Wild Wild West

by Isabella Esposito in Plymouth, United Kingdom

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A dark, near-future dystopia thriller. 12 minute proof of concept short film, to then pitch with the aim of expanding into a series.

by Isabella Esposito in Plymouth, United Kingdom

  • We're a small team comprised of Actors and Filmmakers based in the South West of England. Principal photography is scheduled to take place June 2024. If you like Red Dead Redemption, Ready Player One, The Sims, and Black Mirror, you'll love this.


In a near-future dystopian Britain, healthcare, fitness and education become more accessible thanks to the enhancement of V.R Technology. Vitatech provides the solution to the countries’ increasing lack of these facilities, also including entertainment like immersive gaming and interactive fiction.


Wild Wild West is a short film set in this dystopia and follows the life of gaming influencer Mog, detaching further and further from reality to escape her traumatic childhood memories. Deep into an obsession that consumes her life like an addiction, competing worldwide to be the first to pass level 10: The Wild Wild West in Vitatech’s multi-level game. She, is the first to uncover a catastrophic fault in the software. 


Although the story begins with one protagonist, she is part of a much wider anthology. It’s a story about anyone and everyone. We hope to get this film to a place where we can show just how much it expands, and how no one is safe.

This short film explores themes of addiction, mental health and family.  



Our Team

Our incredible, multi-skilled team have assembled once again to put our all into this film. Our recent collaborations include the film JAY'S GRAVE,  the pilot episode of the mockumentary KILLCON, the feature film LADY, WHAT'S TOMORROW and the comedy micro short ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Some clips from Killcon:


Some clips from Lady What's Tomorrow:

ISABELLA ESPOSITO - Writer, Director, Artist and playing the role of Mog. 1717027401_inbound7004430867689345300.jpg

Isabella's most recent acting roles include Mimi, in micro short QUICK BUT PAINFUL , Riley in ABOVE AND BEYOND, Grace in feature film LADY, WHAT'S TOMORROW and in the pilot episode of mockumentary KILLCON as The Interviewer. 

She is stunt trained in hand to hand combat and holds an on set Gun Handling and Safety Certificate. 

She's recently wrote, directed and produced micro short ABOVE AND BEYOND, and is currently in pre production for a new short film she has written, WILD WILD WEST. 

She designed and hand painted the posters for both LADY WHAT'S TOMORROW? and WILD WILD WEST, along with all concept art offered as a reward for donations. 

JUSTIN CARTER - Cinematography and Post Production


 Justin Carter is a multi award-winning filmmaker with a history of work in short and feature films, documentaries, television drama, entertainment shows, music promos, and corporate videos.

His debut feature, "TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary", is ranked among the “10 BEST SUPERNATURAL HORROR MOVIES OF THE LAST DECADE” (SCREEN RANT Sep 15, 2020).

His recent projects include romantic period dramas "Jay's Grave" and "The Name Has A Price", the pilot episode of comedy mockumentary "KillCon" for Greenwolf Productions, interactive mystery videogame "Cradlemore", and the haunting melodramatic feature film "Lady, What's Tomorrow".

As well as work behind a camera, he's also sold a number of feature length screenplays to film studios. He recently completed scripting duties on "How To Train A Princess" for ITN Studio/Jagged Edge Productions, makers of the 2023 box office hit "Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey". "How To Train A Princess" is scheduled for release Christmas 2024.

His reputation as one of the leading filmmakers in the South West has earned him a seat on the judging panel of the English Riviera Film Festival.

SAM MCLOUGHLIN - Location Sound Mixer & Post Production Sound Designer.


Graduating from a Film degree at Falmouth University in 2020 in which I specialised in location sound recording and post production sound work to produce a collection of environmentally focused documentaries. Sound work within film both documentary and narrative has been my passion for many years now. I have since collaborated with a number of film makers in the South West to produce several short films, a feature film and a TV pilot. I believe that the mix of my formal education and practical on set experience have given me all of the tools I need to bring to W.W.W and create a rich sounding and impressive sound scape with clear dialogue recordings and well crafted atmospherics as well as foley and music to envelop the audience in to the world of the project and tie in nicely with the visuals.

CANESHIA VOISEY - Producer, and the character 'Nadine Glenn' 


Caneshia Voisey is an Award winning actress and model born in Bath, Somerset. She relocated to Devon, where she and her family now reside.

Caneshia studied acting at the Theatre Train theatre company where she performed at Schools , London Royal Albert Hall, and studied with another theatre company at Exeter University where she got to perform and help run work shops at the university in Austin Texas, America.

Caneshia has played numerous roles in both film and TV, such as KILLCON, Jay's Grave, Getting Away With Murder, GunRise, Transylvania, Protect Your Witness, Yardies, Impressing Vincenzo, and Blinded By Magic, to name a few.

Caneshia is the founder of Greenwolf Productions, where she wrote and produced her first TV pilot, KILLCON.

JIM ELTON- BTS Photographer & Production Assistant


Graduating from Plymouth University in 2012 he has worked on numerous creative projects initially self shooting as a director of photography on self funded projects in the south west collaborating with actors in the area.

His passion for camera work and lighting has developed to move him into my current role as an on set stills photographer. Capturing the work of both actors and crew as they work. His preference of shooting for both colour and B&W really allows him to explore the use of light within his images.

Working on the fly and capturing moments as they happen keeps him constantly challenging himself to use natural lighting and location/ set lighting to produce a know impressive final product with minimal post production editing work to keep the raw reality of the moments he captures as true to life as possible.

Work can be found over on Instagram under WinglessJim 

EMILY HANSEN- Makeup Artist 


 After getting a level 3 diploma in media hair and mamakeup Emily has continuously worked on film, shows, music videos and photoshoots such as AND HERE COME THE NIGHTJARS, JAY'S GRAVE and LADY WHAT'S TOMORROW. 

How we'll use the money:

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  • Apply for film festivals
  • Pay for our Cowboys' Gun Safety and Handling Certificates and have an allocated prop gun supervisor for the day.


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