Waste Away

by Atharv Pujari in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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A family struggles to hold onto love and memory as they face the devastating effects of a progressive neurological disease that threatens to

by Atharv Pujari in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The story Waste Away revolves around a family grappling with the impact of a progressive neurological disease on their lives. It begins with a younger couple, David and Kate, facing the grim reality of David's diagnosis. As they struggle to come to terms with the implications, their relationship is tested by fear, anger, and uncertainty.

Years later, the story intertwines past and present, showing an older David and Kate reflecting on their journey. Despite the pain and challenges, they find moments of peace and acceptance. The narrative explores themes of love, memory, and resilience, culminating in a poignant depiction of loss and the enduring bonds that remain even after the end.


The film Waste Away centres on a profound emotional journey, depicting a family grappling with the relentless progression of a neurological disease. The film aims to realistically and heartfully capture both the devastating lows and moments of grace that such a challenge brings. By intertwining past and present, it explores the fragility of memory and the strength of familial bonds, highlighting internal and external conflicts as a loved one begins to lose their sense of self. Ultimately, Waste Away is a poignant, thought-provoking exploration of love, memory, and the enduring human spirit amidst inevitable loss, using a blend of vibrant and somber tones to reflect the characters' emotional states.

The film takes place in London. It primarily revolves around two locations – Firstly, we have the Home. These are the inspirations behind the look of their home in terms of camera, lighting and production design :


The Idea for the hospital is from the inspirations we took from the below picture, The idea here is to contrast the comfort and safety of home with the insecurities of the outside world.



As the production designer for "Waste Away," I chose a smartly dressed dark purple flowered dress for Kate to reflect her resilience and enduring grace amidst life's challenges. Purple signifies her depth, and the floral pattern hints at her nurturing nature. 

For David, a white shirt with black trousers and suspenders symbolizes simplicity and a timeless elegance, echoing his enduring presence in Kate’s life. 

The contrast between their costumes also subtly underscores their differing emotional states—Kate's more complex and nuanced, while David's is straightforward, representing clarity and purity in his memory.


Creating a film based on my parent's struggle with my father's disease is a powerful and deeply personal endeavour. It’s a chance to honor their journey, paying tribute to their resilience, love and challenges. It’s cathartic and therapeutic not only for myself, but to others that identify with the story.

Creating a film about such a personal topic leads to greater self-understanding and insight into my own emotions and perspectives. Documenting and sharing the story offers a path towards healing and closure, helping to make sense of the journey and experiences of my close ones.

My intimate knowledge and emotional connection to the story allow to create a nuanced and authentic portrayal. It’s an opportunity to explore my creative abilities and tell the story in my own distinctive way.

In addition, it has a social impact shedding a light on the realities of living with dementia, providing a realistic portrayal that helps understand that life is worth living for with and for the ones you love. This film will be an inspiration to support loved ones with dementia or advocate for better care and resources for those affected.

While the story is deeply personal, themes of love, struggle, and acceptance are universal. They resonate widely, allowing audiences to connect on a personal level. The film will evoke powerful emotions, helping audiences to empathize with my family's experience and reflect on their own relationships and life challenges.

This project is a powerful tribute to my family and a valuable contribution to the conversation about dementia and caregiving worldwide.










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