Whisper In The Breeze

by Izzy Peters in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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A poetical fantasy-drama following a quirky ghost's journey to the next life, inspired by Eastern philosophy, explored in a Western setting.

by Izzy Peters in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


Thank you so much for all your continued support, due to the great success of our campaign in the first 10 days we've been able to create a stretch target of £6500. 


Production design - Investing in better materials and props that will form the setting of our film, dramatically enhancing the locations we use to accurately represent the vision we want to create.

Cinematography - Our Director of Photography will be able to hire specific lenses that will accurately capture the aesthetic we are wanting to achieve.

Post-production - An original score composed specifically for the film.  Highlighting and enhancing the emotional moments felt by you, our audience!

Festivals - Allowing us entry into a variety of film festivals in both the European and Asian festival circuits. 


We are so overwhelmed by the love and support our film has seen over these last 10 days, we're beyond grateful to receive any and all donations!

Thank you,
The Whispers In The Breeze crew


"From my memories, I remember coming home at night from my Great Nan's funeral and found myself in my bedroom with a moth flying around me-I accidentally hurt it and it vanished in a blink of an eye. Several years passed by, I slowly realised it was her last visit. Why? What brought a moth to a child's room, this was not a coincidence, but a Great Nan's last goodbye" - Writer/Director, Keng-U Lao



 Our story deals with the idea of finding redemption in life that allows us to find solace in our death, and the comfort that a family offers. 

Matthew’s ghost character is the “Ying”, whereas the living world is the “Yang”.  The ghost shall not let the desire for the living stop his progress in leaving the human world, while his family shall leave the grief behind and move on in life with the memory of their child in their hearts.

Whisper In The Breeze will convey a sense of simplicity, with the aid of all departments we will be trying to create a unique world that can bring an angle of poetry to the cinematic experience. In light of this, we will be collaborating with the Visual Effects course at AUB to add the spiritual fantasy element to our film, introducing the audience to the spirits trapped in this life as moths.



A poetical fantasy drama; the film follows a well-dressed young gentleman, Matthew.  Suddenly he wakes in a coffin at his funeral but is ignored by a grouchy member of staff at the beautiful and quiet venue. Matthew quickly learns that he is, in fact, dead. No one has arrived for the ceremony yet.

Matthew walks through the graveyard to head for his home but is intercepted by the son of the undertaker, the Tai Chi Boy, who gives Matthew an origami windmill: a ticket to the next life. He warns Matthew of two futures; either to peacefully stay and await the guests or to return home but risk becoming a moth; forever circling his own grave imprisoned between life and death.

Choosing to visit his family one last time, Matthew learns of the grief experienced by his family members through nostalgic routine actions. Shown through disconnected intimacy in a ghosts interaction with his loved ones. 

Will he be able to leave the living world behind? Or will he become a moth?





To make this project we need your help, we want to make the best film we can, and make sure that the story reaches its full potential, however, we can not fulfil the budget on our own. By pledging towards this film you will be helping the crew to create the best possible film we can. Using the money raised we will be able to invest in a strong cast, and create the quirky fantasy drama influenced by Eastern spirituality, and explored in a Western environment. 

We want to thank you for generously pledging towards this project, please take a look at the rewards we are offering. 


Writer/Director | Keng-U Lao

bab5f60a5ba09bc6813db08dc1fed6371aed137eOriginally from Macao, China, Keng-U is currently studying directing at BFS. During his time in Britain, he has written and directed short films such as Seeds of Memory, The Blue Puppet, and Kill The Thief.  The fusion of East and West, has been the key influence to the poetic aesthetic. With 8 years worth of experience in the art of magic, performing in Macao, Hong Kong and Britain, the strange and unpredictable qualities of magic are conveyed in his style of narrative.  A member of International Brotherhood Magic Association (British Ring), as well as Magic Place Magician Association (Macao). 

Producer | Izzy Peters

7c2e8f9057830aa3973a21bd398519e4f42047ccOrganisation was never a strong point for Izzy during her childhood. Despite this, and to many people’s surprise, she now specialises in producing at the Bournemouth Film School, having worked within the production department on a variety of short films and documentaries. Izzy is motivated in making sure that this film reaches its fullest potential, and enjoys seeing how the script develops into a full film, securing cast that will honour the characters, and organising unique locations that will be suitable for the story world created in the script.

Director of Photography | Max Conran

c711bf617e3d56aba2a64f9964950c63458302d3Max is our Director of Photography for Whispers In The Breeze. He has a passion for the beauty of images, and strives to create visuals that tell a story, and allow the script to come to life, through the careful research of paintings, photography and film. Outside of university, Max specialises in Lighting, meaning he is ready to push the boundaries with the look and feel of the light, all whilst allowing the composition to capture what the characters are experiencing.

Production Designer | Carina Kill

4c644ac38970b2cb2344a2638874160a4976ced8Carina Kill is a creative, hands-on individual who specialises in Production Design within Film. She is talented in recreating and enhancing locations to convey the emotions and style of the film. Enjoying adapting any environment necessary to reflect the mood of the script. She particularly loves drawing and focusing on colour symbolism within her work.  When she’s not working on a film project she is found outdoors trying to keep active and healthy... Unless she's got a glass of wine in her hand..

Sound Designer | Becky Cutts

3c941d907e35e4a7017453f84f4848aaa76e4b47Becky has ears, and she is extremely keen on using them everyday to function but also uses them for recreational purposes. Her favourite sound is the singing of a wine glass. She doesn’t like tiny whisper sounds. Becky has been involved in sound designing numerous short films and projects, and is eager to start work, helping to create the audible world of Whispers In The Breeze.

Editor | Sarah Hatchard

908dd2d8a152befda780c0905cee45add2f9d7deSarah is a third year film editing student at AUB who is about to start work on her graduation film. She loves roller skating, Margaret Atwood books and fluffy cats. She has been studying film for the last six years and is a huge fan of classic Hollywood, Jim Henson, Submarine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has worked with the director on three films and is really excited to get started on this next project with him and the rest of the crew.

Costume Designer | Gemma Sansom

447246fb01fe458455e5cea8c0213c51b2314d99Gemma Sansom is aspiring costume designer specialising in Costume for Screen. Bringing all the hidden symbolism within the film through the costume design, which will express characters personal traits. Having experience working in photography studio as a photographer’s assistant she is keen to detail and will make sure everything is impeccable on camera. Working on short films made by AUB Film Production students, Gemma has gained knowledge on sourcing and understanding the importance of how costume effects the meaning behind a film. 

Costume Supervisor | Kristrun Helgadottir

2fae61ad9983e712914214dd3e69b50fcee493a5Kristrun is an aspiring costume designer/supervisor specialising in Costume for screen. She’s done a course focusing on supervision and has experience in accounting. She’s organised, good at budgeting, sourcing costumes and time management. 

Makeup Artist | Tammy Roberts

722feb73b4c4bccf1699fd9a2dba13307646b106Tammy Roberts is a professional makeup artist who specialises in film and television. She has experience in a range of different genres and is confident in her abilities to effectively help the characters translate from script to screen through the use of makeup. In her spare time she enjoys coffee, and G&Ts.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

FEED THE CREW | By pledging this amount you will be providing a nice and healthy meal for a member of the crew.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

POSTER | By pledging this amount you will receive a digital copy of the films poster.

£25 or more

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PRIVATE VIEWING | By pledging this amount you will receive a private link to the finished film.

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£50 Reward

INSIDER | By pledging this amount you will get an exclusive look at the original story boards and concept art in a digital booklet, and a 'special thanks' in the credits.

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PART OF THE CREW | By pledging this amount you will receive a crew T-shirt printed with an original design.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

ATTEND THE FUNERAL | By pledging this amount you will be invited to come down to the set and be an extra in the final scene of the film, as well as receiving a digital copy of the poster, DVD containing the film and behind the scenes footage.

£150 or more

£150 Reward

ALL ACCESS | By pledging this amount you will receive a DVD with the finished film and behind the scenes images, plus concept art and story boards.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

EXECUTIVE OFFER | By pledging this amount you will gain an executive producer title in the credits of the film. You will also receive the final film on DVD with behind the scenes access.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

RED CARPET | By pledging this amount you will receive an invitation to the premier of the AUB 2018 graduation films.

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