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Be a part of Wombshine's start as the UK's first company pairing vital womb health supplements with delicious plant-based chocolate

by Adele Meyer in Brighton, , United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We are looking to develop new products for people who are struggling with the hormonal impact of other cyclical events like menopause. Any stretch funding we receive will go into R&D to widen our scope for people who don't have periods, but still need vital wombcare.

Thank you for visiting Wombshine's crowdfunding page. We need your help to launch our fledgling business with a bang!

Wombshine believes wombs are overutilised and undercared for. Month after month, we witness ourselves and our loved ones push through pain, fatigue, and discomfort, ignoring our bodies' natural cycles. That’s why we partner with artisan chocolatiers to make delicious plant-based truffles that are packed with supplements proven to support periods, and deliver them through the letterbox when they're needed most.

Wombshine is "hard launching" in June 2024, and of course we are planning to throw a party to celebrate! We're using this as an opportunity to bring together the little community that has been growing around Wombshine, to mark the start of our journey to make womb care the status quo. 

Read on for how you can book a ticket to our launch party through this Crowdfunder, or use it to order our womb nourishing truffles if you're supporting from afar!


What we've been up to

On June 28 2024, we will officially launch Wombshine into the world. But it's been brewing for a while now! 

For more than two years the Wombshine team has been researching, developing and testing nutrient mixes and truffles. Because there are no other womb supplement plant-based chocolate companies in the world, there is no template. Our chocolatier partners and treasured testers helped us understand how to balance the recipe between tasting amazing and being effective. We were able to get to a place where one only needs to eat one Wombshine truffle to feel it's effects!

We also identified the purest, most ethical ingredient suppliers we could find, and searched far and wide to use only biodegradeable packaging. 

We "soft launched" in December 2023 and began trading [big ups to our first customers]. The last five months have given us the opportunity to rectify rookie mistakes, refine our operations, and make our first product as high quality and affordable as possible. 


Our first custom artwork for the January 2024 cycle, by belgian-american artist Margaux Meyer @potentialadult

We also have collected feedback, positive and constructive, from our treasured first customers, which has helped us be mindful about the things our users care about most.


Great feedback from one of our early customers. We love you!

Our Crowdfunding Goal 

We are looking to raise start-up funding that can float Wombshine's growth through 2025. We are asking you to help us raise a critical £3000 that can help Wombshine rise. Your support will not go unrecognised, check out the incredible rewards we are offering! 

Many of the rewards tiers include a ticket to our officially super fun launch party in Brighton on Friday 28th June! We're planning a great night of performances, super hot DJ's, and lots and lots of delicious truffles.

Who we are 

Wombshine is a run by a small team based in Brighton, UK. It was conceptualised by CPO Mark Clayton and CFO Ellie Hale, who wanted to develop a way to show solidarity to their housemates lamenting their period pains while they were quarantined with three women in 2020. They were joined by Adele Meyer, CEO, in 2023, after her experience of having three successive ovarian surgeries instilled in her a passion and interest in progressing womb health and care.


Mark & Adele registering the company in February 2024


Ellie representing Wombshine

Wombshine developed the chocolate truffle products in partnership with two incredible artisan chocolatiers. Sara Samain was instrumental in getting our nutrient-to-chocolate ratios right from the start, making it possible to pack effective levels of custom nutrient blends into each truffle. Victoria Tyler brought her extensive herbal knowledge, helping to develop different flavours of truffles by integrating ancient herbal womb wisdom in the mix.

Join the womb care revolution!

Wombshine is so excited to grow and evolve this product, but ultimately the mission is to change the way people relate to their bodies and their wombs, during their periods and beyond. The days of "pushing through"no matter where we are in our cycles, no matter how much we are in pain, must end. It's time we honoured our cycles, nourished our bodies and treat our wombs with the respect they deserve. 

Check out our full list of ingredients and more at wombshine.com

Follow us on Instagram @wombshine

Read on about the party at the Facebook event page here

"We need to celebrate our periods instead of dreading or feeling they’re an inconvenience. The chocolate and the added medicine embody everything that we need to give ourselves at the time of the month; pleasure, comfort and love. We’re not hiding away, we’re self soothing and tapping in to our divine feminine wisdom that the bleed brings, leaning into it and not buying in to the ideas of self disgust with periods, they’re beautifully passionate and healing when we allow it to be."

-insights from one of our testers


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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LAUNCH PARTY ticket to ride the crimson tide

A special guest ticket to our launch party in Brighton on 28th June 2024.

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Art & Music Card

A beautiful card, like the ones that come in all of our truffle boxes, with custom period art and a lovely playlist- delivered through the post to your door.

£20 or more

Womb-Nourishing Truffle Box

A box of delicious Wombshine truffles, including our signature monthly playlist, tea and artwork, delivered to you or a loved one.

£50 or more

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Launch Party Ticket + Womb-Nourishing Truffle Box

A special guest ticket to our launch party & a box of Wombshine truffles, including our signature monthly playlist, tea and artwork, delivered to you or a loved one.

£60 or more

3-Cycle Womb Nourishing Truffle Subscription

A 3-cycle subscription of Wombshine truffles, including our signature monthly playlist, tea and artwork, delivered to you or a loved one.

£100 or more

Launch Party Ticket + 3-Cycle Truffle Subscription

A special guest ticket to our launch party & one 3-cycle subscription of Wombshine truffles, including our signature monthly playlist, tea and artwork, delivered to you or a loved one.

£190 or more

2x Launch Party Tix + 3-Cycle Subscriptions

Double Trouble! Get a pair of tickets to the Launch Party and two 3-cycle subscriptions of womb nourishing truffles, including our signature monthly playlist, tea and artwork, delivered to you or a loved one.

£500 or more

Womb Flavour Creator

Not only will we shower you endlessly with love, delicious truffles, and have you and a plus one as the Guests of Honour at our Launch Party, we will mark your incredible support with the creation of a brand new flavour of womb-nourishing truffle. You will be instrumental in inspiring and testing the new flavour!

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