What’s a Week?

by Patrick Lyons in London, England, United Kingdom

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With £10,000 create the Surrealist psychological drama. Covid global pandemic affect on S London Musicians. Extra funding for a Feature film

by Patrick Lyons in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 26th June 2021 we'd raised £225 with 9 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The Director’s Vision

We’re making a film about the collective global trauma of COVID-19 and specifically the impact on musicians, dancers, actors and entertainers within the South London arts scene, caused by isolation and the psychological trauma of not being able to work.

By drawing on local talent within our creative community, we have brought together a cast whose roles reflect their real-life crafts. For example, all the musicians in the story are represented by professional musicians. By casting in this way, ‘What’s a Week’ will not only accurately depict the South London arts scene, but help rebuild it by providing jobs and opportunities to the community.

The Plot

It’s early 2021 and our protagonist ‘ph7’ finds himself in dire straits. On the brink of ruin, his production house has been stripped back to a one man operation, and in the world of COVID where entertainment and music has been sidelined, he is unable to make ends meet.

Out of the blue he receives a call from ‘Texas Bob’, an American TV producer, with an opportunity: if ph7 can deliver a two hour show, it’ll be bought by Comcast and broadcast across the US, saving ph7’s production house providing a boom to the local arts scene. But there’s one catch - the show is due to air in just one week!

Our Crowdfunder

It’s important to us that we can pay everyone involved and redistribute the money within our community. Our target of £10,000 will fund every stage of producing ‘What’s a Week’, and the more resources we have the better a film we will be able to deliver. For example, we need to hire equipment, crew - both in London and Los Angeles, locations, and post production. At industry rates the cost of our production would be over four times are fundraising target. 


Everybody involved in the making of this film is an investor, whether it's in time, passion, tech and most importantly the financial input from the public. You are our community, who share our passion and commitment to the live music experience. We are collectively giving our time and dedication to revitalise our communities after a long enforced stagnation. By donating to our crowd funder, you too will be investing in and supporting South London arts scene.

This crowd funder is more than a fundraising campaign, we are offering you the chance to be involved in the film's writing and creation. With our crowdfunding rewards you can be IN the film, as part of 'What's a Week?' Without your input it will be more difficult to tell our complete collective story in the film.

I am appealing to you, because of my personal experiences of covid’s impact on the world I live in. Don’t put anything off that really means anything, a burning passion, the experience of living in the now. For tomorrow may never come to you again. Patrick Lyons

Meet the team

ph7 -  The Director/Producer/Sub-editor 


Patrick Lyons a.k.a. ph7 is a poet, radio broadcaster, actor  promoter, who has been a figure on the London Underground's independent music scene for years. He has worked closely with bands such as Miro Shot (formerly Breton) and the Fat White Family to name two. Past collaborations in film and music video production include Roman Rappak, Tobias Marshall, James Ward and Lou Smith. Between 2012-2016 and with invitation from Kashman Harris, ph7 offered creative direction to graduate film students on acting, writing, and producing their final film projects at Ravensbourne University, Greenwich. 

ph7's interest in film and acting was sparked in 1964, when his acting part as an extra lead to the director spotting his acting talent. In the many years that have followed ph7's creativity has extended over broad ranging career trajectories in poetry, radio broadcasting, live music promotion, acting, writing and film directing. You can watch and listen to some shows here.

Most recently, ph7 has created a series of short films working with Director James Ward and Tobias Marshall over a period of nine years. Titles include:

Stray Dog (2018/2021) Feature Film, actor +. 

Bloodlust (2016) Feature film, actor.

BakerLoo (2016) actor/writer of role Ivor Thames in Film pilot.

Wepawaug (2013) - Actor/co-writer 

Rinsed (2012) - Actor/co-writer 

Airlocked (2011), Director Roman Rappak, Stuart Sinclair with Patrick Lyons. Airlocked  is the eight minute short sci-fi film. The film was made on a £800 budget and premiered at the BFI. The Commission is a music video based on the short film Airlocked. 

Roman and Patrick have collaborated on short films and music videos, that include cameo appearances.

Certain Little Facts - Breton (2012) - Music and lyrics 

Other peoples Problems - Breton (2012) - Album 

VR video Immersed (Miro Shot) 2018

Love Turns to Hate - The 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster (2010) - Actor

The Temper Trap -  The Drum Song (BretonLABS remix ft Kate Tempest) (2010) - Actor 

Until Further Notice (2008) - Actor/co-writer 

Production & Creative Team


From top-left: Lou Smith, James Ward, Prashant, Tobias Marshall, Henry Kennedy, Dom Acna and Nigel Dean DOP drone scenes. 

Lou Smith, Director of Photography (4 Scenes) and Editor: Photographer and Videographer based in South East London. Lou Smith specialises in event coverage and music. For the past 10 years Lou has documented the up swell of musical creativity that exists in and is supported by South-London's independent venues.

James Ward, Lighting Tech: James Ward is a Director and has been a Long-time collaborator with  Pat Lyons, writing and directing short films in Waves and Flux Films.

James began his film career as an actor working on a BBC Children’s TV production called Station Jim, having been surrounded by acting from a young age he went to Goldsmiths to study drama and theatre arts to study directing. Having studied classical and alternative methods of directing James applied his experience of growing up in South London to create his own unique voice and style of story telling. As well as fiction James also helps run the documentary company Art begets Spirit shooting lighting and editing

Prashant, Surplus Lighting Specialist, Lighting/ Tech and Audio projections: Surplus Sounds Lighting and audio tech are a south London based company that created instalments regularly at Tate Britain throughout 2018 and 2019. Other notable instalments include the exploding cinema. Surplus lighting has also worked on the Madonnatron music video directed by James Ward. 

Tobias Marshall, Consultant: Tobias Marshall is a South London based camera operator, cinematographer, producer and photographer. Tobias is known for his work on box office films such as 'X-Men: first class' (2011), 'Sky Fall' (2012), 'Robin Hood' (2010) and 'Clash of the Titans' (2010). Tobias is a long-time collaborator with Patrick Lyons,James ward  together they have made seven films within the last nine years.

Henry Kennedy, Sound: Henry Kennedy is a sound recordist, sound designer and foley artist and founder of Howson Productions. Henry worked with Patrick Lyons on short film - The last pub in London 2020. Way out West, 2019  radio play - Musical collaboration on two electronica songs. Henry has Lived in London for 5 years recording, producing and editing sound for who ever wants it! Look out for his latest sound work on the new feature film "The Art of living" out summer 2021.

Dom Acna, Camera and Tech: Dom Acna is a music producer and undergraduate student at Goldsmiths University of London.

Nigel Dean, DOP Drone Operator

Sound Score 

1620337216_ss.jpgFrom left: Robert Stockholm (LA), Sarah Bear (UK) and Harry McHale (UK)

Robert Stockholm (LA): Is a multi-instrumentalist based between London, Liverpool and LA. His musical style combines old-fashioned rock with the ethos of punk psychedelia. 

Sarah Bear (UK): Sarah is a South-east London based singer songwriter, who has been performing at and hosting the renowned Sunday Sounds open mic event, that has been running for over a decade.

Harry McHale (UK): Actor/musician studying at Mountview Academy of theatre Arts. Saxophonist in the band and collective Me=U


From top-left: Cat Young, Billy Daniel Frampton, Isabel Cats, Warren Mansfield, Gavin Mystrion, Chloe Curry, Honey Hahs , Francesco, Harry, Superstition Twatville, John Clay,  Robert Stockholm, Ash Burt, Myles Morgan, Byfyn, Brain Henderson, Anthony Beanlands and Jerome Alexandre.

Cat Young as Kitty: Cat is a New Zealand born, London based musician, visual artist and writer. In addition to writing and recording her own music, she plays bass for MeU, a dynamic collective of musicians, poets, film makers, performance artists and creative revolutionaries, and for other projects including The Udders.  She regularly participates in a handful of South London’s ‘round the table’ jam sessions and has a passion for the almost transcendental community connection that these create.

Prior to this, she cut her musical teeth performing within Squirrel Skin Slippers, a punk blues duo, closely associated with the East London burlesque and rock & roll scene. The duo played across the UK, New Zealand and in New York City and released two EPs. She has been a guest vocalist for bands including The Silver Brazilians and Lead Ashtray. She has also appeared in music videos including for The Future Shape of Sound and for The Deptford Beach Babes.

In WAW the character Kitty experiences post-traumatic stress, the covid experience impact on family, insomnia and overwork.

Billy Daniel Frampton as Dante Gonzo: Billy Daniel Frampton is a 21 year old aspiring musician, actor, poet and artist originally from Wolverhampton, England. Living in Peckham, south east London. Billy has studied psychology for the last 6 years and currently attends goldsmiths university of London college where he is an undergraduate student completing a degree in psychology, due to his interest in the human condition. 

In WAW the character Dante Gonzo is a singer songwriter in London studying online when university campus is a ten minute walk away. Suffering with anxiety and delusions.

Isabel Cats Inner alter ego of ph7: Isabel Cats is a multidisciplinary artist, with music as her creative direction. She is currently studying fine art at Goldsmiths University of London.

In WAW Isabel Cats plays the character of the inner alter ego of ph7. The voices of the innocent calling out in an echo chamber, appearing out of thin air.

Warren Mansfield as ZsaZsa Sapian: Warren Mansfield band member Meatraffle 

In WAW the character Zsa Zsa obsessively strives, trumpet ready to blast out the charge. Covid brings the fall into depressive symptoms, from alienation away from the band. Leading to feelings and thoughts of powerlessness, restrictions, and failure of the government to get a clear message out. 

Gavin Mystrion as Jos Detoa: Gavin Mystrion is a musician, songwriter, poet and producer who writes, records and plays music with Sonic Eyes and Scud FM.

In WAW the character Jos has never been out of work, always on the road to next booking. Now, stuck In a basement and home studio he longs for the stage. Anxiety fuels the insomnia and doubts about the future. 

Chloe Curry in dual roles - Rag Fairy dream & ph7 Madame Midnight - Sayer in main chapel scene  Chloe Curry is a Graphic designer, burlesque dancer and member of the London based Rising Sun Collective

Her role in WAW involves appearing in ph7's lucid dreamscapes as a Rag fairy & Madame midnight. With three acolytes the dance a dance of dances. As the clock turns waves blend in voices.

Honey Hahs as Acolytes singers: Honey Hahs are a band of 3 sisters, Rowan - Seer,  Robin - Searcher and Sylvite Hallett - Seeker.They are from Peckham, SE London.

In WAW their Voices weave interstellar esoteric motions into rhyme in the riddle.

Francesco as Concho and Harry as Hector The lead guitarist and lead singer of The Gulps came back for two weeks in London. Finish the master. Get album ready before returning to New York City. A year later Harry‘s losing it! Francesco holds it together for the singer. 

In WAW this could happen to any band.

Superstation Twatville: Superstation Twatville are an eight titted musical beast from London.

In WAW their characters experience auto hallucinations with bipolar mania. Slapstick screwball absurdity seeping in at the first rehearsal in months. 

Zoom Call Actors with ph7 

John Clay as Clark Kent: John Clay (a.k.a the 'rock 'n' roll super man) is a London based videographer, director, editor, author, broadcaster, and actor.

In WAW ph7 reaches out knowing that he held back the last payment to Clark. Wants to clean the slate start again, he needs Clark. 

Robert Stockholm as Texas Bob (Comcast producer): TexasBob Juarez is a Rock Musician based in Liverpool/London UK residing in LA. In WAW he is cast in the opening scene and  the LA based Zoom Calls.

Ash Burt as Zoom Call actor/scene: Ash is the Vocalist in the West-London based band Slender Pins. In WAW Peter has had enough, pushed to the edge. Working from home, a call center. 

Myles Morgan as Zoom Call actor/scene: Myles Morgan has been described as 'the rising voice of London's disenfranchised underclass', with laidback crooning vocals. Myles has been officially releasing music since 2017, his sound and lyrics paint pensive pictures of various escapades through London life.

In WAW Henry Parker, has been empowered through his online work. The channel is picking up subscribers. Networking between Prague, Berlin and Stockholm he is making inroads.

Brain Henderson as Beatbop rapper Zoom Call actor/scene: Brian is a musician, producer and 'accidental actor'. Born in Virginia US into a family of artists, musicians and poets, Brian settled in New York City in the early 70's. Brian studied Music and Radio as Los Angeles City College. Brians credits to date include, Hammer Horror Films, Beyond the rave, Crammed Disk, Late Night with Jools Holland and  Sony Music.

Anthony Beanlands as Ant Blackbones Zoom Call actor/scene : Ant Blackbones is the lead singer and guitarist of Shackle Free a UK rock'n'roll and blues band. 

In WAW Ant is cast as a zoom call actor. Who is only desire is, to be back on stage with the band. Climbing the walls with inactivity, he is ready to play on any stage. 

Jerome Alexandre as Zoom Call actor/scene: Jerome Alexandre is a musician from South London best know for his songwriting and guitar playing with the band Deadcuts, swell as playing with post-punk band Sleaze.

As a teenager Alexandres androgynous appearance caught the eye of the BBC who invited him to guest on various programmes on fashion. He has also did extra work on the movie 'Hackers' and 'Judge Dredd' and starred in the move 'The Second Coming' which featured Peter Doherty, Kim Fowley, Boyd Rice and Middle Partridge. It won an award at MUFF film festival. 

In WAW Jerome is struggling with covid associated grief and insomnia.

Los Angeles, CA production

Mark Christian as Director of opening scene Texas Bob in LA - ZC scene/actor Texas Bob 

Female actor LA: To be Cast, second scene with Texas Bob 

Musical Cast 


From top-left: Sonic Eyes, Meatraffle, HUDs, SSTV, The Gulps, MeU, Slender Pins, The Honey Hahs, The Oozes, Byfyn and Discount Orchestra.

Sonic Eyes are a South London duo blending words and beats to dance out of the end times into.

Meatraffle is a common chord running through the leftist brigades of the South London art scene. For Meatraffle it is the political, the platonic, the comradeship of the struggle that provides true artistic grist.

HÜDS are a 4 piece Rock Band from Wolverhampton England, Melding influences from sonic youth to the Manics, Bauhaus to Primal scream, HÜDS create high energy Avant-garde Rock fit for the 21st century.

Superstation Twatville (SSTV) DUMP HIM NOW.

The Gulps formed in London in 2017 and hailing from three corners of Europe and the Middle East, this group go young provocateurs have come together with an elegant and sophisticated dirty rock and roll.

Me=U is a band composed of a collective of musicians, film makers, performance artists, poets and revolutionaries in composing change! Art in the heart is where Me=U starts, first breath. Rat Stars one and all.

Slender Pins are a band from west London who write pop songs about lust and decay. With a live act described as ‘organised chaos’ and a sound like a kleptomaniac raised on ABBA and Iggy Pop. Slender Pins combine the grit of punk and garage rock with the bounce of dance and rock n' roll.

The Honey Hahs are 3 sisters from Peckham, whose latest single has been picked up by Spotify playlists and is getting 12,000 listens a month. The Honey Hahs have a fast growing fanbase that extends as far as Japan, due to to a Japanese You Tube translator (Jeff Chicken) who is championing them. Expect a new single release at the end of this month produced by Gam and Dante from Sweat (Dominio records).

The Oozes London and Manchester based punk band.

BYFYN is producer Ellie Isherwood. BYFYN fuses Ambient Electronic with SynthPop to make atmospheric yet catchy tracks.

The Discount Orchestra Formed in South London in 2011, The Discount Orchestra take their inspiration from London’s dark, anarchic corners. Conjuring tales of love, loss, and post-apocalyptic survival, over a soundtrack that dances between genres.

The Locations


From top-left: AMP Studios SE15, The Asylum Chapel SE15, ph7 Studio Space, Stompie Garden SE14, The Rising Sun - Studio Space SE14, The Ferries SE14, Trinity Church Sq. SE1, Dickens Sq Garden SE1. 


This project offered rewards

£100 or more

£100 FUTURE....

These stories the actors portray, you can help me tell, by sharing your own experience as musician or artist person. Give me & the actors a sentence, a paraphrase, a witticism. We recite, mix dialogue into four main scenes. The Actors will deliver your lines! With a release to use in Dialogue PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LAT

£15 or more


With the £15 - A ticket to the wrap party in the Neutral Zone at AMP Studios, be part of the party!!! Come get some photos with cast and crew - AMP has a cheap bar for the workers to enjoy the night around like minded people

£20 or more

£20FUTURE ...

Commissioned Film posters of (What’s a Week?) Using the best materials! Numbered signed dated with your name. A limited edition run. PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATE

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Zoom call with the director Patrick Lyons. Updates, progress of the film. The personalisation and insights into what is going on behind-the-scenes. To be scheduled one day a month. What would you realistically pay for 15mins with ph7?

£50 or more

£50 FUTURE...

Want to be part of the cast in the south London music film? One way we can do it is as a extra, have the camera zoom into face 3/4 seconds, placment in the outdoor/or indoor scenes I have worked this sequence shoots to involve anyone who wants to be part of the film. In the mystical scenes I can put in the portrait image of your face full as possible in one of the main scenes ! PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATE

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