Vote Colette Walker ISP in Renfrewshire East

by Colette Walker in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

Vote Colette Walker ISP  in Renfrewshire East

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Myself and ISP are standing in this election on abstentionism We have no place in WM as we are sovereign. I want to bring politics home

by Colette Walker in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

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1716483209_969c8bad-8238-4305-934d-35f34a5492f5.jpeg1716467465_943ccbed-576e-4c72-8b59-e6b2f8702328.jpegColette Walker is the leader of ISP.

I am  registered blind and a carer for her disabled son who is now 23 and my elderly father . 

A political activist for over 20 years, I 

have  campaigned for improved disability, equality, accessibility and carer’s rights.

I have been on several cross party groups within our Scottidh Parliament 

I  support the protection of single sex safe spaces and opposed and campaigned against the GRA reform bill.


I have worked alongside Salvo in the passed 18 months on Scotland’s Constitutional rights, part of the Stirling Directive team .

In the last 12 months I have worked as a member of Salvo Freeport Campaign team , travelling the country , where we have held public meetings to inform  the public on Freeports and SEZ’s , and as East Renfrewshire is one of the areas within Glasgow SEZ , i will continue  to campaign against freeports  and SEZ’s 

Myself and ISP are stand on an abstention policy , we the people of Scotland are sovereign, we have no place being in a Parliament on another country , myself and ISP, will never swear an oath to a monarch that is not ours , we are the crown ! 

We achieve nothing in WM, we need to bring elected representatives bank home, working in their constituency directly with the constituents .

Myself and ISP believe Scotland should use Direct Democracy system .

Our political system is broken beyond repair , time to throw it away and invest in a new fresh system , don’t get stick with the status quo .

Don’t stay at home , vite  spoil your ballot , vote for myself / ISP , make your voices heard . It

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