We must Win As One and change politics for good

by Compass in United Kingdom

We must Win As One and change politics for good
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On 9th May 2023 we successfully raised £20,463 with 515 supporters in 255 days

Donate to our fighting fund. Not just to change the government, but to change politics - starting with Proportional Representation.

by Compass in United Kingdom

Our voting system is the glue that holds our rotten, out-of-date politics together. We must change it, to change our country.

Donate to Compass today to help us build a fighting fund. We will support candidates who will back proportional representation and a fairer voting system. Help us to get the best people into parliament.

First Past the Post centralises power and locks in the influences of the rich and powerful.

It shuts out the voices of the people - bending only to a tiny number of swing voters in just a few swing seats. It encourages short-term, tribal thinking that is far away from the big, bold, change our country needs.

Only by changing our political system can we really change the country - whether to end poverty, build a new economy, fight for climate justice and human rights, or build greater internationalism or stronger working rights.

As the next general election draws closer we need your support to build a fighting fund.

The Tories will never change the system because they are the biggest beneficiaries of our rotten voting system. 

At the last general election there were 62 progressive tragedy seats where the Tories won despite their vote being smaller than the number of people who voted for progressive parties. Enough to have wiped out the Tories' entire majority. We divide and they conquer. 

The next election will closer than anyone thinks. The Tories are already starting to close the polling gap. They will do everything they can to win.   

We cannot afford to let the progressive side spilt the vote again and let them through. 

So, at the next general election we need to come together, yes to change the government, but most importantly to change the system; with Proportional Representation as the first essential step of giving power back to the people.

The trust and understanding that leads to cooperation across tribal party boundaries starts when people meet – and find out they have commons values and goals.  This what Compass local groups uniquely do.  

Only with your help we will mobilise Local Groups across the country, on the ground. We are already bringing activists together and building on successes and stories from Surrey to Sheffield. But we need more progressives to come together to win locally to overcome division. 

These relationships take time – we have to start now. 

Local groups are the heartbeat of everything we do to change politics, to change society.

They will help organise and campaign to elect MPs who will back proportional representation to deliver the big, bold, change our country needs.

This is what #WinAsOne is about. A national movement of hundreds of thousands of Change Makers - just like you - committed and willing to use their votes, activism, time, money and energy to ensure the best placed progressive candidates who back real change win.

Before the next general election we need to create a movement of campaigners and activists on the ground in key seats to:

  • Build trusted cross-party relations in target seats to reduce progressive competition, so we don't divide the vote
  • Channel funding and support to candidates who back real political reform, in the shape of PR
  • Maximise the number of votes going to progressive candidates who can win, and who want to change the system

With your support we will spot the local activists, getting them talking and working together. We will train them to be more effective campaigners, hold meetings and build the digital infrastructure to ensure seats we would otherwise lose are won – getting the best candidates into Parliament to make real change happen

Compass are a membership organisation for everyone who wants to be part of a much more equal, democratic and sustainable future.

We help build alliances of ideas, parties and movements to help make big systemic change happen. 

The question we are trying to help solve, is not just what sort of society we want, but increasingly, how to make it happen?

Over the years, we’ve campaigned on issues like:

  • electoral reform
  • participatory democracy
  • universal basic income
  • a Green New Deal and more

Our latest campaign – #WinAsOne – tells us what we need to do and how. This won’t be an easy ride - big change never is. But it’s what we must do, if we are to change our politics and our country for good. 

We can’t wait for party leaders who may never support the necessary levels of cooperation we need to win and change the system. We have to do it ourselves – together. 

Every pound you give will go towards a fighting fund to bring together more local groups that will make sure that on the Friday after the election – we don’t just get a new government, but a new politics for a new society.

Now is the time to stand together and fight – and we can’t do this without your support.

Will you help us?

The more money we raise, the more we can do. 

Let's do it together.


Win As One is a movement initiated by Compass, open to everyone that wants to work together to secure a progressive majority for change at the next election.

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