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A WW2 Home Front and Home Guard Museum maintained as a charity, teaching, entertaining, and enlightening for the benefit of the people of Lincolnshire and visitors from elsewhere.

About the Museum



Where it all began.

Proprietor/Curator, Paul writes: 

"As a youngster, my father took me to the pictures to see the 1969 Battle of Britain film starring Michael Caine, my already keen interest in WW2 memorabilia just grew from that point onwards. 

Later in life, my wife, Linda and I used to visit schools, with a 5-ton army truck loaded with WW2 exhibits I'd collected. We used them in a special hands-on delivery to teach children about the war years as part of their curriculum.

In August 2017 we opened our We'll Meet Again: WW2 Homefront Museum - (with reserved days for educational visits from schools), and by December 2021, we were welcoming dozens of school groups each year, we received praise from the Education Authorities and letters of thanks from hundreds of pupils, plus we'd welcomed visitors from around the UK and from more than 50 countries."

Now, a Brilliant New Project

After displaying a pair of film-prop fighter aircraft, Paul and Linda decided that having an WW2 RAF Spitfire or Hurricane and a hanger in which to permanently display it, would be an excellent long-term addition to the museum. It would give us more space to display RAF memorabilia and room to put on events, under cover throughout the year.

We('ll) meet again... after 54 years!

Paul went in search of an acceptable aircraft to exhibit, and after much hunting, discovered that the actual aircraft that had been displayed on the Odeon Cinema roof in 1969 to promote the film Battle of Britain, was possibly available, but in a very sad state in its owner's outbuilding. He further learned that the owner might consider selling it. To cut a long story short, Paul agreed a price, and with financial help and donations from generous friends and associates, was able to purchase the dismantled Hawker Hurricane fighter (below top), and from that point the project began to move towards take-off.




A small but determined, and very skilful group of friends and associates (above, centre and bottom) helped Paul, Bradley, and Darren to replace all the ribs, formers and stringers of the fuselage that had been broken over time, or rotted by woodworm, re-cover the fuselage with heavy-duty Irish linen, dope it to make it stiff, and camouflage paint it. They also worked on the missing parts of the tailplane, strengthened the wings and their attachment points to the fuselage, ensuring the correct dihedral (wing to fuselage angle) was achieved. They repaired and strengthened the two main undercarriage legs and tail wheel. A refurbished cockpit windscreen and replacement canopy were also purchased.

Now all we need is a hanger 


Above: Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, Mr Toby Dennis; The Mayor of Boston Cllr David Brown and the Mayoress, plus Councillor Dale Broughton, and numerous museum friends and suppliers at the unveiling of the renovated Hurricane.

Our planning application for the addition of a hanger on-site, in which to maintain the fully constructed Hurricane permanently on display, has been approved by Boston Borough Council

There will be sufficient space in the hanger to display our amazing range of RAF WW2 exhibits as well. In good weather the Hurricane can be wheeled out through the 14.4m of folded doors and onto a Hard Standing, so visitors can see it close up in the open air, and even have their photo taken beside it. There will also be space for events to be held inside the hanger all year round so visitors aren't put off coming to the museum on an event weekend (such as Battle of Britain weekend) because of bad weather, which we see as very important. Like our other main buildings, the hanger will be fully wheelchair accessible.

Why do we need a hanger?

Because of the open location of the museum (adjacent to the North Sea), leaving the restored Hurricane on display on our grassed display area or even on the partially shielded parade ground, is simply not possible. Strong winds will rotate the propeller (which could be a danger to visitors), and a heavy gust could even flip the aircraft over!

At present, to be placed on display, the fuselage has to be extracted from the workshop at the front of the museum and towed to the display area at the rear, where the wings are then fitted. It's not an easy job and a minimum of eight strong adults and a trailer with a crane are needed to complete the work! At the end of the day when it's on display, it has to be dismantled and returned to its safe workshop location.

So, a hanger is a vital addition and that will add so much more to the museum in terms of interest, display space and more.


Could you please help us to meet our target, with a donation?

Paul concludes:

"Adding the hanger will do so much for the museum going forward. In addition to some great publicity, the new display building will significantly increase interest in the museum, encourage more visitors to bring family and friends, and others to return for additional visits, and will ensure that we can increase visitor numbers.

Since the museum opened, among other things, we've won the Pride of Boston award, we were runner up in the Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Excellence Awards and recently have also received the YMCA Age-friendly Business award.

From a personal perspective, a recent diagnosis has forewarned me that the hanger could be my last ever project. That is why it is so important for the museum that we get the hanger completed and ensure it receives great publicity.

As Curator, I must leave the museum in a stronger position than it has ever been, so that Linda, who encouraged and then helped me to create the museum, plus our amazing team of loyal volunteers who are so good with our visitors and incredibly knowledgeable (some of whom are registered trustees that help us to keep the museum moving forward) can continue to do so on my behalf.

We have received some kind donations from generous visitors, friends and colleagues towards the Hurricane's restoration, but we still need in the region of £40,000 to complete the Hanger Project. Please can you help?"

If you'd like to learn more about the Museum, then do please visit our website: https://www.wma-ww2museum.co.uk

On our Facebook site, you can see what visitors think of the museum https://www.facebook.com/wmamuseum/


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Heres to getting it up and built. Anita,Karl and Alice x

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Wishing you all the best on your fundraising for a very good cause.

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