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by Werewolf Beer in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 27th April 2021 we successfully raised £32,735 with 328 supporters in 35 days

Planned to open in 2020, Werewolf Beer has adapted plans repeatedly due to COVID-19. Help us open the coolest new brewery/taproom in London.

by Werewolf Beer in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thanks to YOU we've got the basics covered. Another £5,000 would let us upgrade our tap line/back bar install, better point of sale/till and start the taproom off at a much higher level from day one!


    I moved1616507678_579207_10150728631638190_1866154858_n.jpg to London for love, uprooting my entire life for a bit of a gamble. But now, not only do I have an amazing wife and new friends, I've been able to nurture my other love; brewing! It's been a wild ride to say the least, read on to find out more...

     During my 5 years as Head Brewer at London Brewing Co, I was able to help it grow from a ti1616504913_fb_img_1616504376783.jpgny kitchen brewery to a full size production facility. I created amazing, award winning beers and sold them all over the UK, one time even simultaneously taking over 10 taps at over 200 Nicholson's pubs in London. I brewed collaborations that even went as far as Finland and the US. I've brewed some of the first well received modern sour beers in the UK as well as our award winning 100 Oyster Stout. I was invited to serve this on cask at the Guinness brewery in Dublin as part of their prestigious  International Stout Day. It was even the first cask tapped at St James Gate Brewery since they'd moved to kegs in 1963!


     In 2019, it was finally time to move on and realize my dream of having my own brewery. It's taken a lot of soul searching, investment, trial and error and the hardest work I've ever committed to! Werewolf Beer was founded in April 2019, with the inte1616504564_syracusepunk_20210323_125634_0.jpgntion to be An American Brewery in London with a unique taproom to welcome the public and share my roots with them. We were on track to be open and brewing from our own premises in 2020, but COVID-19 changed all of that. We didn't give up on the dream or the intention. Instead we've taken the time to rework our plans, find ways to adapt and fine tune exactly the sort of brewery that we want to run.


     We had the chance to set up a pilot plant at one of North London's best craft beer bars, Th1616503619_werewolfbeer_20210319_114102_0.jpge Rose + Crown in Kentish Town. Kegs of test batches of our Psychobilly American Pale Ale and Horrorshow Rye IPA sold out in mere hours. We even worked with Little Creatures in Kings Cross to make a tasty prickly-pear wheat beer for the London Brewers Alliance and SIBA Love Beer London Festival.

     We've made the best of a tough time, and luckily hadn't committed to a lease or loans before everything shut down. We were able to find an amazing location in Camden Town, but due to lockdown and more work than expected, negotiations have dragged, planning and construction has been impossible 1616504701_erdq1fnxuae_7dd.jpgat times and professional fees have added up. During this down time we've reworked our business model, had advice to start packaging in cans sooner and are taking on some of the building work that was meant to be done by landlords. All of this has caused funds to be tighter than expected.


     I've personally always said that I wouldn't crowdfund, but the last year has changed everything for brewing and hospitality as well as the rest of the UK. Werewolf Beer has been slowly moving along but is now ready to charge ahead. To do this we need some support. We're reaching out to you folks to get us there and be part of this wild ride! We can truthfully say that we've come up with some worthwhile and unique rewards. Things we're really happy to offer in exchange for your generous support in getting Werewolf Beer up and running. 

     We won't be just like any other brewery. We will make high quality beer of course, but you'll be able to enjoy it in our Americana themed taproom complete with US snacks and its own HAUNTED GHOST TRAIN! This is Camden Town after all, so things are going to have to be a bit more rock and roll.


     Stay tuned here and on our social media (links above), for pictures, updates and some more super special rewards coming out over the next few weeks. Help GET WEREWOLF BEER BREWING and our taproom open!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£55 or more


New Werewolf Beer logo hoodie. We suggest taking it off before a full moon, since buying a new one every month could get pricey!

£3 or more

12 of 1000 claimed

Sticker and Postcard

Everybody loves getting mail, throw us a few bones and we'll send you some. Includes cool logo sticker to help you promote your new favorite brewery!

£7 or more

Evil Curse

We will put a playful "curse" into a beer we are making to the benefit/detriment of anyone/thing you desire. We will even record it and put it up on social media like some bloody hipster for the interwebz to see. Your ex, boss, landlord, Southern Rail, PM, bathroom scale? The world is your oyster! Supposed to be £6.66 but Crowdfunder doesn't allow decimals so 34p of tap room credit available upon request.

£8 or more

7 of 500 claimed

Patch and Button

Silk screen logo patch and 1" Button (that's a badge for you UK folks) to put on your jacket or backpack to show off your werewolf pride!

£10 or more

12 of 50 claimed

Can Koozie

We're buying a canning line to put beer in cans. You're buying the cans to put beer into your face. Buy a koozie to put the can in and keep it cool. *You can put other, non Werewolf Beer into the koozie but it's not reccomended.

£12 or more

24 of 100 claimed


Relive those beer-hall memories from the comfort of your own home with this Werewolf Beer 2/3 pint shaker glass. Additional shipping may be required for international werewolves.

£15 or more

Tote Bag

This bag holds a lot of stuff, werewolfy stuff. Don't believe us? Buy some other Werewolf Beer stuff and see if it fits!

£20 or more

32 of 100 claimed

New Werewolf Beer Logo Shirt

Get Red, White & Brewed with this amazing new Werewolf Beer logo shirt.

£20 or more

52 of 100 claimed

Exclusive Allan Graves Werewolf Shirt

Ultimate Tattooist, rocker and horror lover Allan Graves of Haunted Tattoo is making a shirt just to help us hit our target! Top secret design coming soon BUT order now, it will be SICK!!!

£25 or more

5 Panel Hat

Moonlit nights can get chilly, keep those wolf ears warm with our hip 5 panel hat with logo under the brim.

£30 or more

66 of 75 claimed

Launch Party

We are so excited to show off our new brewery and taproom. We can't wait to have you visit! Support us and get a VIP party with a free drink and snacks. Meet fellow werewolves, beer fans and have a great time!

£80 or more

27 of 30 claimed

Wolf Club - Founders - Baby Woof

£100 tap room credit for £80! Your name on the Founder's Board

£150 or more

24 of 28 claimed

Wolf Club - Founders - Grandma Woof

£200 of taproom credit for £150! Your name on the Founders wall.

£500 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Corporate "Sponsor" 1 Year

Does your company think we're cool? Have your people call our people. Signage, collaborations? Terms negotiable.

£500 or more

5 of 20 claimed

Wolf Club - Founders - Imperial Strength Wolf

Double your MONEY in taproom credit! £1000 in Werewolf beer for £500

£666 or more

1 of 7 claimed

666 Number of the Yeast - Name our TANKS!

Have your slogan/name etc on our brewing vessels for LIFE (the vessel, not yours). Make it funny, make it memorable keep it clean(ish). (2 are for tanks that are yet to be delivered so will be a big deal when they arrive!!!)

£750 or more

2 of 4 claimed

Werewolf Brewers For a Day

You and a friend help us brew on the BIG brewing equipment (800 litre) includes lunch, beer and goodies! *Help means doing all the hard stuff

£1,300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Corporate "Sponsor" 3 Year

Does your company think we're cool? Have your people call our people. Signage, collaborations? Terms negotiable. (saving you £50/year over the 1 Year option) Bad things always come in threes, and if you take this three-year slot we figure you're a pretty bad MF with a pretty bad-ass business. We want to know you! (£200 savings, £66.6/year over the 1 year option it has "13" in it!!!)

£2,100 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Brew A Beer - Group/Company

Hold a team building event for up to 15 staff, and come brew a beer with us. Lunch, tastings and beer knowledge training are on us! We'll let you know when your batch is ready to come back and drink with your team.

£2,500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

See You Next Wednesday - Custom Reward

Want to really show your support? Pick this reward and you're the star of the show, and the director! Hollyweird awaits, we're ready for your close up, so make us a deal and pick your own reward. *T&C's apply as well as all UK/EU laws.

£5,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

You made me miss! - Custom Reward

And I never miss! But this time, we aren't going to miss our target, thanks to you! Name your heart's desire and we'll make it come true if you show your support. *T&C's apply as well as all UK/EU laws.

£10,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Beware the Moon! - Custom Reward

Andy stay off the moors! Good advice for most, but you, you are a true royal. King of the wolves, no harm can come to you with us as your humble servants. Show us your benevolence and we'll work to come up with a custom reward fit for a king! *T&C's apply as well as all UK/EU laws, you will not be made royalty, no matter what they said on Oprah.

£10 or more

4 of 4 claimed

Passyunk LOVE Bundle Prize Draw

Awesome US food shipped from London to your door (UK) make at home cheese steaks, wings and tater tots! (and more) This will ship AS SOON AS WE HIT TARGET so keep sharing!!!

£65 or more

4 of 4 claimed

Lost Boys Pizza at Home Kit for 2 UK Shipping!

Kit with 2 amazing BLACK charcoal pizzas with your choice of toppings and a killer cocktail each! These make at home kits are the perfect night in. Rock the Lost Boys Pizza playlist, sing dance and chow down!

£75 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Plush Werewolf Beer Collector's Figure

Hand crafted rockin' werewolf collectible. Even features branded Werewolf Beer biker vest. Contains small parts and not suitable for children, not a toy!

£100 or more

40 of 40 claimed

Wolf Club - Founders - Papa Woof

£150 tap room credit for £100! Your name on the Founder's Board

£100 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Lost Boys Pizza Dinner for 4!

The world's ONLY vampire pizzeria is offering 2 courses and a cocktail for four at their rocking restaurant in Camden Town, London! Pete and his crew are amazing hosts and big supporters of Werewolf Beer!

£200 or more

11 of 11 claimed

Wolf Club - Founders - Big Bad Woof

£300 of taproom credit for £200! Your name on the Founder's Board

£250 or more

6 of 6 claimed

Brew A Beer - Individual

Brew a beer on our pilot kit and come drink it when it's done. Lunch, drinks and laughs included.

£900 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Corporate "Sponsor" 2 Year

Does your company think we're cool? Have your people call our people. Signage, collaborations? Terms negotiable. (saving you £50/year over the 1 Year option)

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