Wager Danger - A recycling battle comedy

by Mery Bernabei in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

Wager Danger - A recycling battle comedy
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Wager Danger is a comedy film that tells the story of a recycling effort between neighbors in a small coastal town in the south of England..

by Mery Bernabei in Gosport, England, United Kingdom


'Wager Danger'

.. Nothing is what it seems!


Director/Writer: Rami Hilmi  Producer: Mery Bernabei

With climate change and global warming crisis upon us, taking care of our environment should be everyone's responsibility. It is our duty to preserve the environment for future generations and for everyone to enjoy a better world for the time being. However, this is not always everyone’s priority. Some do take care of the environment because they believe it is the right thing to do ..others, not quite the same. Maybe they are just trying to win a bet! 'Wager Danger', a 2020 film production, tackles the topic of the environment in a fresh, engaging and positive way. 

Joining originality and humor, 'Wager Danger' tells the story of how a small neighborhood from a quiet coastal town in the south of England takes the recycling effort to another level. This witty, wicked, action packed comedy with plenty of twists and back stabs shows how a harmless local competition turns the respectable residents of a residential neighborhood one against the other, all in the name of the environment. A recycling war with battles that will take them down one by one until only one will triumph!

With only few weeks left from filming, we are now looking for investors to support the production, promotion and the launch of the film to the UK and international film festivals.


1578946980_wager_danger_post.pngWhen a competition among neighbors gets out of control, a silly game becomes one last battle for supremacy. What everyone thought was just a normal good citizen’s duty to keep the environment clean, it turned out to be a mercilessly recycling war that sees Arlo, a submissive husband bullied by his despotic wife, stuck in a surreal situation in which he and his wife compete against ruthless next door neighbors until only one will survive. ‘Wager Danger’, betrays and back stabs in a refined comedy that better shows the true colors of what it seemed to be a well respected residential community neighborhood.


1580798646_lee.jpgLee-on-the-Solent is a small seaside ward within the Borough of Gosport in Hampshire, England, about five miles (8 km) west of Portsmouth. The area is located on the coast of the Solent. It is primarily a residential area, with an upsurge of mostly local visitors in summer, but is well known as the former home to the Royal Naval Air Station HMS Daedalus (renamed as HMS Ariel from 1959 to 1965).


1580799213_rh_4180-bw-web.jpgRami Hilmi is a professional Actor, Fight Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator. His acting career stretches from horror films, drama, thrillers and actions, working within a variety of roles that go from small independent movies to bigger productions. However, a strong deep passion for writing and directing has taken him to embark in his new professional career as Film Director debuting in 2020 with the little comedy 'Wager Danger'. This will be his first time as a Writer / Director on a film set, taking the 'behind the camera' position and putting full energy and focus in the making of this superb comedy.


Melissa Stanton as Cornelia Crew 

1580762237_melissa_stanton.jpgMelissa Stanton is an actress, known for Spirits of the Fall (2008), Discarnate (2017) and Skins (2007). Melissa trained at The Academy Drama School and is an actor and puppeteer with 25 years experience. Melissa can be seen in the Netflix series Haunter. Other acting credits include Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House, Casualty, Skins, Midsomer Murders, Doctor Who, a national tour of Midsummer Nights Dream and Alice Wonderland, and a KFC commercial. 

Daniel Ryves as Arlo Crew

1580762551_daniel_ryves_(1).jpgDaniel Ryves is an actor, known for Fight the Good Fight (2017), Border Control (2020) and Fortvna (2016). Daniel has just over 4 years of acting experience, ranging from SA (Support Artist) to playing lead roles in TV productions and commercials etc. Best known for his roles as the infamous Wolfgang Schmidt and Harry Roberts in the TV series 'World's Most Evil Killers' and 'British Police Murdered on Duty'. Daniel's played comedic roles in various films, in commercials for Visit England, Protect Line, British Marine and Paulton's Park to name a few.

Paul Kelleher as Angus Steak-Farm

1580762671_paul_kelleher.jpgPaul Kelleher is an actor and producer, known for Capture the Flag (2015), Homefront: The Revolution (2016) and Alien: Isolation (2014). Paul was born in Boston USA and studied acting in New York at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. After achieving various TV, film and stage credits in both New York and Los Angeles, Paul migrated to the UK where he has been a professional actor and voice-over artist since 2005.

Sue Bartlett as Doris Darlington

1581524604_sue_barlett.jpgSue Bartlett is a stage actress with plenty of experience in theater shows and TV. Highlights include appearing alongside professionals in two community plays at Chichester Festival Theatre and a production of Macbeth in which she played 4 roles. She also had film experience playing a lead role in a locally based soap opera shown on You Tube and the Community Channel.

Rudolph Barrow as The Judge

1580763126_rudy_barrow.jpgRudolph Barrow, stage name Rudy Barrow, born 8th September 1964, started out as a film extra back in the 1980’s and is now a confident Actor, Director and Producer, Rudy has the ability to make audiences believe he is the character being portrayed. Rudy Barrow is known for his work on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), The Brink (2019) and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Norberto Morán as Mr. Brimm the Tatty Man

1580763221_norberto_mor%C3%A1n.jpgNorberto Morán is an actor and producer, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), I need money (2017) and Gardening (2015).

James Hare as The Stooge

1580763344_james_hare.jpgJames is a versatile and creative supporting artist and actor who likes to bring his own particular method and style to each role he takes on and each character he plays. James is best known for his featured roles in television shows such as SS-GB (2018) and Downton Abbey (2013) and feature films such as Transformers V: The Last Knight (2017) and most recently the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody (2018).

Simon Masterman as The Drudge

1581524204__private_var_mobile_containers_data_application_f6e41f36-dd8b-4f39-9e76-6f2a961d70a6_tmp_0f2384d6-a9bd-4a66-a944-cf1eeef93de3_image.jpegSimon is a Senior Business System Analyst with a great passion for the film industry and acting but absolutely zero experience. However, his good look is just perfect for the part of The Drudge. He has definitely got the face!

Lottie Goodchild as The Presenter

1580848755_lottie.jpgLottie Goodchild is a professionally trained actress. She uses the skills she has learnt to create 'characters' whilst posing in front of a camera so she can really become someone within the photos she takes. She adores photographs that really tell a story and this is something she now strives to achieve within her own work/portfolio.There are so many beautiful subtleties to the camera that can be read in so many ways.

Josephine Kook-Clark as The Travel Agent 

1581524529_josephine-kook-clark.jpgJosephine is known for playing Puck/Duchess, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/ALICE IN WONDERLAND, on a stage playing Constance/Milady, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and other Theater playing like THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and many more..

Gavin Smith as the Postman

Gavin smith is an actor/comedian who has been performing professionally for over 15 years touring as an actor playing in a multitude of productions playing many different roles from bilbo baggins to captain Hook to the lead role in hamlet has Co written touring shows and as a character comedian currently working on a new sketch show and writing new live material


Jason Impey – Director of Photography

Rainy Rixon – 1st AD

Rusty Apper – Music Composer

David V G Davies – Special Effects

Sonia Bernabei – Storyboard

Charlotte Fell - Stills Photographer/Continuity

Jordan Saxton - Sound Engineers/Recordist


If you are an investor and you wish to be Executive Producer, get in touch by emailing [email protected]


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