We need Anne McLaughlin as our MP in Glasgow NE

by Flag Up Scotland Jamaica in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We need Anne McLaughlin as our MP in Glasgow NE
We did it
On 1st December 2019 we successfully raised £3,135 with 78 supporters in 31 days

Our aim is to get the SNP's Anne McLaughlin back into Westminster where we know she will fight for our area and for Scotland's Independence.

by Flag Up Scotland Jamaica in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Anne McLaughlin is no stranger to doing the impossible. She was part of the team that helped deliver a 57% Yes vote for Independence in Glasgow Provan constituency. And she broke records with her swing of 39% to the SNP in the 2015 General Election. She was the first woman to represent Glasgow North East since the seat was created. But now she needs your help. 


Westminster is in total chaos. Boris Johnson is hellbent on crashing out of the EU without a deal. A General Election is on the cards - we don’t know when, but we know it is coming. 

When that election comes, every single vote for the SNP will send a message that Scotland must have the option to decide its own future. Don’t miss this opportunity to help elect somebody who will fight for our communities at Westminster. 


Unlike many parties, Anne doesn’t have big corporate donors funding her campaign. Every single penny you can give will go towards electing hard-working, grassroots representation for some of Scotland’s most deprived areas.


We could talk all day about the qualities Anne showed as an elected representative- but I’ll let her track record speak for her. When she was elected, she was determined to do things differently. She had roving surgeries and dedicated days of outreach around the constituency, to reach the people who needed help the most but otherwise wouldn’t have got it. 


She fought tirelessly for WASPI women who were unfairly cheated out of their pensions. She advocated for people who were bullied and sanctioned by the DWP. And she stood up to the Tories time and time again on their heartless and arbitrary immigration policies.


Even when she lost her seat in 2017, Anne didn’t give up on people who needed her. She has spent years fighting for justice for former constituents impacted by Green Deal mis-selling. Many people ended up with long finance agreements they weren’t made aware of, and in many cases much higher bills. This year, Anne and local elected SNP reps managed to secure a win for people affected by this, when they convinced the council to waive the need for individual retrospective planning permission. 


Having a dedicated local MP working to represent people in their very darkest times can make a huge difference- even just knowing that there is somebody in your corner can take a huge amount of pressure off. You can help make a difference today- even if you can only afford a few pounds. 

Glasgow North East was won by 242 votes in 2017, on the lowest turn out of any seat in the UK. All the money that this crowdfunder raises will go towards identifying supporters and getting our vote out. We know we have enough support to win, but we need the resources to make sure that it happens. We can’t wait to turn Glasgow North East yellow again - please dig deep. 

This page is promoted by Ruairi Kelly, on behalf of Anne McLaughlin, both c/o 17 Wardhill Road, Balornock, Glasgow, G21 3NN

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