Trowbridge First Zero Waste Shop- We Are Undressed

by Leyla Amba Bakali-Laughton in Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th September 2019 we successfully raised £9,855 with 193 supporters in 28 days

The goal is to open Trowbridge's first zero waste shop. Selling dried kitchen goods, refillable liquids and non food items.

by Leyla Amba Bakali-Laughton in Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

 By hitting the larger target we will be able to buy a larger variety of stock, orange juice machine, peanut butter machine, a freezer and refillable frozen goods as well as spending a little more on other items.

Original video talking all about this project:

What is We Are Undressed?

A non-profit zero waste, package free shop opening in Trowbridge in October 2019. Our profits will be donated back into the local community. We are using our voice to help tackle climate change through removing plastic and educating people on how easy and accessible it will be for all.

What is our Ethos?

We are all about conscious consuming. Making shopping more ethically accessible and affordable for everyone. We hope that, as people make the change, it will encourage conversations about why we don't need to shop how we have been for decades and why we need to stop using single use packaging. 

A few facts that you probably didn’t know...

* All plastic that has ever been created is still on the Earth! Nappies, sanitary products, straws, wet wipes, toys, cellophane packaging, toothbrushes. The list goes on and on. 

* Some cities and countries have banned the use of single use plastic! 

* Plastic kills more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year and 90% of all birds have plastic particles in their stomachs. 

* In 30 years, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 

This really scares me, particularly because I have young daughter. I hate  to think what it means for the future of her generation, especially because England has declared a climate Emergency. 

What are we going to do?

With us you can shop plastic free! You bring in your own containers and refill them when they’re empty, meaning you can buy as much as you like without the  food waste! You’ll also be happy to know that we aim to make it cheaper on your pocket.  

We will have a large variety of dried kitchen goods, from grains, herbs and spices, to pasta and pulses. We will also have refillable household cleaning and personal hygiene products. Including shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid and more. 

We will also have a selection of non-food goods. Including reusable sanitary products, straws, wax wraps, and lots lots more!

Who am I?

I'm a mother from Trowbridge. I grew up here and am now raising my daughter here. I have recently moved back from Bristol where zero waste shopping was easily accessible. I really want to pave the way for easy sustainable changes that everyone so we can all make an impact on climate change. 

I am not perfect, I am not 100% zero waste, but I try my best to make conscious, ethical decisions on a daily basis to keep my impact on the environment to a minimum. I feel a big responsibility to teach my daughter not only what is best for her, but for this beautiful planet.

Who can shop with us?

Absolutely everyone! We welcome people from all walks of life, all budgets, and ages. We stand proudly for everyone. We know cost is a massive factor, which is a top priority for us, so we will make sure prices are as low as possible to ensure it is constantly sustainable.

Trowbridge is also a multi-cultural town so we will make sure we reflect this in the products we sell, to ensure that everyone can shop with us.

What will happen when we hit the target?

We have luckily already secured our location so straight away we will be buying shelves, containers, decorating and then placing big bulk orders with our suppliers. Our products will be sourced locally where possible and not in plastic packaging!

How will we spend the money raised?

Item                 Min Set Up               Modern Set Up

Till and scales       £950.                      £6,500        

Display                 £1000.                   £2,500

Stock                  £4,000.                   £6,000

Freezer               N/A.                       £800

Milk Machine.     £780                        £780

PB Machine.      N/A.                        £2,400

Non Foods.        £300.                     £500

Liquids              £300.                     £500

Frozen Foods.   N/A                        £500

Bags                £300                      £300

Total.            £8,000                     £20,000

What do you get for supporting?

We will give you thank you presents. Plastic free of course! Zero waste goodie bags, a sample of what we're selling, exclusive loyalty cards, thank you letters and naming products after you.

I can't pledge money, but how can I support?

Share our crowdfunding page on facebook and Instagram, talk about us to friends and family! 

From the bottom of my heart, and the community of Trowbridge, thank you for believing in this project, for believing in me and trusting me to make this happen.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£150 or more

2 of 6 claimed

Limited Edition prize

A hamper for 2 people to start your zero waste journey off. Including lush products, glass jars, locally made chocolate, skincare, toilet roll and lots lots more. You’ll also receive 2 tickets to a sustainable masterclass, 2 containers named after you and your name on our gratitude wall. You will also be invited to a private tour before we open!

£5 or more

Massive Thank you

Without you and your support we wouldn't be opening this shop. Thank you for believing in our dream!

£10 or more

Supporters Thank You

Your name on our gratitude wall

£25 or more

Thank you bag and pin

A We Are Undressed Pin to wear with pride, showing you have supported us opening, a we are undressed tote bag and your name on our gratitude wall.

£50 or more

9 of 100 claimed

Personalised tote Bag

A unique We Are Undressed tote bag. A bamboo toothbrush and a reusable straw and cleaner. As well as your name on our gratitude wall.

£75 or more

Zero Waste masterclass for 2

I will hold a masterclass of your choice for yourself and one lucky person. We can cover a variety of subjects- making cleaning products, making lotions and creams, recipes, how to up cycle and much much more. You will make products you can take home. As well as your name on our gratitude wall.

£100 or more

Zero Waste Starter Kit

A We are undressed tote bag with a bamboo toothbrush, a straw and straw cleaner, a we are undressed pin, wax wraps, glass spray bottle, solid soap and shampoo.

£150 or more

Gratitude wall and Goodies

We Are Undressed Pin and Tote, bamboo tooth brush, straw and straw cleaner, glass spray bottle, solid soap and shampoo, name a gravity container after you and you name on our gratitude wall.

£250 or more

Founding Member

We will name a container after you, have your name on our founders wall, a 15% discount voucher for the first month we are open and a we are undressed tote bag with a bamboo toothbrush, straw, straw cleaner and pin. Free entry into 2 masterclasses.

£500 or more

Big Thank you Gift

Masterclass for 5 where we can cover how to make your own cleaning products, make your own lotions, how to upcycle and easy changes to make to your everyday life. 5 We Are Undressed Tote bags. As well as 5 15% discount vouchers for the first month we are open and your name on our founding members board.

£750 or more

Masterclass and lots of goodies

A Masterclass for 10 people covering how to make cleaning products, moisturisers and easy changed to make to your everyday life. You will be able to make your own products on the day and take them home with totebags for everyone and goodies inside! We will also put your name on the founders wall and name a gravity container after you. Finally your name/business will be on our website. 5 20% off vouchers for the first month we are open.

£1,000 or more

Gift that keeps on giving

We will put your name/business on our website. 5 20% discount vouchers for the first month we are open. You name on our founders board. Your name entered into a draw to cut the ribbon on our opening day. Name a gravity container after you, Give you 5 We Are Undressed Totebags and a masterclass for 10 covering sustainable topics. A vip tour of the shop before we open.

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