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by Christopher Gray in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Help us to be able to continue to provide vital support to Children and Families across Glasgow

by Christopher Gray in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom



Established in May 2017 with just four employees, Well-Fed has grown into a thriving social enterprise employing 13 people and creating enormous social and economic impact within our community and beyond. Trading from our first premises within the Whiteinch Centre, Well-Fed created a safe social space open to the entire community. 

Over the past 3 years Well-Fed has transformed a small kitchen and cafe space (circa 1000 sqft) into a thriving and flourishing social enterprise creating real and tangible social impact. Being a truly community led organisation, Well-Fed has worked to tackle the issues identified by the community, in their community and this has never been more vital as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past 4 months Well-Fed has produced and distributed over 200,000 free meals to those in need across the city and now we need Glasgow's help to ensure we are able to continue this vital service.As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have grown, so has the demand for our services and we are witnessing no slow down in this demand, in fact as the UK job retention scheme winds down we are expecting to see an increase in need and Well-Fed need to make sure that we are able to meet this increased demand.

Well-Fed have been working over the past 18 months on a project to move to bigger and more suitable premises and we were in the final stages of securing the funds for this project when the lockdown began. With grant funders and lenders diverting funds to emergency COVID-19 relief, we have now found ourselves in a position where we must still move, however the funds to cover this move are no longer available to us. Can you help Well-Fed to secure the funds needed or do you have the skills or materials required to help us transform our new premises? If so please pledge your support or get in touch directly through our website.


Christopher Gray 1579791027_chris-gray-well-fed-scotland-1024x609.jpegManaging Director - a motivated, determined and driven social entrepreneur with\n a degree in Social Work

Claire Lilley 1579793884_img_1720.jpgDirector - a naturally caring & thoughtful person who inspires others with a degree in community development and education

Don Jamieson1579794085_don_copy.jpgDirector - a charity and social enterprise CEO with 40 years’ experience in the 3rd sector and a degree in Scots Law

Mark Langdon 1579794422_img_0131-700x394.jpgDirector - a strong advocate for social justice and equality, Mark is now working towards his Phd in Education


Well-Fed need to raise one-off capital funds of £150,000 or equivalent in labour and materials to transform our new premises from being a cold warehouse in South Street into a fully equipped catering facility that can meet the huge demand across Glasgow.

Asking for help is somewhat new to us as an organisation, but there come times where everybody needs a helping hand and that time is now for Well-Fed.

Without your support, Glasgow is at risk of losing a service which thousands of families have come to rely on. Well-Fed has been a constant in so many families lives' over the past 3 years and never more so over the past 4 months where we have come out of our own community and served the city as a whole. With your support we will be there to continue to support our city through any difficulties they may face and ensure none of Glasgow's children, elderly or vulnerable are without a hot meal. Our new facility will have the capacity to produce up to 10,000 meals per day should the need require and your support will ensure that Well-Fed can meet this need.



Prominently situated at the junction of South Street and Scotstoun Street. With an internal space of 10,000 sqft, the property will allow Well-Fed to grow to provide the capacity needed for wider community engagement.

The property will accomodate a kitchen large enough to ensure that we can meet the increased demand which we will face in the coming months and years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and inanition will offer a large fully inclusive community space (5,000 sqft) which will incorporate adequate dining facilities alongside a play area for younger children, a dedicated area for older children / young people, a large floor area for events and activities, a learning zone, a sensory room and a dedicated changing space for those with physical disabilities. 


"Before meeting the well fed community i suffered really badly with depression and i didnt want to leave the house, this had an impact on not only on myself but my kids to  . although i still suffer from mental health the well fed community has made a big impact on mine and my kids lifes and has giving me a new out look on life and giving me the confidence to get out more. Almost a year later my life has dramatically changed, i am just about to start college which i never thought i would do and my kids have met loads of new friends. Without the well fed community i dont know were i would be without theyre amazing work and support network they have for me and my kids xxx"                                                                                                       

"Wellfed have provided a apprenticeship for my daughter that left school before exams this will in turn give her the life skills education and support she requires to be professionally and personally capable to hold a job. My daughter has been through a lot after her dad died of an overdose Wellfed have gave her emotional support as well as provided ongoing family support that helps my daughters mental health and social ability.\nThey have also personally helped me with my mental health an support with educational needs to complete my honors degree at Glasgow uni. I am tryin to educate myself to have a better life for myself and my daughter I would find this really difficult if I didnt have the valuable support of wellfed and their team"

"wellfed has made a big impacted on myself and my daughter life as she now feels comfy being round all different children and is happy to join in with the different activities the guys at wellfed offer. my daughter has tired all different and healthy foods thanks to the team at wellfed. I couldn't be happier been round ppl when I need them most. such special ppl to think about others all the time" 

"Wow where do I start it has done so much for me and kids I suffer from depression and have done since I was  a kid since coming well fed I don’t feel lonely anymore I’ve met so many wonderful ppl and other mums who are now all friends and support it’s somewhere to go matter how ur feeling someone will always b there to have a gab and put a smile on my face and that’s before all the wonderful experience that my kids and I have been able to enjoy thanks to them.. before well fed I used to dread the school holidays now we can’t wait for them to make more wonderful memories with our wellfed family xxx

"Well fed is a massive part of me and my kids lifes from building all of our confidence, making life long friends and all of the brilliant chances that we get to make memories and explore things and places that wouldn't normally have the chance 2 do. Before well-fed I found it really hard  to find the right club for my kids were I could also be apart of what they are doing as my kids find it hard to be on there own with me. Well-fed aren't just a club they are a family ❤???? xxx"

"Well fed has been great for my mental health not just well fed but Chris and claire check up on us to make sure we’re ok which is lovely of them because I feel they care about us"

"Since my son has started going to well fed he absolutly loves it as do i myself they things they do for kids and familys is brilliant i used to stay in thornlibank and still used to travel to get to it it is amazing not just for my family but for all familys dont think the community would be the same without it we are just like one big family xxx"

"Well-fed have had a massive impact on me and my family life and also so many more families too as a single mum of 3 kids i cant always afford to take my kids places or do things with them as much as i would like to but with well fed my kids are actually able to experience so much they are honestly the most amazing people to walk this earth & not to forget they have gave me the chance to actually meet and interact with other mums aswell well fed are the most best people/place about without them this place would have nothing xxx"

"Without well fed me in kenzie would be stuck in the house all time and he would still be stuck to me like glue use have given him so much confidence and wee have meet some amazing friends wee would lost without use i dont mind it not being anonymous"

"I have lived in maryhill for the vast majority of my life and moving to whiteinch was going to be a big change for us, that change was made a lot easier for us thanks to the well fed community making myself, partner and kids feel so welcome. They have changed our lives for the better in a short period of time making them more than just friends they are our family"

"having fled domestic violence in November we left with nothing but our clothes. A friend suggested i get in touch with well fed and when i told them my biggest fear was my 3 children waking up on christmas with nothing they delivered food and amazing gifts that had been donated to them. i have never felt so cared for and seeing my kids faces on christmas morning has given me hope that we are going to be ok"

On behalf of Well-Fed (Scotland) CIC, our staff team and most importantly the Whiteinch Community, I want to share my sincere thanks and appreciation for taking an interest in Well-Fed and for your supporting our campaign, Every little bit goes a long way.



Christopher Gray 

Managing Director

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