand that they raise their ambitions for women.

Building a caring, sustainable economy 

Traditional economics fixates on GDP, but WE care about GUDP, the grossly undervalued domestic product of women, all that unpaid and underpaid labour that isn’t even counted as part of GDP. Old parties promise growth as the solution to everything, no matter what the cost to the environment and whether that growth is based on exclusion. Inequality is widening. Many of us can’t pay our energy bills or access healthcare when we need it. Creating change here means structuring our economy so it delivers us health and happiness, as well as wealth from inclusive and sustainable growth.

Investing in care and ending poverty could transform and rebalance our economy by creating wealth and jobs, truly valuing the work that women do. 

How would we do it?

  • Invest in care by introducing Universal Free Childcare and a National Social Care system which is free at the point of use.
  • End child poverty by increasing child benefit, putting an immediate stop to the harmful two-child benefit cap and increasing carer’s allowance.
  • Build climate positive communities by expanding accessible public transport and introducing a national programme of insulation and green energy retrofitting for homes.
  • Reimagine work by protecting flexible working and the right to work from home, shortening the work week, expanding carers leave and improving sick pay provision. 

This investment would deliver huge returns for everyone, easing the immense pressure on the NHS, creating jobs in caring sectors easing pressure on women delivering unpaid care.

It is simply not true that we can’t afford to fix the services we all rely on. In fact, we can’t afford not to. Investing in universal free childcare would not only create 1.7 million jobs, it would practically pay for itself with 90% of funding recouped in increased tax revenue and reduced spending on benefits. It would also enable 1.5 million mothers to work more hours, adding £27 billion to the economy each.

We need political leaders who are brave enough to share in our vision for a better future. 

Meet some of our candidates

Kay Wesley - Congleton 

Kay Wesley was elected as the Women’s Equality Party’s first Councillor in 2019. Since then, she has shown just how much a feminist representative can do for their community.

Ending violence: Kay has developed a community safety charter, launched a domestic abuse clinic in Congleton and worked with Cheshire police to challenge hate crime and make our streets safer.

Building a caring community: Kay fought for better childcare and improved access for Disabled people. 

Tackling poverty: Kay has established a multi-faceted community hub to provide services to local people in need. 

Better transport: Kay created a bus improvement plan for Congleton and pushed developers to provide better bus services, cycle and walking provision.

A sustainable future: Kay led Congleton’s declaration of climate emergency and lobbied for biodiversity and tree protection.

As a representative in Parliament she could deliver so much more. 

Harriet Williams - Godalming and Ash

Harriet Williams is Deputy Leader of the Women’s Equality and a champion for women’s rights. She has an accomplished record from pushing to end violence against women, to advocating for young parents’ rights, to campaigning against the racism faced by Black women in healthcare, to working to end child poverty. And she hasn’t stopped there.

As a single parent to a now 'tweenage' daughter, a role that is both extraordinary and challenging, Harriet became an activist and advocate for young parents when she faced discrimination herself. Her experience of fighting injustice underscores her dedication to women's equality, and her commitment to building a better future for everyone.

Harriet Williams is taking on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, who not only grips the purse strings now, but oversaw huge NHS cuts during his time as Health Secretary.

The legal bit...

As we're a political party we're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as you make your donation and therefore we can't accept anonymous donations.

If you give over £500 your name will appear in our election returns on the Electoral Commission website. 

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