WithingtonWalls x QueerHive collaboration

by Withington Walls in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

WithingtonWalls x QueerHive collaboration
We did it
On 25th June 2021 we successfully raised £560 with 25 supporters in 28 days

Help us brighten the lamp posts of Withington with LGBTQIA+ "Progress Pride" flag coloured cable ties!

by Withington Walls in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we are lucky enough to raise more than £500 we will explore opportunities to buy more zip-ties and have longer “flags” on the 4 lamp posts identified and/or discuss and agree further lamp posts with MCC / Amey

Withington Walls is a community street art project run by volunteers and funded by donations. It's aim is to brighten up Withington and cultivate a sense of pride and identity with a programme of public art on unloved walls and shop shutters. The group is responsible for painting the Scout Hut, Withington Baths, Marcus Rashford, Songs Without Words, NHS Love, Curious Cat and Rainbow Tears murals and artwork on 40+ shop shutters, over the last year. All the work is documented on instagram and twitter @withingtonwalls 

Queer Hive is a Manchester based community group of queer makers, creators and activists. They run monthly Glitter Picking events in green spaces across Manchester and support queer people through difficult periods in online Heart Sharing Circles. Their aim is to gather queers across Greater Manchester and build community through events, gatherings and activism. 

Queer Hive reached out to Withington Walls about an idea for an LGBTQIA+ flag as one of the pedestrian crossings in Withington, to make a welcoming statement to queer people visiting the village. 

Discussions about this blossomed into taking inspiration from the Animus Art Collective’s Flaming Cactus installation in NYC. 



Our vision is to decorate lamp posts in the village using coloured zip-ties that match the colours of the LGBTQIA+ flag. It would add to Withington Wall’s colourful contributions to the village, and an initial pilot scheme of 4 lamp posts has been costed at the modest sum of just £500!

Please give generously, and help realise this fabulous idea  





The proposal is to use 2200 zip ties to create 2.5m “flags” in the 11 colours of LGBTQIA+ flag, on 4 silver lamp posts, at the Burton Road – Palatine Road – Wilmlsow Road – Parsonage Road junction

1. red

2. orange

3. yellow

4. green

5. blue  

6. purple

7. black

8. brown

9. light blue

10. white

11. pink  



The LGBTQIA+ initials stand for










Queer or Questioning


Intersex or I


Asexual or Ally 


The + aims to represent anyone outside of, or an interconnection of, these spectrums. This includes those who identify as demisexual, agender, pangender, pansexual, gender fluid, intergender, gender queer etc

The initials and various terms for how people identify are always evolving. 

The most important thing is to be respectful and use the terms that people prefer


The rainbow flag is widely recognised as the Gay Pride Flag and has represented the community since the 70’s but how the community defines itself has developed since that time and it's not the only flag that people in the community connect with. Different groups, genders and identities have their own unique needs and experiences, which has developed into the wider more inclusive LGBTQIA+ term being used and a plethora of individual flags that represent these different groups, genders and identities, in addition to the rainbow flag.

The People of Colour Inclusive Pride Flag was created in 2017, and gave representation to black and brown people in the LGBTQ community, and the unique challenges they face, by adding brown and black stripes to the rainbow flag

The Progress Pride Flag was created in 2018 and developed the flag further by also adding the colours of the Transgender Pride Flag (which is light blue representing boys, pink representing girls and white in the middle representing people who are transitioning, have no gender or are gender neutral). These Transgender Pride colours are in chevrons alongside the brown and black stripes of The People of Colour Inclusive Pride Flag



If we are lucky enough to raise more than £500 we will explore opportunities to buy more zip-ties and have longer “flags” on the 4 lamp posts identified and/or discuss and agree further lamp posts with MCC / Amey.


Concerns have been raised about the use of "plastic" zip ties. The zip ties are made from nylon - which is a recyclable - and we'll do all we can to ensure that they are disposed of responsibly, as and, when they are removed. 

We have considered alternative materials and also painting the lampposts instead. It is felt that the visual impact, low cost, durability and ease and relative safety of putting them up and taking them back down again make zip ties a great option for a long lasting art installation on the 4 lamp posts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details

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